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P Dec 19, 2018 Review updated:

I would like to express my disappointment in the way I was treated at Woolworths Rockingham WA. Whilst scanning my groceries a staff member named Andrea barged into me and started inspecting my bag.. at first I thought she was going to help me transact the soft drinks I had in my trolley and I told her it ok I knew how to do it. (heavy goods and water) instead she started riffling through my already scanned shopping and rescanned a $3 pack of chocolate bars. I asked her why she did that.
She said "its theft not to pay for them" I showed her on the monitor that I had already scanned them.. she then proceeded to void her errant transaction... I told her to leave me alone as I knew what I was doing. Rather than apologize for her mistake she then blatantly lied to cover her error by suggesting there may of been goods already scanned in the system that were not mine and I would be paying for goods I do not have...
I have been on retail since 1976 including over 20 years as franchisee for companies such as Harvey Norman and The Good Guys. If any of my staff ever treated my customers that way there would be immefiate discipline procedures taking place.
I can assure you I have no need to steal a $3 pack of chocolate... a pack that I had already scanned.
I am not sure what her instruction from her manager are but I definitely think they need to be looked.
Without an apology I will not be returning to Woolworths Rockingham even though that is my local store.
I cannot support that type of behaviour


  • Jo
    John Sime Dec 19, 2018

    Absolute disgrace I will no longer be shopping at Woolworths Rockingham either. JOHN SIME Rockingham.

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  • Ro
    robin.john Sep 28, 2019

    Why is it that the area manager for Woolworths Tasmania cannot get of his sheltered tail and ensure that advertised specials are available in supermarkets in Tasmania. It is easy to understand why he doesn't take phone calls. If I was performing at his level I wouldn't accept phone calls either.

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  • Ro
    robin.john Sep 28, 2019

    Why can't the area manager for Woolworths Tasmania get up of his she tail and ensure that specials advertised are actually available in supermarkets. I note that he doesn't take phone calls. If I were performing at this abysmal level I wouldn't either.

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