Wixcharging for an account closed 2 years ago

i cancelled my wix account in 2017, the domain was removed in 2018... all good so far.

...nothing until May 2019, then after a 2 year gap i noticed a monthly charge appearing on my credit card...

...this charge appeared in May, June, July, August and september.

Contacted my bank and reported this as unauthorised and put a block on further payments.

However when i contacted wix they insulted me, refused to accept this was wrong and bamed me.

wix told me i hadnt cancelled my account, so i sent them their email from 2017 proving i did .

then wix claimed my account had auto renewed, despite email stating otherwise.

then wix claimed i was using an app booster and hadnt cancelled that, despite fact i had never used it and besides had cancelled subscription and domain was removed.

They refused to help in any way, were insulting and as of now my issue is not resolved. Unless they admit their clear mistake my bank will not refund these charges despite them being unauthorised and for a service i didnt even use.

Probably my worst ever customer service experience.

if i hadnt cancelled or had been using these i would accept it as my mistake, but fact is i cancelled and for some reason after a near 2 year gap they have started charging me for nothing.

In my view this is somewhere between fraud and theft, if you or I did this as individuals we would be charged by police, simple as.

Watch out people, avoid this company.

Oct 11, 2019

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