Wish.comiwatch strap

J Jan 06, 2020

My husband purchased this item from Wish in November 2019. On Saturday 4th January he was walking back to his car when the strap broke and his watch hit the ground. Consequently the watch has a chip out of the glass now. We have had no success with customer service through the Wish app. Just been told that a refund cannot be made because the claim is not within the specific time lapse from date of purchase. We would like some kind of recognition that this item is totally unworthy to be a strap for such an expensive watch. For your information the purchase price for the watch was £449.00 and bought at John Lewis in August 2019.

We are totally unsatisfied with the response letters received from customer service and would appreciate a little more explanation and remorse/regret for this totally unreliable and poorly made product.

With regards

Mrs J Peters

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