SUBMIT A COMPLAINT / promotional codes: spring 50% off order of max $100

United States

I have been a loyal customer of Wish for the past couple of years and have always tried to take advantage of the promo codes. I was going to place an order of $115.00 on March 15 because the Promo Code Spring ended today, the 16th. When I went to check out and submitted the (Spring) code it only gave me 5% off. Very disappointed. This to me is a false advertisement. I love the products and service at Wish; however, when it comes to really good PROMO CODES, it didn't work for me. So, I lessened my order. I would like someone to explain to me about the PROMO CODES. If you can't stand behind them, then why advertise them?

A Wish Shopper
Laura Boyd

Mar 16, 2019

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