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70750 Imvu disabled my account 2 years after telling me i'm doing fraud and tbh it's very dumb because every name i've used is linked to my card and it doesn't make any sense i've spent...

BuyImvuCredits.comdisabling accounts

Yes it's true Imvu is a scam & they will ban you for [censored] that's not even in their rule book, somebody tried to hack me idk how I never shared my password & I sure as hell don't click on any links but anyways I got logged out my account when I contacted Imvu they told me what happened so they disabled my account I had to show proof it was me so I did after that they said I would have to pay 73 to get my account back that got hacked like what kinda [censored] is that I've never heard no [censored] like that so I was like [censored] it I'll make a new one so after making a new one they disabled my account again & said that my account was connected to the old one so that's why it got disabled again I'm so done with Imvu best believe I called my bank & they had to refund me every [censored]in dime you don't have to sue to get your money back call your bank & explain to them you was scammed they will look into it then they will send Imvu corperate a money back ticket & they had to refund me back 980 dollars I spent on them for the entire year! So no I don't recommend them to anyone second life is so much better all adults no kids better graphics more free will great customer service better understanding love them

BuyImvuCredits.comharassment stalked

Im so fed up im being stalked and harrassed and feeling uncomfortable i love imvu and met some nice people but there is a man who is causing so much trouble cause i wont be with him sending rude and blackmailing messages hes saying if i send him a access pass he will leave me alone he says he knows hacks to this game so he will find me no matter what so he must be a modder. Hes stalking me in every room i join ive blocked him but ur block only stops messages from him he could still join me so someone said turn off room locator now hes going through my friends to get to me ive reported his messages and i feel like nothing is getting done he was going in poses with me which i wanted to do with my man in the game and he took photos that i never said he could take. I used to be on avakin and if u block someone u never see them again or get messages this is so unfair that people have to deal with stalkers like this. Please help im so annoyed about this.

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    These are proof of harrassment

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    And more

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    And again

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    Last one please do something about this guy

BuyImvuCredits.comcredit rewarding system

I did multiple offers to earn credits and not a single one rewarded me; I've been cheated out of over 3, 000 credits and my time and it's getting annoying. I just want my credits rewarded to me because I did exactly what each offer told me to do but it never rewarded me, it's frustrating as a player to constantly be cheated out of credits. Then doing offers is like, "well, I might get credits but I probably won't" and it shouldn't be like that for a player!

credit rewarding system — credits

In my account, when i want to buy credits, i either buy them or earn them by making surveys but i never have surveys available to complete and to get credits, please fix thi...

BuyImvuCredits.comFraud and scam

I got ripped off by, transferring money through PayPal to them for credits but the credits never did come. It says instant delivery but i still haven't gotten them. I payed 53.62$ for 120, 000 credits but got nothing. after further searching i found many people have been scammed by I would like to see this website be shut down so this person can't scam anyone else out of their money.

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    Helen Nov 26, 2008

    purchased 100000 credits for through the comapny mentioned above and did not recieve them worth $82-12AUD

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  • Ra
    Rayonna Jul 28, 2009

    I have seen this site before. I think it is a fraud.

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  • Tr
    Trestole Oct 27, 2010

    Cheaper credits but is a scam and recieve no credits - we have had good luck with and have bought credits and had very good luck and instant credits. but not its a scam for you to send them money using paypal adn then doesnt send credits as said it would under user agreement.fraud and a scam this site should be shut down so they dont scam any other good people.

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  • Da
    Daisy_zmdio Dec 15, 2019

    Imvu was having a credit sale of 5, 000 credits for 2.99 so I got it and it didn't go through and that I needed to talk to the help center. I check my bank statement and they charged me like 5 times of 2.99

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