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$2.5 million & new car

BEWARE: David Goodman called my brother several times soliciting money for the "handling fee" to have the prizes delivered to him. He gave my brother the number [protected] to call saying he was legit. Of course this is a scam. First he requested $480 ... when my brother wouldn't give him that amount, he pressed until he finally got down to $68. While the amount of money is smaller, the scam is still the same. My brother wired the money to Hanover Jamaica, Wi. This was the part that save him ... he was able to get his money back including the fees since this city doesn't exist and no one picked up the money. The guy called today, still saying the money and vehicle is his, he just needed to RESEND the money but to a different number. I encouraged my brother to say no more. We also told Mr. Goodman (yeah right) that we are reporting him to the US Attorney General. Hopefully that will make him stop calling ...

  • Ti
    Tim Hurton Mar 20, 2010

    Mr Cristopher King told my wife she had won £2.5 Million and a BMW he gave Kerone Aleott Kingston Jamaica WI and a TCM transere only avalable at UK Post Offices they asked for £75 to cover charges and a contact number 0018768632857 to inform them when I had the TCM tracking number I contacted the UK Police and they told me it was probably a scam I gave them a number and they told me the car was Black and the cheque and two police officers and the accountant and himself were on their way I assume the Air crew strike is stopping their affival TCM machines don't exist in the UK nice try.

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won 3.5 million and a car

I have recieved 2 phone calls today from Winners International about the 3.5 million and a car that I have won. I hung up the first time after a few minutes and called the police. They did not take a compaint as no crime had been committed. I just (about 6 hours after the first one) recieved a second call and immediately asked them for thier Tax ID number as I would need this to recieve my funds and report them on my taxes. He (Mr. Carter) said that I would not have to report anything on my taxes to which I told him "then, this is illegal and if you call me again, I will have the police record all my phone calls and they would be caught". He promptly hung up on me.

  • Ka
    Kathy7 Jul 05, 2010

    Agree with this consumer. I have been plagued with these calls for weeks. To my cell phone no less. They just do not give up. Maybe they think they can wear you down with enough useless information you will just believe them. I have played the game to get as much information as possible and to simply mess with them and yet 3 weeks later it starts again. Now I'm just p.o'd. How do you get them to stop calling you? Now they've given me a number for the "FTC head office". Because "they don't deal with the Better Business Bureau". When I called the number...I swear it was the same guy. Same pet names, same intonations in his voice; it was the same voice. He even gave me the information of where to send $750.00, i.e. the FTC, because that is where the money is to be faxed, to asure me that this is not a scam and it is for insurance and confimation of who I am. Te he he! I'm finding someone to report this to. Enough already.

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  • Ck
    CK-AK Feb 11, 2015

    Absolutely. These dudes are relentless. They now yell at me and say they will continue to call me until I "claim" my prize--essentially that I need to pay 10% of the tax first. Then the "company" will pay the rest of the tax. I did the same thing. Tried to glean as much info as possible. No luck. Story line about the same. They have used 16 different numbers to call me. All this over last two weeks. I've reported all the numbers to the FTC. They advised to just hang up, and continue to update my complaint with new numbers. I also have blocked them on my cell phone for every number. I sometimes just "answer" and leave them hanging. Dog barking in background. Even had a woman call (twice). Idiots if they think they can intimidate me into "claiming" my prize! Oh and by the way, the name they are giving for who they are looking for isn't even close to mine, let alone the same gender. And their prize delivery folks are "sitting outside my residence as we speak." That means they've been sitting there for over a week. As for my residence? It's many states, far, far away, from where their delivery folks are sitting! Amazing... it's almost comical. If it wasn't annoying. As I've told them numerous times, I'm not interested! Keep it.

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  • Rt
    rthr hslr Aug 03, 2019
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Just got a call from Kingston JM (caller ID) Man says he is from"Winners International" asking me if I received a certified check from their sweepstakes. I said "Why are you calling me from Kingston Jamaica", "He said that was his name!" I asked '"Why didn't Winners International show up on my caller ID?", "I am representative from US Government, Kingston is my name." : "Your US Department did not show up on caller ID?" He started to challenge me. I interrupted and said "I want your email address and your US Department of Revenue ID number." He started to challenge me again. I then hung up. If you would like to call this fake scammer please do. His name is Kingston JM @ 1-876-857-8948

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mr. michael washington & others

Letter sent saying I have won $2, 500, 000.00 in a drawing out of Las Vegas Nevada, but I need to send...

you won 3.5 million dollars! oh did I forget 2 mention all the strings attached? scam

I recieved 7 phone calls from a "private caller", one right after the other and since my phone # is blocked I...

B.S. sweepstakes

First thing in the morning I get a call from some random area coded number, its early, so I ignore it. Then, thirty minutes later the number calls again. I figure its some telemarketer, and I will save us both sometime by answering and telling him or her that I am not interested; and to take me off the calling list. Next thing I know im on the phone with a very pushy woman with a heavy accent. She told me I have won over 55, 000 us dollars and a new bmw. She proceeds to ask where I get my income from. Red flag number one.
When I asked why she would need to know, she claimed it had something to do with the 295 dollars in taxes I would have to pay to receive my winnings. Red flag number two. If you win something, you shouldnt have to pay for it. When I stated my thoughts on this, she proceeded to ask me about my religion and claimed that she was a woman of god, and would not be lying to fact, I was lucky! Many other people would desire to have these things! Then she also gave me a name and address of a banker that I would need to wire money to through united credit union or something. Red flag number three. If you are claiming to have a reputable business, dont hire people to try to manipulate your customers emotionally, or religiously. And for that matter, pretend I had said nothing and continue on with the bull crap sales pitch.
When I asked to speak to a manager, she did not put me on hold, but instead I heard muffled talking followed by a man introducing himself as joel peterson.
I expressed my concerns to this joel peterson, and asked for another number and address I could reach him at. He gave me the phone number to his "office" but said he was not allowed to give an address, just the same as he would not give my address to just anyone. Red flag number three.
I hung up and called his office. Sure enough he answered. Back to business: he gave me the same instructions as the lady, go to the bank, withdraw money, send it via this moneygram, to someone I never heard of, and was seemingly uninvolved with the business. I was also informed that, I was to tell nobody at the bank or at the moneygram place, of what was going on. I would loose over half of my winnings if I did! Red flag number four. I asked for the independant banker's information. I was denied my request.
I still was not convinced (at this point I wouldnt ever be. I was just screwing with them.). I told joel, and he started calling me all these pet names and telling me that he as well was a man of god, something about god and the devil were not the same. Somewhere in all that sweet talking, religious horse crap manipulation, he was also telling me that I simply must have all this done before noon (he asked me if I was all ready dressed), and that two fbi agents would be at my house when I return to escort me back to my bank. Red flags number five and six. Why does this man talk to me like I am a #ed child? And why would I need to be escorted for a check? Its not worth anything to anyone else.
I repeated that I wasnt buying it. Finally I was able to pry out of him the company's address. 303 carson las vegas. Mhm, no zip code was given for the independant banker to whom I was to wire money to, or the address of the company. I was also able to retain the "names" of the fbi agents that would be coming to escort me. Mark ashley, and james foster. If you ask me, it all seemed just a little too generic and the sparse information had to be extracted from him like a damned root canal. Red flag number seven.
In short, these scammers set themselves up. (they are calling me again as I type these words!) I will be informing everyone I know, as well as the fbi. Hey! Maybe I can tell mark ashley and james foster that they are involved in a scam!
I hope this has been helpful to anyone who was suspicious, and if youre ever unsure of something, be sure to check internet reviews.

  • Um
    uMad? Nov 03, 2009

    Good job. There's a great website regarding 419 scams and how to play around with the scammers.

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  • Gw
    gwb Nov 06, 2009

    well this has just happened to me and the same address was told to me, and this person was joe anderson he claimed he was mexican which was a bold lie i could tell he was eastern and reputedely kept calling back as i told him i was not interested nor was i mailing out a 1.500 dollar check by wetern union but my offer was a 2nd place winning of 800.000 dollars wow !!! this happened nov 5th 09 and pretty much as it was told to you it was told to me this check must be sent out now so i can recieve it at 5:oo pm i finally got fed up and told joe anderson to ### off and that i was recording him as we speak and now im calling the feds on him ... thier were no more phone calls... DONT FALL FOR IT PEOPLE

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  • Sh
    Sharon Person Dec 18, 2009

    OH My God!! I am so friggan sick of these people!!! My Mother-in-law keeps getting these phone calls. Unfortunately she has Alzeimers and is the "perfect" target! These people are absolutely relentless. They call several times a day and terrorize her, I know this because she lives with us and I have answered these calls and pretended that I am her. I have caller ID and the numbers are all from Jamaica. There are several different numbers (876-560-3592, 876-361-5829, 876-405-6160, 876-429-6018, 876-425-6776, 876-294-7470) just to name a few!! I was able to get some names and addresses. Ben Fisher- 302 Carson st. Las Vegas, NV. Annie Alvin 119 Walnut ave. Trenton, NJ. I certainly hope that someone catches these ###ing ###s as it is very upsetting to my mother-in-law and to us...I hope they burn in hell!!!

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  • Dh
    DH New York Sep 28, 2011

    Wow that is not funny because the reason I am looking up this info is because they have called me 3 times and gave me my name and an old address and told me to not tell y anyone especially my friends and his name was Marke Ashley with an e he says. Then he instucted me to get a $350 schatch off money pak reloadable card. and my ID and that to call his cell phone when I get back doing my business and how whomever i borrow the money from will get in back with intrest I asked how he got my name an address he said when I shop and sign up for supermarket card and when i play lotto really!!! you dont give a name when youplay lotto but then he said he will be arriving with 2 FBI agents to make sure everything goes well this ### is scary

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  • Dh
    DH New York Sep 28, 2011

    they just called again 3x this is really scaring me I cant take this first my cell phone now my house phone how the hell do these people get your information this man Marke Ashley gave me two numers one for his office 1-217-706-8060 and said to callhis cell 876-448-6881 as soon as im done its not even 15 minutes and he keeps calling saying he is on his way and the flatbed truck will also be their with my BMW

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5 million dollar winning

Tues. 10/20/09. I have received 3 phone calls in the last 2 days from a man named "Tony Malone" from Winners International in "Las Vegas, Nevada". He speaks with a pronounced foreign accent and is very hard to understand. I believe he is on a speaker phone. He informed me that I had won 5 million dollars and a BMW and asked if I owed the IRS any money. He said I was chosen based on my zip code. I asked him how much it would cost me to win this 5 million dollars and he said just $389.95. I told him we didn't have the money and give the 5 million to someone else. As typical with these phone calls, the number comes across as a private number and when you ask them, they won't give you a number to call them back. Please inform your relatives and friends, especially the elderly, to give them the number of your local police department. That will usually stop them or give them your lawyer's name and number.

  • Bo
    bonehead559 Mar 19, 2010

    This early morning at about 8:00am I receivd a phone call stating that my grandmother was a winner for $5 million dollars. The gentialmen told me that it would coast me $500.00 for process, shipping & handling. So while I was on the phone with him. I looked up the company he was reprocenting and seen that it was a scam. The name he gave was Rev.Rondale Scott he evan gave his phone number.

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Lottery Winning Scam

I have been receiving constant phone calls from someone name John Lee(Representative) and John Fisher...

wire money to them to receive my check

I have received phone calls for several day in a row, asking me to wire money to an agent in jamaica. The money is to cover taxes on money I have won. As soon as I give them the receipt code they will deliver my certified check to me. When I told them that I thought it was a scam and that I was reporting them to the police. They called me a liar saying that they were located in las vegas, nv and gave me a phone # to call their office. The first call I had won 10 million and they wanted a check fo $300.00. The second call I had won 5 million and wanted me to send $200.00. Today I received a third call from the president (mr. Davidson) I had won 2.5 million and would I please send $185.00. They are very persistent. After checking out the internet complaints, I think its a shame that we can't put these people in jail where they belong. I hope they stop calling me as i'm tired of the harassment.

  • An
    angel very madddd Oct 05, 2009

    Go to Previous message | Go to Next message | Back to MessagesMark as Unread | Print ReplyReply AllMove...
    Flag this messageAlert From Federal Bureau Of Investigation {EA2948-910}.Monday, October 5, 2009 11:36 PM
    From: "Federal Bureau Of Investigation" <[email protected]>Add sender to ContactsTo: undisclosed-recipientsMessage contains attachments1 File (7KB)States FBI.htm

    Anti-Terrorist and International Fraud Division.
    Federal Bureau Of Investigation.
    J. Edgar. Hoover Building,
    Washington, DC 20535.
    Telephone Number: (206) 973-2572

    Attention Beneficiary:

    This is to Officially inform you that it has come to our notice and we have thoroughly completed an Investigation with the help of our Intelligence Monitoring Network System that you legally won the sum of US$500, 000. 00 {Five Hundred Thousand Dollars Only} from a Lottery Company outside the United States of America. During our investigation we discovered that your e-mail won the money from an Online Balloting System and we have authorized this winning to be paid to you via a Certified Cashier's Check.

    Normally, it will take up to 10 business days for an International Check to be cashed by your local bank. We have successfully notified this company on your behalf that funds are to be drawn from a registered bank within the United States Of America so as to enable you cash the check instantly without any delay, henceforth the stated amount of US$500, 000. 00 has been deposited with Bank Of America.

    We have completed this investigation and you are hereby approved to receive the winning prize as we have verified the entire transaction to be Safe and 100% risk free, due to the fact that the funds have been deposited at Bank Of America you will be required to settle the following bills directly to the Lottery Agent in-charge of this transaction. According to our discoveries, you were required to pay for the following bills to enable the release of your Certified Cashier's Check -

    (1) Deposit Fee's ( Fee's paid by the company for the deposit into an American Bank which is - Bank Of America)
    (2) Cashier's Check Conversion Fee ( Fee for converting the Wire Transfer payment into a Certified Cashier's Check)
    (3) Shipping Fee's ( This is the charge for shipping the Cashier's Check to your home address and this fee includes Insurance )

    The total amount for everything is $140.00 (One Hundred and Forty Dollars Only). We have tried our possible best to indicate that this $140. 00 should be deducted from your winning prize but we found out that the funds have already been deposited at Bank Of America and cannot be accessed by anyone/anybody except by you been the winner, therefore you will be required to pay the required fee's to the Agent in-charge of this transaction via Western Union Money Transfer Or Money Gram.

    In order to proceed with this transaction, you will be required to contact the agent in-charge ( Dr. Emmanuel Johnson) via e-mail. Kindly look below to find appropriate contact information:


    NAME: Dr. Emmanuel Johnson
    EMAIL: [email protected]

    You will be required to e-mail him with the following information:

    Full Name:
    Zip Code:
    Direct Phone Number:
    Current Occupation:
    Annual Income:

    You also must request for Western Union / Money Gram details on how the required charges of $140. 00(One Hundred and Forty Dollars) will be paid, In order to effect the shipment of your US$500, 000. 00 via Certified Cashier's Check drawn from Bank Of America to you; also include the following Transaction Code in order for him to immediately identify this transaction : EA2948-910.

    This letter will serve as proof that the Federal Bureau Of Investigation is authorizing you to pay the required $140. 00(One Hundred and Forty Dollars) ONLY to Dr. Emmanuel Johnson via information in which he shall send to you, if you do not receive your winning prize of US$500, 000. 00 we shall be held responsible for the loss and this shall invite a penalty of US$5, 000 {Five Thousand Dollars Only}, which will be made PAYABLE ONLY to you (The Winner).

    Please find below an authorized signature which has been signed by the FBI Director- Robert Mueller III, also below is the FBI NSB (National Security Branch).

    FBI Director
    Robert Mueller III.

    Authorized Signature

    NSB SEAL ABOVE. NOTE: In order to ensure your check gets delivered to you ASAP, you are advised to immediately contact Dr. Emmanuel Johnson via contact information provided above and make the required charges of $140. 00 (One Hundred and Forty Dollars) to information in which he will provide to you.

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  • An
    angel very madddd Oct 05, 2009

    that is the email i have been getting for is so sad that these people try to get 140 dollars sent to them like we r idiots...and if u try to call the number it is not in service...but i let them know i had called the police about it ...

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  • Jm
    JMHSRV Dec 22, 2009

    I just received my second call at work from this organization. They told me that my name was entered in a drawing every time I used my credit or debit card ot paid my utilities on time. They said they were in a truck on their way to my address which they in fact confirmed. They then proceeded to tell me that I just needed to pay the 1% tax on the funds and that I would then be cleared for delivery. I told them I was bridging in the police so that they could continue the conversation with me with a third party witness. Once I told them that, they started cursing and searing at me in french and then asked if I had seen the movie Scarface. They said that they were the person that Scarface was written about and that they were coming to my house and kill me and my wife. The number that they called from is 876 493 5982.

    I honestly don't know if this should be considered a real threat r not, but it sure is jarring to have someone call me at my place of work and threaten my family.

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500,000 lottery winnings cost my mother in law 50,000

About 3 weeks ago, a jimmy cooper of cooper, cooper, and assoc. Began calling my mother in law. She kept this very secret and when I ran across a note she had left on the counter that stated she was transfering someone 5000.00 cash today we all began to worry. So we started listening to the phone calls, he called 20-30 times a day. We found out by this point she had already given them 40000.00 to pay federal insurance for her winnings. She got leary and began asking questions, so he had someone call from the "irs" stated they were dennis wise and badge number was a-10474. She has taken out loans and borrowed money from family and friends to pay this federal insurance hoping to get the check being held by two men at a hotel... Scam... We all wish we wouldve said something to her. Now she is out over $40, 000.00 (fourty thousand!!!). Is there anything we can do?

  • Ba
    Barbara Campbell Feb 24, 2011

    I received a phone call today from "International Winner Sweepstakes". He said his name is Alfred Jones from Garland, TX and his phone number is 876.265.0746 and said I had won $50, 000 and he needed me to go to CVS Pharmacy or Walmart and purchase a "Greendot moneypak" reload card for $250. He said it is a scratch off card and I needed to be careful scratching it off. He said he would call me back to get the 4 numbers off the card, that it would act as a receipt. And then they would come to my house to give me my $50, 000. Immediately after I got off the phone, I looked this up on line and found multiple reports of these scams. Thank you everyone for posting your experiences for everybody else to be aware of.

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  • Di
    diotay66 Jul 25, 2014

    I received a call today 7-25-2014 from Mr. James phone # 876-594-5155 saying that I won $750, 000 from Winners International asking me $200.00 to be collected today. I told him I will call him back.

    Thanks so much for posting comments ...regarding scams going on.

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  • Mc
    M. Courtney Jan 22, 2016
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Got a call from a man who said he was calling from The Winners International, Nashville, Tennessee, . saying that I had won a large jackpot and he had a check to be delivered to me. I don't know how he got my name or phone number. He said that I needed to send him $15, 000 in processing fee. He called twice. How does one track down people like these!.

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jon washington

I rieceved a call from a man named Jon Washington (with a Indian accent mind you) claiming to have a $250.000.00 dollar check, signed by Bank of America, and a 2009 xt Mercedeiz custom car for me. All I need to do was send $2, 999.21 via western union to him in order to claim my winnings. The point of western union for these people is so you have a reciept (with the ten digit number) for the "U.S. Marshall" to retrieve as proof that YOUR MONEY was sent to the scam guys. When I asked why could'nt I just send $50.00 (just enough to get the western union reciept) Mr. Washington began to stumble a little. Very little though. He told me they needed the monies to get to my address for delivery. He asked me to keep this matter confidential so no one would try to steal my money. I asked for a web-sit, he replied that (it was all jambed up right now). He also told me that he and the marshall where at the airport about to board a plane to bring me my winnings. I would love to put this information in the hands of the proper authorities but... (oh ye of little faith) Oh yea his number is [protected] and you can send your hard earned money to



Jamaica WI

  • Le
    Leighladee Jul 09, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I have the exact same problem with Jon Washington. In fact he called me yesterday morning. This morning, I spoke to a new one named Mark Ashley.

    They say I have won $500, 000 and a 2010 Mercedes Bends.
    They want me to send them a lot of money also to get a receipt.

    Jon Washington keeps calling me. I have probably talked to him 5 times now. I tell him it's a scam and he says no it isn't.
    He, also, yells at me about it.

    I too would like to know where I can put in a complaint. Was also given a ticket number this morning by Mark.

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  • Ji
    Jimmy Logan Apr 29, 2014

    Well what did you do to get your money back or put theses people in prison? I'm wanting to know what we can do to get the ( FBI )involved to either catching the person with the phone or the person picking the money up, and getting a warrant to get the other people they are involved with. And there has to be some thing they can do to catch these people. And put them under the jail to pay restitution and interest on the money we have sent to these thief's.

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5,500,000. winner

My mom got a call saying she won 5, 500, 000 all she had to do was go get a money order for 300. From money gram or western union and call the back. I called the police and they came right over. With the officer coaching me we called them back, we had the number from caller id [protected] - jamaica) they wanted the number on the money order (much like a check number) so they could verify that we got the money order. They said they would call me back. (the officer made up a number for me to give them) they called me again and said something was wrong with the number on the mo. Of course they could not verify it, it was made up they told me to return the mo and go to western union and get a mo from them. As of tonight they are comming tomorrow with 2 fbi agents to present the check. You gotta love it! I sure we will get more calls within the next few days. So remember tell your parents and grandparents you don't pay money to win money. I' glad my mom thought to call me or she would of been out 300.

  • Ha
    halloween Sep 11, 2009

    @ 9am mst I got a phone call from a Marshall Brown, (1876-494-4914, 1876-894-8573) He said that I won $45000.00 and i had to send a money gram or a western union for $500.00 made out to Esther Kubota, the IRS agent address temple city, CA.97183 the package code# 56189 they would fly in to my home town and get a ride from a UPS driver they would drive to my house and escort me to my bank for surity purposes Mr Brown said.. I was kinda hesatite with Mr Browns sceem after i got off the phone with Mr.Brown I immediatly called the FBI the officer said it was a sceem when i was on the phone with Mr Brown he quite often mentioned to "keep my bus. to keep it confedensual don't give it to anyone I told him I wanted to talk to Esther Kubota, so he called her and put us on 3 -way calling i got a irs # 7668050 phone # 1876-571-3781 and the voice mail was THE gold rush corp. from Esther Kubota, and then when i hung up I called the IRS they said they didn't have anyone working in there offices in that name so i called esther back and told her i need more info she put sounded like Mr Brown on again and they said they where driving to my house well this went on and on tell 5:30pm i finally told them that I got there western union made up a fack MTNC# he called 4 times after that he also told me that they where on there way they was landing in Marbleton, so i told him that i went up to the airport and waited for a half hour and asked the person that was working if there was any flights coming in tonight and he told me no so i told Mr Brown that i went and got my western union money back then my husband being a poliet (flying airplaines) told me quitely in the back ground what was the airplaine number and Mr.brown was hesitent he said that there flying in a privite plane anyways my husband got the phone and said every plane has a number on it br. brown was alittle shocked i hope that the rest of you out there read these little comments before getting robbed

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  • Ro
    Robert Rodriguez Dec 04, 2009

    Robert Of Jacksonville Fl
    My winnings were 500, 000.00 the callers name was peter Washington from winners international. Tel#1 876 859 3878 all other calls unknown and private. I also had a hard time understanding him. wanted me to send $149.99 via western union to St. Mary Jamaica W.I, and to call him back with the number on the receipt before i could receive the money . I called Jacksonville Sheriff's office and ask for there help, they wouldn't help. Said they needed evidence. Great help. I wanted to busted this scammer

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  • Th
    ThatGal Feb 17, 2010

    I have been harrassed by phone calls from "Winner's Internationals" out of Jamaica for several days and spent $300.00 ($100.00 each time) for my "supposed" winnings of $8.4 million dallars! Yes, I was excited untill they have now requested $650.00 for taxes before the check is delivered to my door. Now, I choose the time to look up all their information on the computer and here I am! What a fool I am! My story is the same as the others you have read here except I did not western Union them $650.00. My only income is a S.S check. And to think they were willing to take this! All monies were to be sent to a Shamera Hibbert in St. Jemes, Jamaica, W.I. OR Oneil Gayle, St. Jemes, Jamaica, W.I.
    Some of the names I spoke with were John White, cell # 876-446-4089, also 876-890-8723, Robert Washington, 876-287-6886, Many other that I don't remember but all had the same in common. Bad English!
    I called the Sheriff's office but they would not listen!
    Why is Winner's International allowed to continue and does anyone ever wim anything from them? How can they be stopped/

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  • Re
    Realy Mad Feb 24, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    My mother has been a victim. Winners International. They started calling on the 13th of Feb 2010. They told her she won 250, 000 and a Mercedes Benz. But they needed 79.99 shipping and handling. She did'nt believe them and hung up.

    Minutes later a man called posing as agent Butterfield from the FBI and they were doing a sting operation to catch these scammers. He told her to go ahead and send the 79.99 via Western Union and they would track it to find out where it went so they could catch them. He gave her his number, 1-876-310-9306 and told her to call if there was anymore calls from them.

    The next day they needed 300.00 for insurance. My mother called Butterfield right away, he said to go ahead and send the 300.00 via Western Union again and they would track it. My mom thinking she was doing a good deed!!.
    Shortly after that, agent Butterfield called and said, "we caught one", but they needed some more money sent via western union to track down the next scammer. She followed his order with 200.00 sent via western union.

    My poor mom answered the phone about 50 more times from different people from Jamaica for the next five days confirming her address and other personel info. They each told her she would recieve the certified check by Friday.
    Then a phone call from an Ann Grant saying she was with the IRS and needed state and federal taxes paid on the winnings. She said federal could be deducted from the check but she had to have the state taxes of 250.00.

    Well, this is when I got involved. I just stopped in to visit my mom and she told me all about what was going on. She was so happy. She was planning on room upgrades, a new kitchen, carpet, etc. We happily went to the local store to send a western union mo of 250.00.

    The man at the cash register showed us the transaction and the conversion to Jamaican dollars. It was over 22, 000.00 dollars! Whoa! I got home and imediatly googled all the names, winners international, the numbers, . etc. . I saw SCAM SCAM SCAM. My poor mom, she still has hope. We need to stop these people before they give someone a heart attack.

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  • Mr
    Mr,John.D.Clayton Jul 01, 2010

    Therfore what you are telling me that there is not £5, 500, 000 instead this has been just a verywell eccecuted plan to scam people out of there hard earned cash becouse everything wasw on microsoft headed paper i think you should tell bill gates about this scam becouse they have used his name

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money scam

I have been going back and forth all day with these guys, from a company they call"winners international". They block their number as restricted. The first call the guy was very nice saying I had been selected to win 3.5million dollars and a 2009 mercades benz. He sad they were no catchs, gave my a package number and a phone number to call, I called the number they gave me their little sales pitch, told me 2 u. S marshalls and a fbi agent would be delivering my check to me, it sounded funny when the asked my what time my bank closed, I told them 5pm, he said they were scheduled to deliver my check at 4pm that day!!! All I had to do was cover the remaining 5% of the insurance that was $750.00, by sending them a moneygram, I started asking questions and I had them comfused, they told me they would have the fbi agent that was making the delivery call me to verify it was not a scam.. About a minute later my phone rung, from a restricted # the guy sounded just like all the other guys, he gave me a badge number and a little pitch to send the $750.00...

He wouldnt give my a phone number to call the fbi I finally hung up on him... They kelp calling I told the guy about the scam reports I had found on the internet and to stop calling, he called one more time and I told him if he called agian I would report all the information, the address he wanted the money sent to, to the authorites.. He hasnt called back yet...

Be carefully they make it sound good,

  • Da
    Dawn Smith 2288 Jan 16, 2011

    THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!! These people have been calling for months..

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  • Da
    Dawn Smith 2288 Jan 16, 2011

    How do I get them to stop calling??

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  • Gi
    Ginnyg2730 Jul 07, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    i received a call today from these same people. They wanted to talk to my husband because he is a senior citizen and most likely thought he would be vunerable but they got me instead. The first man said he was calling as my husband was awarded $5.5 million dollars and a 2011 Mercedes Benz. First we had to go to Wal-mart and send a money gram for $185.00 to an attorney in Monett, Mosouri prior to delivering the check. He even gave me the address of the attorney of where the money was to be sent. Of course there was no phone number. The man I talked to first was named Bill White and then his supervisor was James Morgan. They were supposedly affiliated with AT&T, Sprint, Verizon, and Donald Trump! They said he won because his name was in a drawing since he had just purchased a new phone service. I told him that it wasn't my husband that made that purchase it was me. I also told him that when the prizes arrived at my door, I would then go to Wal-Mart and not before. I then heard the man say something to someone that was with him and then he hung up but not before I told him that I was reporting this as it was a scam and that I wrote it all down. He also informed me that I had to register with the attorney so the money would be registered as winnings with the FBI. This is one person he did not scam and hopefully more people don't fall victim for this. I would like to know how he got my phone number as it is unlisted and unpublished too. I never got the answer to that question. People be ware!!!

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Resolved telephone call

I received a telephone call from a person calling himself Peter Campbell. He advised that he was delivering a...

Resolved money, car, trips

Received phone call from Joe Marvin, with Winners International, telephone number [protected]. Joe Marvin told me I had won $750, 000.00, black BMW, two cruise tickets to anywhere I would like to go and two trips to Las Vegas. WOW! He asked if I had been notified of this win. When I answered no; he went into an explanation as to why not. I could hardly understand what he was saying so I questioned his name being Joe Marvin. He gave me a confirmation number and told me the check and car would be delivered tomorrow, BUT I had to pay a touring fee to receive the car. The touring fee would be $299.00. He wanted to know my address to which I replied, "it seems to me that if I won your contest you would know my address. He said I had to tell him my address to prove that I am the correct person. I told him he could not have my address and he told me he would be here tomorrow with my new car. I told him that he had better not come to my house because my neighbor is a policeman and he would be looking for black BMWs in the neighborhood. He told me not to worry because two FBI agents would be coming with him to my door.
I phoned the number that was on my caller ID and he answered Joe Marvin.

  • elpasotexastejano Jan 28, 2009

    Report him to the FBI so that he can go to prison for a while. :) Inmate Marvin you have a phone call ! LOL

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  • Ir
    Irene R. Ilnisky Mar 03, 2009

    Sounds like the same one they tried to pull on me today. I reported them to the FBI

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  • Ch
    Chris Shirley Oct 15, 2009

    I received a call from a Mr. John Peterson @ 707-812-6040. I had won a cash prize and a 2009 Mercedes and all I had to pay was 1% Federal tax. Prize was to be delivered to me tomorrow. I got online and read some of the comments and immediately called them back, got no answer, but left a message telling them I was contacting my friend who is Chief Investigator for the Atty. Gen in Idaho, and advised them not to call me again.

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I reciently received a number of phone calls from men, claiming to be from a company, winners inernational...


Headquarters: 60 Merriman Road
Blackheath London SE3 8RZ England.

This Email is to inform you that your Email emerged a winner of one million Great British Pounds (£1, 000, 000.00) on our online draws which was played on the 8th March 2008.
your winning numbers are;
Ref. Number... .BTL/491OXI/04
Batch Number... 12/25/0304
Ticket Number... 564 [protected]-188
Serial Number...5388/02
For further Information about your Winnings
Our agent for notice of claims, copyright or other intellectual
property infringement can be reached as follows:
Mrs Linda Frank
Fiduciary Agent
Email: [protected]
You are to send the completed verification form below to our Agent in the United Kingdom whose email address is given above so that you will be advised on what to do to get your prize money. Congratulations once again!
Ticket Number...
NB: Any claim not made before seven (7) working days from date of
notification indicate that the winner has voluntarily for feited
Sincerely Yours,
Mrs. Jenny Brown.
International Promotion Manager.

Copyright ?[protected] The UK National Lottery Inc.
All rights

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  • Kh
    Khalid Khamisy Mar 26, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    They are fraud Mo#$%# Fu$%#$, it is totally unreasonable to win such price in such way !!!

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  • Sh
    Sherilyn Mott May 14, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Yeah...know all about it...according to the BS in my email, I am a winner every single day! Such a bunch of doohockey! I feel sorry for anyone who buys into this crap.

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email of winning heavy prize

dear, sidr/madam, Pls find the detail given below. iam pesting all the detail here in this mail. pls check...

Lottery scam

Pierce Glynn & Associates-Solicitors, Advocates & Arbitrators.
First Floor 32-38 Osnaburgh Street, London England, United Kingdom, NW1 3ND.

Advocate Mr Fred Williams.
Law Firm,
First Floor 32-38 Osnaburgh Street, London England, United Kingdom, NW1 3ND.
Tel: +[protected]
Tel: +[protected]

ATTENTION:Lucky Winner,


This is real? Congratulations once again on behalf of the Powerball Lottery Board. We do believe that your winnings will be put into good use for community, educational and business development.

On Behalf of the Screening Committee of Powerball Lottery Board, I wish to formally announce to you that you have successfully passed the Email Screening and Verification Form Matching Test conducted for all online winners in your Category. Hence you are therefore cleared, your cheque has been issued and you can now claim your winnings.

All necessary documents that will facilitate the clearance of your cheque in your name has been processed. Your parcel contains the following Documents:


These documents has been securely sealed and packed for security reasons which makes it impossible for anyone to view it until its been delivered to you. Do ensure you get in contact with the affiliate courier company on time.

Your parcel with identification number: Ref Nr: PBL/CN/6654/CP has been sent to our affiliate courier company (E- COURIER SERVICE). You are required to contact the courier officer of E- COURIER SERVICE customer desk with the following details:

Courier Company Address: Unit 63, Evens Business Center, Belgrave Street,
Bellshill Ind Est Bellshill, ML4 3NPName: E-COURIER DELIVERY OFFICE LTD
Email: [protected]
Contact Person:Mr Emmanuel Mc.
Tel: +[protected]


  • Ca
    cassandra paul Dec 02, 2007
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I also have recieved several e-mails regarding my "winning" and e-mail adress lottery in the UK and am leary of it's authenticity--real or fake? Several different people have sent variations of the amount and date of the alleged drawing.

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  • Bi
    bichitra mandal Feb 01, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Pierce Glynn & Associates-Solicitors, Advocates & Arbitrators.
    First Floor 32-38 Osnaburgh Street, London England, United Kingdom, NW1 3ND.

    Advocate Anderson Moore.
    Law Firm,
    First Floor 32-38 Osnaburgh Street, London England, United Kingdom, NW1 3ND.
    Fax: +44-707-500-4802
    EMAIL:[email protected]

    ATTENTION: Bichitra Mandal

    Ref: PBL/CN/6654/CP
    Batch: 074/07/ZY369
    Winner's name: Bichitra Mandal
    Raffle Draw Winning Email:[email protected]


    How are you doing? Your e-mail has just been received by my office desk and i decided to reply almost immediately.

    You must realise that there is always a room for dialogue, You must note that the courier company has a company's policy to adhere and protect too. You must also realise that there are valid evidences to indicate the genuineness of your winnings, that is not a fluke or what you think as fraudulent.

    I will advise you to go ahead and effect payment into the account of the courier's company agent before indian time and send a copy of the payment slip to me too, so i can send to you the relevant scanned documents for your perusal.

    If you need any assistance whatsoever, please do not hesitate to let me know. You are suppose to call us for any clarification.

    Anderson Moore.

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  • Bi
    bichitra mandal Feb 02, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    please send my winnings as soon as possible , deduct my corier charges from my price money . i hope i will received my winnings and vital document very soon

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  • Bi
    bichitra mandal Feb 02, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    sir i need your kind favour for receiving my winnings .contact corier company and my parcel

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Fake and scam lottery

BRITISH LOTTERY INTERNATIONAL WINNERS PROMO Headquarters: 60 Merriman Road Blackheath London SE3 8RZ...


----- Original Message -----
From: Priya Ghosal
To: [protected]
Sent: Thursday, October 18, 2007 8:17 PM

Kind Attn - Mrs.TINA VAN.
International Promotion Manager : - For your information that I want my prize money look this matter please.

ATTN: " Mr Fredrick Anderson,
Claims Agent,
British International Lottery


You are the claims agent, you should look at this matter, why shall I contact with the delivery agent ? If you have trusted on me give the courier charges to the Courier Company on behalf of me please, and send your correspondence address because I shall reimburse you the cost & charges after encashment of the DD, if I do not reimburse to you can suit against me .

This is to inform you also that I want the DD which will be issued from Barclays Bank PLC. Registered in England. Registered No: 1026167. Registered Office: 1 Churchill Place, London E14 5HP. or DD which will be issued from Barclays Bank 48B & 50 Lord Street Liverpool Merseyside L2 1TD United Kingdom only.

Otherwise I am not interested to such type of fallacious lottery.

With Regards

----- Original Message -----
From: Priya Ghosal
To: [protected]
Sent: Thursday, October 18, 2007 1:28 PM

Kind Attn - Mrs.TINA VAN.
International Promotion Manager

Respected Madam,

Here I am giving you full power to deduct your courier chgs from this
amount ( £950,000.00 ) also. After adjusting all the charges send me the
balance amount please.
I am unable to pay courier chgs. in advance because my wife is suffering
from Liver Cancer and I have spend too much for her treatment, I am penny
less now. I should be so much obliged if you would kindly consider my appeal
on humanitarian ground. I have nothing to say, you are free to take a
decision which is the best both for us. Hope you are not a Shylock.
Priyadarshi Ghosal

----- Original Message -----
From: "BRITISH LOTTERY" <[protected]>
Sent: Thursday, October 18, 2007 4:23 AM

Headquarters: 60 Merriman Road
Blackheath London SE3 8RZ England.

This Email is to inform you that your Email emerged a winner of
£950,000.00 on our online draws which was played on the 17th october,2007
your winning numbers are;
Ref. Number...... .BTL/491OXI/04
Batch Number...... 22/25/1304
Ticket Number..... 564 [protected]-198
Serial Number......5388/02
For further Information about your Winnings contact
Our agent for notice of claims ,copyright or other intellectual
property infringement can be reached as follows:
Engr.Fredrick Anderson
Fiduciary Agent
You are to send the completed verification form below to our Agent in
the United Kingdom whose email address is given above so that you will
be advised on what to do to get your prize money. Congratulations once
AGE : - 53 YEARS
TELEPHONE NUMBER :- [protected]
Ticket Number :- 564 [protected]-198
BATCH NUMBER :- 22/25/1304
DATE NOTIFIED :- 18.10.2007
AMOUNT WON :- £950,000.00

NB:Any claim not made before eleven (11) working days from date of
notification indicates that the winner has voluntarily forfeited
Sincerely Yours,
International Promotion Manager

  • Ma
    Mangalika Pushpa Kumari Wijena Oct 23, 2007
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Sir I want to know this is true?
    Nokia - Connecting people

    Dear Mpk Wijenayaka,

    I am Sir Walter Anderson, the fiduciary agent assigned to your case to help you in the claims process of your funds.
    I wish to congratulate you and to say you are a lucky person to have won this lottery. All the winners in the donation
    were selected by an advanced automated random computer ballot search form, company mobile numbers and individual
    mobile numbers from the 45 mobile networks from Australia, New Zealand, North America, South America, Europe, Asia
    and Africa as part of our international promotions program which is conducted annually in Britain, London. No tickets were sold.

    You are required to fill the attached Promo Payment Verification Form to facilitate the processing of your claims which will
    lead to the payment of your prize to you as required. You are also to send a copy of your International Passport or Drivers
    License along with the filled form. If you do not have any of these, you can send your National Identity Card or any other form
    of Identification. You are to choose only One (1) from the Two (2) given options on how to claim your prize. For any option
    you choose, you are to fill in the necessary information .

    1. You come to our office in person to claim your won prize.

    2. You employ the services of our affiliate courier/diplomatic service to deliver your prize Funds to you in form of Consignment to your physical mailing address.

    You will be totally responsible for the Courier/Diplomatic Service Charges. When we receive your Filled Form,
    we will send you more information about your delivery choose.
    This Form is to be filled by the sole beneficiary of the prize Funds and return by fax or e-mail for verification and
    final processing before courier or optional transfer process can be initiated

    First Name (Mr/Mrs/Miss): …….……………………….......Last ……….....................................................................

    Residential Address: …………………………………………………………………………………………………..

    Nationality:…………………………………..Date of Birth:………………..……………………………………….....

    Next of Kin’s Name and address: …………………………..…………....…………………………………………....

    Mobile Winning Number: …………………………………………. Fax Number: …………………..………………..

    Occupation: …………………………………………………………....Marital status: ................................................

    E-mail address: ………………………………….Amount Won: .……...………………………………………….......

    Note that you are required to fill in your delivery address on how to claim your won Funds.

    Courier/Diplomatic Service delivery

    Name of Beneficiary:……………………………………………………Mailing Address:…………………………...

    *Post office or private mail bag unacceptable.

    Sir Walter Anderson
    Nokia Mobile Promo
    Information and Payment Bureau:
    London Representative Office.
    Email: [email protected]
    Phone:+ 44-704-571-7302

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  • Ku
    kuldeep Jan 22, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Yahoo Lottery Winning Awards Center London

    REFERENCE NO: MSW-L/200-26937
    BATCH NO: 2005SEPTL#22
    WINNER NO: 5

    We are pleased to inform you about the result of the Winners in our 50-YEAR International Yahoo cum Windows live Lottery Program held on 26th Day of, September 2007 in London. Your e-mail address attached to Ref: MSW-L/200-26937, with serial number S/N-00168, and winning drew lucky numbers: 887-13-865-37-10-83, which consequently won in the 2ND category. You have therefore been approved for a lump sum pay out of 1,000,000,00(ONE MILLION POUNDS ONLY)

    You are required to forward your winning Reference numbers to (Dr John Briggs) your claim agent in microsoft head office in London , and you have to call him immediately you send it, for more information about the processing of your claims and certificate which will facilitate the release of your winning prize to you.


    TEL: +44 703 184 3908
    +44 703 183 5293
    E-mail: [email protected]

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  • Ku
    kuldeep Jan 22, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Yahoo Lottery Winning Awards Center London

    First Name (Mr.): …….kuldeep………….......Last ………..............singh......................

    Residential Address: …………vpo…Mirchpur, dist…hisar, state. Haryana, pin. 125039,india

    Nationality:…………………indian……..Date of Birth:…………31/08/1985………………………….....

    Next of Kin’s Name and address: …………………kuldeep singh………………………………....

    Mobile Winning Number: ……………+919811637032………. Fax Number: ……………no……..………………..

    Occupation: …………………… I.T. …………....Marital status: ...........Unmaried.....................................

    E-mail address: …[email protected]…………………………….Amount Won: .……...………………… 1,000,000,00(ONE MILLION POUNDS ONLY) Courier/Diplomatic Service delivery:

    Name of Beneficiary:………… DR.JOHN BRIGGS
    CLAIMS AGENT ………………
    Mailing Address:…………………………... [email protected]

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  • Ma
    Mausam Das Sep 25, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I have applied for British lottery . Ihave given my address also without knowing their too much frod case . If they will send the currier after deduction of currier charge then only I will accept. otherwise not. Pease anybody guide me furthur.

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  • Sr
    Sreepriya Apr 13, 2009

    Dear Sir,

    I got mail saying that, I have won the cash prize in the British International Lottery. The courier persons are asking me to pay the amount. Just by seeing a mail how can I believe you? Is it a fraud or not. If that mail is not fake why dont you pay for the courier charges. Every person will pay the courier charge once they get that money otherwise, we cannot go blind into that mail. Please give suggestion for this. I stay in India and its very difficult to come their and verify my winning.

    I dont need the full money, half of that is enough. But please pay with the courier, insurance and customs charges that will be useful to us. Please dont make us to dream to the extreme and drop from the top. This is my fullest request.

    Ref. Number: BTL/491OXI/04


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  • Dz
    dzal Apr 23, 2009

    Name:Morsli Boubakeur
    Address: 02 cite 25 l.s.p sidi ali benyoub
    Age:: 18/081979 in sidi belabbess
    Occupation: cartographe
    Phone no: +213(0)40408293
    Contry : Algeria
    Email: [email protected]
    Email: [email protected]

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