Autographs America / Forgeries


I am really disgusted by this company. For Christmas this year I purchased 3 items. 1) A Depeche Mode "Black Celebration" Lp, signed, for my boyfriend 2) A Garbage signed 10 inch drumhead for myself 3) A Tori Amos sign guitar with artwork, which is absolutely gorgeous by the way. ALL...

Autographs America / was mistaken


I too was leary about buying anything from this company. But I took a chance, and bought two of the movie disc signed by Tom Hanks and the other one was signed by Michael Douglas. I got them, and they looked good. I took them to a collectible show and found a person who was selling...

Autographs America / I paid for a Signed Monkees Guitar and I am still waiting for it.


I am absolutely appalled at the way these people do business and they should be shut down. I am comtemplating going to the U.S. Embassy and worse case scenerio going to the T.V.Networks with affiliates in the U.S. I wanted to treat myself to a good Christmas present last year, as I had...

Autographs America / Accommodated me


I had purchased a Beatles album autographed by all 4 members of the Beatles from Autographs America. After telling a friend about my purchase and the reasonable price I got it for, he told me that I was very fortunate because the Beatles rarely autographed anything and to find something...

Autographs America / Selling Fake Signed Stuff


I purchased a signed Van Halen guitar off Ebay in 2008 and after paying for the item Ebay alerted me that the item may be fake. I immediately put a stop to the payment and I tracked the company down who provided the Certificate Of Authenticity (copy attached) that came with the guitar. The...