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Hi, I am also interested in a class action suit. Through Sears I was talked into a lease for a washer and dryer that I had planned to buy outright. I was told that it would be 11 addition payments on top of the payment I made in store that day back in April of 2018. The gentle explained the 30, 60, and 90 day buy out, but never mentioned the 5 period. I was told at the end of my 11 payments the washer and dryer would be paid in full. My purchase cost was to be a little over $1300.00 and in total I have paid them $2871.40. When I first realized this and called them in the beginning of September 2019, the first man I spoke to just kept apologizing and when I said again I want money refunded to me in a very humorous manor he told me that he could tell me that it would not happen. I have called and spoke with at least 5 different people since then. I also went into the Sears and the manager there contacted them on my behalf. I was offer to be done with the lease and be waved the $512.00 that they said I still owed. I told them I planned on filing a complaint with the BBB and things started to change. I was offer a 5 payment refund. My payments were $102 and change before they then sent me to there customer experience department that you can only leave a message at and hope that they get back to you within 24 hours like they state. It has been a month. After calling again last night and telling them I am going to look into this more the woman went from releasing 5 to 6 payments back to my account immediately. When I told her that a lawyer friend (non-practicing) said to file a complaint and call the media I was told that she could no longer work with me unless I provide said friends name and contact information. I never said I had legal representation. It is to point now that yes I want my money back, but more so it is not right that they keep getting away with this. Everywhere I look people are saying the same thing about this company, that also goes by Tempoe. Please feel free to contact me and put me down for any legal action

Oct 04, 2019
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  • Km
      Oct 04, 2019

    This has already been looked into and has been found to be an unwinnable case for prosecution. Unfortunately or anyone who claims to have been misled has been deemed unable to prove and the original printed and signec contracts is upheld. It was in the news a couple of years ago if you don't believe, granted it was the liberal ABC NEWS out of New York but I don't think they faked that story cause Trump has nothing to do with it.

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