CB Phone Directory Whitepages Urgent: inaccurate information - immediate removal request linked to #3497621

Whitepages review: Urgent: inaccurate information - immediate removal request linked to #3497621

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I am writing to bring to your attention a critical matter regarding the listing associated with my name on your platform. The information presented is both inaccurate and does not correspond to my identity, and it includes references to relatives who are not in any way associated with me.

I must emphasize that no permissible purpose has been granted for the sharing of any details, particularly those that are false and misleading. This situation raises serious concerns about the accuracy and privacy of the information displayed on your platform.

I kindly request that you take immediate action to remove the aforementioned listing from your database. It is imperative that this inaccurate information be expeditiously addressed to prevent any further dissemination of false details.

The inaccuracies in the information listed under my name on your platform have led to several concerning issues:

1. Privacy Invasion:

The inaccuracies have resulted in a privacy invasion by exposing sensitive details without my consent, raising concerns about personal security.

2. Reputation Damage:

Incorrect personal details have significantly harmed my reputation, impacting both personal and professional relationships.

3. Identity Theft Risk:

The inaccuracies pose a risk of identity theft, as false information increases the potential threat to my personal and financial security.

4. Legal Ramifications:

There is a potential for legal issues if the false information leads to harm to my reputation or livelihood.

5. Emotional Distress:

The discovery of false information has caused substantial emotional distress, contributing to heightened anxiety and stress.

Please be advised that this request has been formally documented for legal purposes, and I trust that you will treat it with the urgency and attention it deserves. Your prompt cooperation in removing the inaccurate listing is appreciated.

Thank you for your immediate attention to this matter.

Claimed loss: See above.

Desired outcome: Kindly remove the listing immediately.

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