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The Wet Seal Complaints & Reviews

The Wet Seal / wet seal clothing

Mar 10, 2018

I tried ordering on line first and got no where. I then emailed their customer service department about the problem and they said it would take hours before they could get back with me. What a bunch of b.s.. The problem I was having is their promotion wasn't taking the difference off...

The Wet Seal / wet seal/merchandise credit

Aug 03, 2017

I have a Wet Seal merchandise credit balance of $150. All Wet Seal store locations are closed and no online shopping available. There are no options listed to contact Wet Seal customer service or any of their representatives regarding my balance. I would like my refund. They need to honor...

Wet Seal / gift card

Jul 20, 2017

Since all of the Wet Seal stores has closed down in my area, and now I'm pretty sure everywhere in the US, I'm not sure how to spend my gift card. Am I able to do it online or is that closed down too? If not I'd like the money refunded or something because I don't want to just throw away...

Wet Seal / Terrible store

Jun 03, 2016

I had a very stressful experience with Wet Seal and they gave me nothing but headache. I decided to order from them because they looked like a reliable company and I heard about them from my friends. My item arrived damaged and there was a big tear on the inside so I contacted Wet Seal...

Wet Seal / Never received my order

Mar 22, 2016

I have ordered one top and two belts from several months ago and was supposed to get a confirmation email, but never received one. Few weeks later I decided to contact them and ask about the status of my order, so sent them a message hoping for a response back...

Wet Seal / Never again!

Feb 12, 2016

I purchased a lovely dress from Wet Seal shop. I wasn't expecting them to be here anytime soon, so that's why I ordered in advance. I wanted to wear it on Christmas eve. I actually ordered from them before and never had any issues. That is why I'm so extremely disappointed. It is now mid...

Wet Seal / Failure to send ordered item

Dec 20, 2014

Beware of this online retailer, if you order from them and they don't send everything in the order they will not send the item. This is the response I got from them. "Hello, Thank you for contacting Wet Seal. We apologize we were unable to meet your needs with your most recent order...

Wet Seal / Exchange

Aug 01, 2014

The policy of exchanging a bathing suit bottom with a receipt because of not being able to resale it is ridiculous. My granddaughter bought a suit took it home and found the bottoms didn't fit. She cannot try it on at the store because of policy so there is no way to know if these...

Wet Seal / Return Policy

May 10, 2013

I think wet seal will be a good company if they actually have decent clothes and with a policy that you CAN get your money i spent almost 50$ on this outfit and when i got home i realize the lady didn't even take this brown thing off so i couldn't even wear it ! and when i asked...

Wet Seal / Slow delivery and bad customer service

Dec 21, 2011

I ordered two gift cards almost 4 weeks ago (Nov 27 2011) to make sure I received them in time to give them as Christmas presents.. They did not even ship them out for three weeks, and now the UPS tracking shows they will not get to me in time to use them for the intended Christma...

Wet Seal / Horrible customer service

Jun 30, 2011

Wet seal has a 5 for $20 sale on tees, tanks, and shorts (athletic/comfy ones). I asked one of the workers if they had anymore of these glittery tank tops that were displayed very high. She told me she couldn't help me because they're busy and to come back tomorrow morning. 2...

Wet Seal / taking money form account

Mar 22, 2011

I tried to get a gift card, never got it!! They stated that their computers do not work so good on the weekends. They charged me 6 times, which i did not run my card 6 times in the store. Now having trouble talking to the right person. I have to wait for a call back as they have run off...

Wet Seal / Identity Theft & Fraud Risk

Feb 15, 2011

FINANCIAL DATA SECURITY - HIGH RISK OF IDENTITY THEFT & FRAUD Placed an order online w/ Wet Seal that came to about $650. Selected overnight delivery, and for payment used PayPal since this was my first time using the company and I didn't know anything about them. Next day, there'...

Wet Seal / Worst customer service ever

Feb 15, 2011

My daughter purchased a belt at Wet Seal which turned out not to fit her. I tried to return it unworn and with all tags on it. In addition to very poor customer service (slow moving and useless) they told me that I could not return it even though the return policy states only lingerie...

WET SEAL CLOTHING STORE / Money back NOT guarenteed


I bought some clothes from Wet Seal and when I returned them they gave me store credit that was placed on a merchandise card. The next time I was there, I went to purchase some clothes using the card. The clothes I was buying cost less than the amount that was on the card. Upon ringing up...

Wet Seal / Seal Deal Discount Card and &Customer Service&. ha.


Alright, so, last week, my dad gave me 150 dollars to spend on Wet Seal clothes. I ordered offline because I don't live with him and it made it a lot more convenient seeing as I we live 13 hours apart. Anyways; I ordered some cute clothes and I just today recieved them in the mail...

Wet Seal Clothing / Do not order online


Word of advice to everyone: DO NOT ORDER ONLINE INTERNATIONALLY at Wetseal unless you're willing to wait two months for your package to arrive. I ordered four items (all in stock) on March 3, 2010 from the Canadian site and I have yet to receive my package. I have inquired twice via...

Wet Seal / Staff


3/11/10After years of shopping at the wet Seal in Auburn, Mall...dreading the thought of walking in there because the staff is always rude and agitated with the exception of maybe one or two employees. Tonight when i visited i was harrassed by two employees, first the older manager, who...

Wet Seal / refund policy


this christmas my daughter received 2 pair of jeans purchased at wet seal. one pair fit fine the other pair was to small. I took the pants back for a even exchange of a larger size. but since I didn't have the receipt I was told there was nothing they could do. i asked for corporate...

Wet Seal / Exchange Policy is Bogus!


On 12.27.2008 I entered Wet Seal with the intentions of buying 3 new hoodies, I had purchased a hoodie like this a week prior and really liked it!! Sale: "Buy two get one for one cent." I looked through the racks at the different hoodies $19.50/each, tried one of the three on (or 2 of the...

Wet Seal / Bad Business Practices-Refund Policy


Like others expressing their horror stories about the company, I too had a very bad experience at Wet Seal today (12-28-08). Despite my thoughts on Valley View Mall in Roanoke, Va I decided to visit to get some last minute gifts for Christmas. I shopped at several stores in the mall and I...

Wet Seal / Money scam


I purchased a coat with CASH at Wet Seal to give to my daughter for Christmas. After getting it home we realized that the coat would not be warm enough. Less than a week later I went to return the coat and they would not give me my money back. All they would give me was an in store credit...

Wet Seal / Return Policy, no exception for damaged mercahnidise


I have to post a complaint about this company, because I promised them that I would. I purchased a coat from Wet Seal, along with a few shirts. Later on at home, when I was ready to remove the tags, and wear the coat, I noticed that three buttons had fallen off, and were not in the bag. I...

Wet Seal / The Staff


I went to the wetseal store on a wedsday night. When I walked in there were 3 girls working doing things around the store. (This was about 630 pm) When I was all set to pay there was no line I went stright to the cashiers desk where there was "the MANEGER" having an extreamly loud...



I was a big fan of WetSeal, and would spend up to &175.00 a month in merchandise from them until I made my last purchase online. I have never had any problems with them before, either with their policies or merchandise. I ordered a pair of skinny pants and a few tops, but when I received...

wetseal / return policy


I bought two bras at this store for my daughter and they did not fit right so a few days later with the tags still on and in the bag I brought the items along with my receipt and attempted to return them and have the items credited to my account. I was told they did not refund bras and...

The Wet Seal / Rude employees

So, I decided to buy three pairs of jeans off of Wet Seal's online store. I was extremely excited to receive the jeans. They arrived, and I opened the package to find that there were only two pairs of jeans. I wasn't charged for it, but I was a bit annoyed that I had been waiting...

Wet Seal / You pay for a discount card and they send you an expired one and then ignore you.

On May 1st I placed an order with for several tops and items. I was offered a "Seal Deal" card at check out. This discount card would supposedly save me money on future purchases. I bought the card for $20. About a week later I received my order which included the discount...