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J Aug 13, 2018

WestJet Airlines Ltd
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RE:​Complaint of Quality of Services Received​

To Whom it May Concern:

I am writing this letter to bring your attention to my disappointment with the quality of services provided by Westjet on my recent trip with your airline.

I have flown with many airlines over the years and never have I experienced such disorganization or so many confused, impatient and unhelpful airline employees.

Unfortunately, the extent of the poor service did not end with the Westjet employees' lack of assistance for airline patrons such as myself. In addition to this, I was faced with airline delays including postponed and cancelled flights. To my dismay, when questioned, a Westjet employee advised me that they would not, nor do they ever, provide compensation to passengers.

Oddly enough, my traveling companions were provided with vouchers, including one for a hotel stay. To this I pose the following question, "Is it that Westjet never provides compensation; or is it that compensation is discretionary and someone decided that despite the poor service and negative experience, that I was not worthy of compensation?"

With respect to the delays, please see the below itinerary which outlines my original flight schedule on the left side, and my actually flights times/arrivals/departures on the right:

July 23, 2018 - Departure Date​

Depart Edmonton at 12:05 am (MST)​Departed Edmonton at 12:05 am (MST
Arrive in Toronto at 05:44 am (EST )​Arrived in Toronto at 05:44 am (EST)
Leave Toronto at 07:05 am (EST)​Left Toronto at 12:25pm
Arrive at New York 08:36 am (EST)​Arrived in New York at 1:00 pm

Total approximate time: 14.5 hours

July 27/28, 2018 - Return Date

New York to Edmonton 6:35 pm - 8:20 pm ​Actual: 11:35 pm-1:30 am​
Toronto to Edmonton 10:15 pm - 12:25 am​Actual: 6:30 am - 8:30 am

Total approximate time: 21 hours

As you can see by the schedule, I spent multiple extra hours in the airport. As a senior, I was appalled to discover that given the delays, not only would I have to spent a night sleeping sitting up in a chair, but also that there was nothing other than water available. During this time, there were a total of three people in sight, one being an airline employee and the other two being janitorial/maintenance staff, and not one employee made themselves available to awaiting passengers nor did anyone make an effort to check in on us to see if all was well.

My flight was delayed because there was no crew available however, when a crew did become available, there was no plane to fly. Passengers were notified of flight time changes numerous times leaving us uncertain of whether or not we should plan according to the current departure time or whether or not it was just going to change again.

One of my flights was cancelled and then refilled with other passengers leaving myself and my travelling companions in a position where we were rescheduled and assigned new seats, however when we approached the boarding desk, we were told that our seating had been changed again.

In the midst of all the changes to the flights it appeared as though the staff were frustrated as well and naturally, myself along with the other passengers felt the tension and in turn found ourselves becoming more confused and disheartened. When it came time to actually board the planes, we were rushed on like cattle constantly being told to "hurry up."

To add to my stress, my travelling companions were separated from me and placed on another flight. This trip was planned in coordination with them to ensure that we could help each other and we had planned to arrive in New York together as we believe in the motto that there is safety in numbers. Can you imagine my surprise and fear when they did not even make it to New York until the following day?

In addition, I found the airport announcements and audio messages to be unclear and the information billboards flashed too fast to be able to read them. Unfortunately, the increased use of all this automated technology left me feeling helpless and unfortunately, there were no physical staff available to assist.

Because I have been generalizing, I do feel it is important to also point out that I did encounter some Westjet employees during my journey that went above and beyond greeting passengers with smiles and apologies for the complications and who treated us with genuine empathy. Sadly however, out of all the employees I came across, there were only two who behaved in this manner. Unfortunately, I was not able to get their names, however to them, I am thankful.

I have been a dedicated Westjet flyer for a long time now, having previously ceased using Air Canada for similar reasons as what I have outlined above. In fact, it was Westjet that came to my rescue during those times when I was left stranded by Air Canada. I must say that I am truly saddened to see Westjet show the same lack of care and concern for its passengers as my previous airline. I have done enough traveling in my time to understand that many factors play a role in flight delays/schedules, and despite having been denied, I ask for your understanding in my request for compensation regarding my terrible experience.

The situation as a whole has left me pondering one simple but very crucial question… Will I recommend Westjet to others?

I am requesting a call back at the number below to discuss this with you further. I look forward to hearing from you at your earliest convenience.




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