Western Union Financial Servicesbarred from using western union

P Aug 06, 2018

I have been using Western Union to send money to my fiance in the Philippines. We started an online FB relationship in August of 2016. We decided to start a K1 visa and last year I flew to meet her. I spent 8 days with her and met her friends and family. This is when I started Regular money sending for her rent and basic needs. At the time she had work and it was fine. I retained a lawyer to help with filing the K1 Visa this year April. I have copies of her passport, birth certificate, and various other ids. I know her address. She is friends with my sister, father, my aunt and my niece. She is also friends with two of my best friends as well.

Two weeks ago I was trying to send about $520 via the app. It gave me an error code and told me to try again later. I did for the next 24 hours. I called them and asked why I couldn't send money and they told me I was blocked. I tried to talk to higher-ups and eventually told to send a request to a website to fill out a questionnaire and give explanations of the source of funds and explain what these sends were. I complied and shared multiple documents and a few days later I received an email stating their previous decision stands. I am blocked from sending or receiving using their services. I called the next day to see if I could find out why or seek clarification regarding this matter. I also emailed them requesting the same. I have yet to receive any further clarification and was told it was a business decision based on laws and regulations. I have found other services that actually care about their customers on both ends of the transactions. Plus their fees were lower and standard not based on the amount sent and the exchange rate is a peso better in worst case.

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