Western Dental Harassmentincessant phone calls demanding payment when i've never been to western dental

C Aug 05, 2018

[protected] started calling my mobile number and demanding payment. I've NEVER been to Western Dental...ever, so I didnt respond. After a week, I received 3 voicemails for a "Carolina" to call. I'm not Carolina. After 5 more messages, I blocked the number, but kept getting voicemails. After 5 more voicemails, I called the number to check if it was a "scammer, " in which case I would file a police report. When I called, it was a collection agency. I asked the agent to please record the phone call, as I would as well. I advised the agent that I had NEVER been to Western Dental, that they were asking for the wrong person. I gave him my number and informed him to "never call my number again." I just received another voicemail so I'm taking action. I will start here and work my way to the FTC, the dentistry association, and the FCC, as it involves the airwaves. CEASE AND DESIST THIS HARRASSMENT.

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