Weight Watchers Internationalvegetables enchiladas bowl

Mostly rice with a few beans and corn thrown in. If I ate this I'd be eating about a half cup of white rice void of any nutritional value the box (pictured) shows the opposite of what is in it. It is literally a bit more than a half cup of food.
I called to complain but they would only offer me coupons. I will never buy ww products again so this doesn't help me. This is also based on my purchase of your breakfast burritos. Used to be good now just mainly white tortilla with a couple tablespoons (maybe) of filling.
My address in case you'd like to send me a check
Laura von Kampen
1077 Rich ave apt 5
Mtn view CA 94040

You should be ashamed of yourselves

Weight Watchers International
Weight Watchers International
Weight Watchers International

Oct 09, 2019

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