Wegmanswegmans brand smooth peanut butter

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I bought this peanut butter on Wed October 25. I wenr to open it the next day and the whole top was full of oil and it splattered all over. The peanut butter was all runny. I tries to stir it up and it was still all runny and gritty. I threw away the receipt so I dont know if I can take it back. Its so runny I cant even use it. It has a best buy date of Feb 27, 2019 so it isnt expired, it just seemes to settled too much or was made wrong in distribution but it is unuseable.


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      Oct 28, 2017

    Bring the product back to the store you purchased it from. They most likely cannot give you a refund (since you discarded the receipt), but they may offer you a replacement product.

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