Webwatcherwebwatcher installed on my android


I work for a man and I sometimes live with him and he has done this before he has secretly installed a webwatcher program on my cell phone he thinks I don't know I am attaching a copy of the order receipt I am not okay with this this is against my will I am 36 years old he is 86 we are not married I am not okay with this is there anything I can do because you wouldn't want this done to you he thinks because I stay in his house that he owns me and controls me and invades my privacy this is not okay. I am not allowed to talk to males because I am such a [censor] his words not mine so now my cell phone isn't even mine I'm going to confront him with this receipt but I am waiting on your response first.

He is a realtor who works for Brevard County Realty I am working under the table as his assistant.


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