Web.comyou sign up, then they use your info to harass you!!!


I received an email offering me some kind of special that included a free domain name. I signed up and within hours, I started receiving emails from everyone and his brother. I mean 15-20 a day. They even texted and called me. I was shocked that a company would so blatantly, unabashedly use information they received from people signing up for their services to spam them. What's worse is that they will sell you out to other people who will then also spam you so that you are being swamped by junk. They arrogantly abuse your information, violate your trust and do it so in your face, it's appalling and I plan to trash them all over the Internet.


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    Executive Support Jun 29, 2015

    Dear Kbelchere,

    Thank you for your comments. We appreciate all feedback, positive or negative. Rest assured, we use this information to continually evaluate and improve our internal processes, service offerings and customer interactions. It is neither our goal nor desire to spam our customers. We do follow accepted standards and privacy practices. When it comes to domain registrations, there are certain emails that customers may unsubscribe to others, others that are required for proper maintenance of the account, including some by law. If your issue has not been resolved, or you wish to add additional information, we ask that you please send us your contact and account information, and details of this post via the following link, so that we can help you:

    The Executive Support Team

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    ABFink Jul 05, 2015

    I have had for a long time and it seems that as of late, the spam to my website email is getting worse. It seems no matter how I try to filter the spam on the webmail site I am forced to use, the worse it gets. My only option is to forward the email address to gmail which filters out better. I am very frustrated with's webmail because it doesn't allow a "report spam" option like all other email programs offer. Perhaps they just don't care that their customers are getting spammed all over the place - perhaps contributing to it - because if they cared, they would offer their customers a way to mark the emails as spam rather than filtering out all emails in order to get them to stop receiving them. For the monthly fee I pay for my website, I should be offered a better email option than currently has.

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