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First I was a Burlee customer and was very happy. Then Burlee was bought by Interland. A little less service, but not bad. Then Interland got bought out by and nothing has gone right since. They changed access names, they changed the system so that I had to get the new password from them, and then it didn't work. As a web designer, I signed up some of my clients. They got "Access Forbidden" messages. In order to get to my client's site I had to download 3 additional programs and I still can't get to the site. For my money, this is a company saying "We don't want your business." And they will certainly get their way.


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    broken12 Dec 11, 2010

    On june 2017 I leases a site and a store they said I have to have both.
    The site is for information about the store and it's products
    The store is where your products are sold
    Becouse they are two different entites there needs to be a link
    For six mos I was not getting traffic from the site to the store
    And found that there were no links so I reqested the links and now they
    Don't work so I created a page on the site that customers can click
    On links that do work. Beware!!!

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    webscrewed Aug 22, 2012

    I have been workinng with for 2 months and I am worse off then ever. Ever time I try to get the service that was promissed they say I have to get my service upgared. Presently my web site can not be found on internet and I have lost my E-mail. 2 monthes ago I had E-mail and a website that could be found with Godaddy, but was unhappy with server issues no I am srewed.

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    briankilduff Sep 29, 2012 does not do a free web site for you as advertised. I takes a week for any update and they always get it wrong. You end up using they're website builder which doesn't agree with what the published site will look like at all. Had a 30 day trial, buy they charged my card anyway.

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  • Rc Nov 24, 2012

    Same here, i've been waiting a week for any submissions to go through and they charged me $150 immediately after saying they wouldn't (but blaming the bank). They haven't had my merchant account set-up for me to make any sales and i spent 2 days entering all the items and still can't do a thing. Not very happy right now, I missed Black Friday and Small Business Saturday.

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    Avion Technologies Feb 25, 2013

    Our small business has had a website at the same host for 13 years. First with websource media which had incredibly good
    Customer service. Sometime around 2017 or 2017 purchased them and since then, the customer service has been
    Horrible. Several times has forgotten to auto bill our bank account, only to disconnect us for non - payment, then re - instate us once the error is corrected. This time, we have records indicating our account is current, but due to a mistake in their billing department, our account is flagged as "uncollected billing" and we have had our website and email shut down. This occurred last week, but since we were receiving email, we didn't notice. Finally on friday, 2 - 22 - 13 our email stopped working. We called and the billing department admitted they were in error and re - instated our account, or so we thought. We called tech support to find out why our email was still not working and found we were still "flagged " as uncollected billing. At this point we called the billing department back to find out they were closed for the weekend. Nice job, Our business runs on email and we have customers who expect 24 / 7 support by email. We are out of commission until monday, assuming we can get this resolved. can't even verify that we are one of their customers half the time. They always tell us to contact their partner because they can't find our account. We then are transferred by someone at back to with an account number that identifies us as a customer. Unbelievable!!! Do not use

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