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This Wawa Aramingo Avenue branch has very poor customer service! I was trying to get 15 Sizzlis in the morning. They only had 9 ready for purchase. I asked if they could make me 6 more. The girl working there told me they will make those in 4 minutes. I paid for the 15 Sizzlis. I was waiting for more than 3 minutes but no one is making them! Note that there were few customers that morning. So, I told one of them. I was told 4 minutes. But I have been standing there for more than 4 minutes! I told this girl I had been there for a while. (Another girl told me it was supposed to be 5 minutes. Uh, what is going on?). The girl that I had spoken to previously that I had been waiting there for a while gave me the attitude! She went to the inner kitchen and started talking about me! How's that for great customer service??? Then I asked for the manager. The girl called her and told her in a rude manner, "Well, she's complaining about waiting for 4 minutes. I was running late for a breakfast meeting but I returned to Wawa and returned all the Sizzlis I bought. That is not a good way to start the morning. Really disappointed.

Mar 16, 2019
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      Jul 09, 2019

    wow, they went over the 4 minute mark?? I think you should take it to the Action News team!! Every store should have 15 sizzlis ready in the early morning hours when its not busy...yes, every store! Its sad that society has turned into a "snap your fingers and rush to my entitled need" kind of place. If I'm late for work or anywhere else because I stopped at Wawa, I NEVER blamed it on own damn fault.

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