Waste Management [WM] / cancellation delay

5386 Newburg Road, United States

We contracted with WM years ago for an 8yrd dumpster to service a building we owned with 5 tenants. We sold the building on 4/1 and I requested termination. The new owner declined to continue the service with WM. WM will not cancel the contract since one of the original tenants is still there. they have 4 office employees and don't need the dumpster nor wish to take over the contract. The contracting company "The Heritage Property Management Group, LLC. only existed to own the building and will be disolved once the 2019 taxes are filed. The checking account is already closed.
How do I get this to stop. Our rate doubled in less than 2 years and the dumpster is empty yet we are billed a fuel charge monthly for the driver to pull in then leave.

Waste Management [WM]

Jul 11, 2019

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