Waste Management [WM]trash pickup

J Jul 23, 2019

Yesterday (July 22nd, 19)

In Our area yesterday we had 4 to 6 inches of rain and flooding all around! when my husband left early morning it was downpouring and flooding in front of our home. Normally he has the trash out by 5/6 am the day of pickup however that day he was unable to take trash out before work. I left our home around 9:30(rain and flooding had ready subsided) i noticed all the neighbors trash was still out and ours was not so i hurried and took the trash out to the street before I left for the day to work. Our trash has always been picked up right around 10 am so i figured i had gotten it out just in time. Well... My husband got back home from work at 3 he notified me at work that our trash had not been picked up and that he was going to contact WM to see what could be done. They informed him they would send someone out to retrieve it (mind you: this is not a habit of ours in fact we have never missed a pickup). Trash was still not picked up upon my returning home at 6:30 p.m. yesterday.

Today (July 23, 19) I Woke up left the home by 9, realized Trash has still not been picked up! So it was my turn to call this morning. The automated system stated call volumes were very high and every time I called i kept getting disconnected! After several attempts of calling I finally got through. It wasn't long into the phone call before i realized WM employees had bold faced lied! Representative this morning stated they had "sent a truck out twice yesterday once around 10 the other around 1" ...which would be completely impossible since as i stated my husband was unable to even contact WM until around 3pm yesterday (when he arrived home). plus I had taken the trash out to street yesterday at 9:30 a.m myself! So if they had in fact "come back out" it wouldnt still be sitting out front today full to the brim. Now We realize our mistake in not taking it out in time but let me reiterate this is not a pattern of ours it was very circumstantial AND they agreed to have it taken care of! So in conclusion we are left with this perspective as customers:
1). WM employees did not want to come back out yesterday 2). WM employees had told a bold-faced lie to avoid going out of their way that's COMPLETELY UNACCEPTABLE.

WM is supposed to come back out Today It is now 12 am so let's see if it happens... I hope this gets taken care of very soon!
Highly dissatisfied and perturbed

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