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Do not use this company!
I wish I had read all the horrible reviews online before I signed up because they are all true. Our rates have doubled in a year and a half because they kept raising the basic rate, plus adding in all kinds of “fees.” and their excuses about their costs going up are bogus. I called 3 other companies in my area and they will all provide the same service at half of what waste management is charging. Then when I tried to cancel my contract, I got hit with a 6 month cancellation fee plus other charges – over $1200! Their fees are exorbitant, their customer service is awful (don’t return phone calls, make no attempts to resolve the problems), and their one-sided service contracts allow them to raise their fees to whatever they want and you are legally bound to pay it! Stay away from them.


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    WMCares Nov 28, 2011

    Kmkallay, my name is Lisa with customer care at Waste Management. I'm very sorry to hear about your contract concerns and that customer service failed to meet your expectations in resolving the problem. I understand you have already cancelled your account but if there is anything I can do to help improve the situation, or if you would simply like to share more information regarding your experience, please send an email with your account information to [email protected]

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  • Si
    sinmiedo Jan 04, 2012

    Start by investigating one of your supervisors of a recycling plant in Newark, NJ. Harrasing and threatening employees but he knows to which person he has to tell that stuff. Like if you don't help me I'm going F everyone here making their lives misserable, be strong or leave, drinking on the plant if I continue maybe I have to take the whole day writing. Some of the people who want to work have to leave because they can't take that kind of things almost everyday. No one talks against him they don't want to lose their job although I had a person that was willing to help me. He should learn not to be involved sentimentally with his employees too.

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  • Pr
    Pro Bono Sep 24, 2014

    Take advantage of your local conciliation court. You can easily find violations on their part to file a complaint. Get a copy of the contract from them and look for teaser items like $100 off, which the court will interpret as $100 off every month. Also per contract you are allowed to terminate if they raise the rates for specific reasons. If they did not cite specific reasons, which they don't, in their notices, you can claim the value of the increases. Typically, they will cite vague reasons like 'may be a number of reasons...'. If they don't collect the container after cancellation, which is their tactic to hinder switching providers, call the local police department. Many small businesses have successfully won judgements against them in small claims courts. Many law firms, including Attorney Generals, are investigating Waste Management for class action lawsuits, but small claims court is your best option for immediate results.

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