Waste Managementbreach of contract


If you have waste management of pennsylvania hauling your commercial trash they have breached their contract with you multiple times. their "annual" price increases are more frequent than annual and go way above what their terms indicate as cpi or cpi fact its 9% or more. also they calculate their fuel surcharges on top of all other surcharges which inflates the price even more. they charge a "recycling maintennance offset fee" which was supposed to make up for a low commodity market which has since recovered but gues what - the charge is still their, yet another breach of contract. they are 25-40% higher than other haulers. best thing you can do is get pricing from another hauler, stop paying the wm bill. they will make collections calls and threaten you with "liquidated damages" but in the end they will just remove the can.. they are losing $250, 000 a month due to their pricing. they care only about meeting wall st. goals and getting management bonus by charging their customers as much as possible and hoping you pay their inflated bills.

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