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can't get a return label for a bluetooth headset

Placed a claim through the phone on Friday 4/03/2020 for a Blue Parrot B350-XT Bluetooth headset because the band that goes on top of the head broke and fell off. Here it is Monday 04/6/2020 and still haven't been able to print off a return label because the authorizaion number they keep giving us doesn't work. I have talked to i don't know how many people and none of them know what to do. They keep giving me a new number then tell me to wait 4 hours before trying to get on there and print a label out.

can't get a return label for a bluetooth headset
can't get a return label for a bluetooth headset
can't get a return label for a bluetooth headset
can't get a return label for a bluetooth headset

[Resolved] lg 60' television

Picture has gone out. Warrantech will not honor my extended warranty.I completely understand what's in my contract; however, not one person is willing or able to explain how condensation, oil and corrosion could build up inside my TV. I have not cleaned nor has my TV been exposed to any liquid products, it is not near an AC vent and has had limited use since purchase. Honestly, Warrantech is looking at the age of my television vs the cost of repair the circuit panel which is expensive and cost more than the tv which is why this company is refusing to honor my warranty. They have overrode cases before but unwilling to make any exceptions with my problem.

I would like my TV repair or replaced.

Date claim submitted: 9/2019
LG television 60". Model: 60LB5200

Deborah James (# registered with claim is [protected])
BEST CONTACT #[protected]

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samsung electric range

In 2015 I purchased a new Samsung electric range from HHGREGG. I decided, because it was a large purchase, to opt in for the 5 year warranty. A few years after the initial delivery date we had to have something repaired; I called WarranTech and they set up a repair service. A short while later we had another issue and I called WarranTech tech and they again set up a repair service. And just recently we had a new issue, the broiler heating element basically exploded, caught fire, and melted in a back corner. We called WarranTech and they set up a repair. While the repairman was here he told me he ordered the new broiler heating element and I should hear back in about 3 days. After a week I called the repair company and was told that WarranTech is ‘cashing me out' and the part needed is no longer manufactured. What? The oven is 4 years old and a popular brand! I called WarranTech and after being on hold for 45mins, I was told that a reimbursement check was mailed out.

I'm confused as to why they choose to reimburse me because the oven is only 4 years old, I find it hard to believe that the part is no longer available for such a popular/new oven.

They woman I spoke to said I was being reimbursed $375. I was speechless! I paid over $1000 for the oven and protection plan. She said the amount is the current value minus the repair costs. I'm paying the repair costs?? Isn't that why I purchased a protection plan?

This is ridiculous!

extended warranty on appliances

I purchased an extended 5 year warranty from Warrantech through HHGreg. My dishwasher stopped powering up so I filed a complaint. I later received a check for $106 for a $600 dishwasher! The letter states that they will only pay up to the purchase amount of the dishwasher. So, since it had been worked on before, they took the previous repair amount off the purchase price and it left me with $106 dollars! They said it was under the "terms and conditions" of the contract! I suppose I should have read every word on the contract but who can do that while trying to purchase something? I feel it is a scam plain and simple. How can they sell insurance and then not honor their sale? This just shows how greed is killing America. I am not done with them yet but how much does someone fight for $500??

gap insurance

This is the worst company i haveever dealt with. They are my gap claim providers. You have to get all the documents yourself. They told me i needed 15 documents but every time i got them i was told i need another document. I faxed over the last document and tried to verify it was received only to be told it take 3 days to processs a fax. I called one weel later only to be told they are behind 7 days abd it would take an additional 7 to 10 days yo process my fax. My claim is still not submitted.


I would like to complain about a guy named Sheldon in tier 1.. He's no where on the Facebook page and I can't...

kitchenaid gas range purchased march 2014

This concerns my range Model # KGRS 306BSS, Serial # R23710611. The range oven intermittently shuts off...

samsung refrigerator claim# [protected]

Purchased fridge just over a year ago and added 5 year warranty plan ($500) to repair or replace unit if...

samsung french door refrigerator

My refrigerator stopped working on November 16. It is now January 22 and it has yet to be fixed. I have reached out to Warrentech several times, we discovered that a company you sent here (Comp Techs) falsified documentation stating that the repair was done and they opened a fraudulent claim that the ice maker was not working. They proceeded to install the new ice maker telling me that was the problem. I refuse to let them back into my home. You then sent out All set appliances who did not order the parts until I called them with a Warrantech employee on the phone. The parts were ordered January 10th but the company said they still don't have them. I called a manager Raymond Rosils? Who promised me he would follow up and never returned my call and does not answer his direct line. [protected]) I have left over a dozen voicemails pleading with him to return my calls and help me finally get my refrigerator repaired after THREE MONTHS. I am extremely frustrated and this is unacceptable.

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    Shaun R. Jan 22, 2018

    I'd like to help.

    Exactly what model of fridge are we talking about?

    When and from where did thou purchase the fridge?

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convection oven

I have had to contact them for the same issues 4 times, according to my NO LEMON GUARANTEE it says that if it requires 4 repairs they are to either replace or refund the value of the product. They are refusing to do either. I've purchased this item almost 2 years ago and I bought this plan so IF this ever happened my product would be covered. I have now already purchased a new Oven and am now requesting my refund since they are refusing to abide by the policy of my plans terms and conditions!! This is annoying and very time consuming trying to get MY PROTECTED item taken care of!! Someone needs to do something before I make a report to the BBB for fraud!!

warranty service for a tv

10/21/2017 - I called Warrantech to submit a claim for my Smart TV. There are white dots on the screen that never goes away and one of the USB slots isn't working. The first rep that I spoke to on the 21st gave me a RO# and said a service provider would be calling me with 24-48 hours to set up an appt to repair the issues. Never got the call.
10/26/2017 - Called Warrantech again to find out why a service rep never reached out. It took them 56 minutes to answer the call! That is absolutely outrageous. The rep said the reason why no service rep called is because they never completed the claim and I was supposed to be transferred to a tech rep on the 21st to go over the issues. After that, they would send out a service provider. So she transfers me to a tech rep and he asked a ton of questions. When we went to look at the USB port, we realized a black piece was missing and it must have fallen out from using it (probably why it wasn't working). So I told him something seems to be missing from that port and that's probably why it isn't working now. He puts me on hold for 5 minutes then asked me to take a very close up picture of all the USB ports and text it to him. I sent him the pictures then he puts me on hold again for another 5 minutes. Comes back to say he knows whats wrong with the screen and that it was a panel issue, but the USB port is missing a plastic black piece and called it a malicious physical damage so the whole warranty itself is voided and they will not cover anything for that TV. They said any physical damage on the TV (which pretty much means a tiny scratch on it) completely voids their warranty. I am appalled that this company is still in business. I still have the plastic on the border of my TV, that's how well I take care of it. The black piece from the USB probably came out when I used it before, but to say it was maliciously done? You have to be kidding me. Why did he even bother asking for pictures? He could have saved all of us time by saying if the piece is missing they consider that physical damage and the warranty is basically voided, but he knew what he was doing. I told him this was fraud and their contract rep who reached out to sell me the warranty never ever mentioned anything about physical damage and for them to consider a plastic piece missing from the USB port "physical damage" is absolutely ridiculous. The piece fell out somehow and they called it physical damage. I told him to forget about fixing the USB port and to just fix the screen, but he said he couldn't do that cause my warranty basically no longer exists due to the black plastic piece missing. Spoke to his manager and he wouldn't do anything saying it was a "policy issue" so to reach out to customer service, the same number where I had to wait 56 minutes to even speak to anyone! I hope you guys all sleep well knowing you take peoples hard working money then find any excuse possible to not have to repair any issues. Never ever buy an extended warranty from Warrantech and HHgregg should find another warranty service provider because Warrantech Company is a FRAUD!

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    Shaun R. Oct 26, 2017

    I normally don't recommend 3rd party programs. Worthwhile warranties are generally provided by the manufacturer or retailer -- speaking of which, who is the manufacturer?

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plan #[protected] - warranty issue

I've provided the receipt... If they didn't indicate that that was the reason for the discount, then I'M...

electrolux washing machine

I have been trying to get a washing machine repaired since September 5, 2017. B & M Appliance was sent to...

warranty service

I am trying to get my Sharp 43 inch television repaired. After trying to contact customer service numerou...

warranty & call problems

We have a Viking dishwasher which now has been called for service the 3rd time for the same problem, the second call they sent out a different service provider then the first, they couldn't figure it out so I wanted the first company Appliance Masters to fix it and they said ok but we would have to pay them and then submit the bill to Warrantech for reimbursement, now after less than a month the same problem again, if there is any charges I want Appliance Masters to be paid directly by Warrantech and not wait to be reimbursed.
Also this is the 3rd time for same problem, after waiting 17 mi on the phone(I hung up), then today I tried and waited 19 mi(I hung up again) I am getting frustrated with this company, it boarders on fraud.

5 year warranty on flat panel tv

We filed a claim with warrantech on our 75" Samsung tv. We will finally receive (we are told) a check for a portion of what we were told on a week to 10 days. This week be almost 6 weeks from the time the claim was made. The customer service is awful. They tell you one thing and say they will call back with updates, but they never call back. We called every 3 days and 2 different agents said we would receive our full purchase price plus tax (like the warranty says). We are having to settle for over $500 less. When I read from the warranty that tax was to be refunded, their agent told me that wasn't the warrsnty - that it was just a brochure. Complaints will be filed with BBB and their underwriting company, AmTrust.

maytag 9000 series washing machine - fraudulent behavior

We originally purchased this item from a local appliance store along with purchasing a warranty from...

non existent coverage

I own several apartment buildings and have been replacing window A/C units over the past few years. I have...

I haven't received services from them

I tried to get services from Warrantech Consumer Product Services. I called them and heard only fake promises and lies. I tried to reach them within several weeks, but these jerks only avoided me and told some rubbish. I was really disappointed in such attitude and services, and I have no idea why they behaved like this. I wonder if there are other people, who haven’t received the promised services from them.

warranty do not purchase

Warrantech, do not do business with this company. I purchased a 5 year warranty with this for three separate...


DO NOT PURCHASE A WARRANTY from this group. Read the other reviews there are so many out on the web about...

do not purchase a warranty

After two hours on the phone yesterday and countless e-mails, I can only say that Warrantech's customer "service" is awful. There warranty is also not worth the paper it's printed on. Basically, I had a single key that wasn't working on my laptop. I had properly registered my warranty.

Despite these facts, I was required to e-mail three times so that they could "confirm" my warranty|. No one ever got back to me about "confirming" the contract". Instead, I called and called and e-mailed, .

Eventually, I was told that I could send the laptop at my expense so that they could review the problem". Then, if the problem was resolveable and they had the part the key would be replaced|.

This whole process would take a minimum of two weeks and would, again, be at my cost..

When I eventually spoke with a representative I was told this was "company policy;." Great policy - be careful and do not purchase their warranties, which are sold through J&R music.

  • Wa
    Warrantech Jul 07, 2011

    I'm writing from Warrantech to report an update to this customer's situation. After the issue was brought to our attention we successfully reached the customer and resolved the issue to the customer's satisfaction.

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very very poor extended warranty provider

Warrentech says they provide fast in home service...My television has been broke over a month. They still havent approved the repair!. They have so many hoops to jump thru that they are a very poor company'. I would not recommend anyone buy an extended warranty on anything that has their name on it/. Very very poor company, . I have a Sony 52 inch television that repairman comes out and has to take my tv to the shop to "reproduce" the defect'. Now it has been gone for two weeks and still not even an estimate for what it would take to fix it/. Very Very Poor Service?. Do Not do business with them it's a total waste of money.

waste of money - do not purchase!

I purchased an "in-home" warranty for my 55" Sony and the TV stopped working after four years. There was a flashing light that allowed me to identify the issue. After my first call with Warrantech I was told that they would send me the part and I could install it myself. So much for "in-home" service but that was actually the best part of dealing with them and it would only get worse.

After waiting a week for the part and not receiving anything I made another call to have the package tracked. The next rep told me that the part was not covered and it is covered by a different warranty. J&R Music World did not offer any other alternative warranties that could be purchased. There were no exclusions in their policy so this should not have been declined.

I failed to mention that no one ever called or emailed me to notify that the part would no longer be sent. In my experience, Warrantech reps are either incompetent, liars or both. Of course there is always the possibility that they are told to give any one who calls the runaround.

I wish I researched reviews about RepairMaster / Warrantech before I purchased the TV warranty four years ago. I am highly disappointed that J&R would associate themselves with this kind of company. Needless to say I will NEVER purchase a RepairMaster policy again and will tell everyone to do the same.

  • Ej
    EJones1234 Dec 02, 2013

    Agreed they did the same to me...DO NOT PURCHASE FROM THIS GROUP. You will feel as defrauded as we currently do we purchased a 5 year warranty for three appliances. They won't pay for repairs. STAY AWAY. You would be better off paying for the repairs yourself.

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stay away

So i bought a tv from hhgregg back in November no complaints with that but i decided i didn't want the extended warr. that warantech offered.i called them they said i would get a refund sense it was within 30days hear it is over 3 months and still getting the run around.called them back they told me a had to send a letter in saying a wanted to cancel did it.still nothing called back supervisor was supposed to call a week later hear i am on the phone with them again still going through the same.

kitchenaid oven

Purchased RepairMaster 5 year warranty at the time of purchasing KitchenAid KERS807ss range. Two and a half years later we had some water boil over on the stovetop. It appears to have damaged electronics in the front panel controls (must not have been sealed correctly). RepairMaster and their authorized repair facility say they will fix it. However, after over 4 months our range is still not fixed. Whirlpool(makers of KitchenAid) does not respond to repair facility's request for correct part numbers to repair oven. We have been more than patient not having our range working for over 4 months and RepairMaster insists they will fix it. Talk is cheap! I would not, currently, recommend RepairMaster/KitchenAid or Whirlpool to anyone... We have 15 guests coming for Thanksgiving tomorrow and our range is still not working.

total run around

I called these guys and it been a month and they haven't done a single thing. There strategy seems to be to just give you the round around in the hopes that you will eventually give up. Do not ever buy an extended warranty from these guys!

I also spoke with one of there supervisors and he assured me he would call be back guess what? It never happened, now an entire month has passed and here I am once again waiting on the phone being told their customer service is busy. Expect to wait a least 15 minutes before you talk to anyone and they expect them to say "well this is the first time i'm hearing about this.." and then proceed to jack you around.

no phone call came and no service is anticipated

Picture quality became poor and Warrantech was called on 2/25/08. Teresa advised to contact Mitsubishi. Tried contacting Mitsubishi direct and only found sales infor sites and email sites requesting fees for information. Recalled Warrantech on 2/27/08 and talked to Veronica who gave me a claim number [protected]-TTA and said that DTR Technologies would call me regarding setting up an appointmnet. No call came in from DTR, so on 2/29/08 I called Warrantech again and Yvonne put me on hold for several minutes and then came back and said that she could not get hold of DTR but that she would continue trying and would call me back later in the day when she got hold of them. No phone call came and no service is anticipated yet at this time. The Warrantech extended service plan is set to expire 5/26/08 and resollution of this problem is required immediately.

my policy plan that I have, was discontinued which they didnt let me know till I called them

My contract with this home warranty company expired on Oct 2nd. I usually get a reminder in the mail or a phone call to renew this contract but this year I got the letter with a date of Oct 14th. When I called the company to place a claim, they told me that my policy was expired and I had to wait for 30days before I could place a claim.

Besides that, my current policy plan that I have was discontinued which they didnt let me know till I called them. I explained to them that this was not good customer service on their part to not to let their customers know about discontinuing a product that they offered their customers in the past.

I was told that their manager Bryan A Myers would contact me but he never did so I called them back again, and got him on the phone and he was totally discourteous and sticking to his policy. He even told me that I could take my business elsewhere. No wonder a company like this has shares at 0.43 I believe that people who kept him in that position should be held accountable for this companys poor performance. some of his staff were more courteous than he was

For him, his policy was more important than retaining a customer, Penny wise pound foolish thats the best saying that befits him! His boss is Evan Rothman who I will be contacting next. I want to see if he would like to get his earnings per share higher than the mere .43 cents!

warranty on tv

We experienced horrible service from Warrantech in trying to get them to replace our 56" DLP TV after the serviceman indicated that the light generator was no longer available and indicated it could not be repaired. We called over and over again to no avail, had been placed on hold for extended periods of time, and received promises that a replacement would be ordered yet the delivery date was never confirmed. Finally, we posted a complaint with the Better Business Bureau (BBB). The BBB has numerous complaints for Warrantech and has given them an "F" rating. The BBB was quick to respond to our complaint and forwarded information about the complaint to Warrantech. We immediately noticed a difference in the response that we received from Warrantech. Within a few weeks, we received a comparable replacement TV. We are very appreciative of the BBB and advise others to inform them of the problems they have experienced with Warrantech.

  • Th
    Theresa Kemp Apr 14, 2010

    I work for the company in this post as well as answer the BBB questions. Please contact me so that I can discuss this to better our customer service and to review the details. We are interested in any comments about our service and would like the opprotunity to follow up on any performace issues.
    My name is Theresa phone number 817-785-6124

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  • Tb
    Tbehringer Feb 23, 2011

    i have been having an awful time getting my 73" DLP TV replaced. First i was told the parts were unavailable and the tv was being replaced - they even called my local store to arrange for a uint. Then out of the blue, a used, non-OEM refurbished part came available and they wanted to put that in my $5000 TV. I complained about that and was taken several layers up the chain of command to a Christoper Tyner who is listed as the back office manager. He indicated just because they told me they were replacing the TV doesn't mean they will. It has now been over two weeks and I have not received a response to my emails or messages left to this manager. All in all the service is horrible - i have been without a working TV for almost 2 months now and they dont even have the decency to return calls or emails.

    I am filing a complaint with the BBB and contacting the Customer Advocate department of my local TV station to get this resolved.

    For any of the rest of you having issues, here is Christopher Tyner's direct contact information - maybe a flood of calls direct to a manage will spark some action on their part... Email: [email protected] direct phone number 817-785-6197.

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  • Cu
    CurlyHoward Aug 24, 2011

    Theresa at WarrantTech is extremely nice an helpful. But it is interesting that Warrantech, which is harder to do business with than I imagine the Kremlin was, has someone like her respond to problems only when they are reported to the BBB or smeared all over blogs and bulletin boards like these. Stay far away from Warranttech. But you probably will never know you are doing business with them until you make the unfortunate (and probably bad) decision to purchase one of those heinous extended warranty plans. In particular in the Boston area, stay far away from extended warranties at PAUL'S TV at JORDAN's FURNITURE. It took me two months to get a TV replaced under warranty and I had to make countless phone calls to their sub-contracted repair man in Beverly, then dozens of call to Warrantech, and finally many more calls to PAUL'S TV in California, before I finally got my TV replaced. In fact, if I hadn't discovered Theresa Kemp's phone number at Warrantech (who finally got it moving for me, very quickly I might add), I still very likely would be making phone calls. The standard line at Warrantech is "please sir you''ll have to call back in 3-5 BUSINESS DAYS". Good luck if you have a warranty with them!

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  • Ej
    EJones1234 Dec 02, 2013

    Agreed they did the same to me...DO NOT PURCHASE FROM THIS GROUP. You will feel as defrauded as we currently do we purchased a 5 year warranty for three appliances. They won't pay for repairs. STAY AWAY. You would be better off paying for the repairs yourself.

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  • Ca
    Cagey667 Apr 26, 2016

    My Sharp 70 inch 4K tv was purchased from Pacific Sales in California. After a year and three days my tv began to show a horizontal line across the screen. I called warren tech because I purchased a 5 year warranty at the time of purchase. This all started on March 1 2016. Warrantec then sent out a tech to look at the tv. They never showed and per the tech there was a contract issue. Tech 2 send out. Looked at the tv and advised it was a panel issue and Sharp did not make panels so the tv had to be replaced. Tech 2 for some reason would not send the required information to warrantech per warrantech tech 3 sent out he responded and advised the same as tech 2. Tech 3 sent in the info to warrantech after a delay. Warrantech advised I would be receiving a store credit since the tv could not be replaced but only after a tech review. Tech review confirmed the tv could not be replaced. I then called and warrantech advised I would not be getting a store credit and that I needed to get a new tv from Sharp because I lived in California (song-Beverly act). This act is a lemon law issue not a warranty issue. I called sharp who advised warrantech does this all the time to California residents. Sharp will not replace the tv. I've called numerous times to talk to a supervisor but always advise they are at lunch or gone for the day. Even after getting a supervisor they will say they will call you back with an answer but never call you back. You call back to maybe ge a supervisor, only to get a different supervisor and the saga starts all over. Stay away from warrantech. 2 months and still watching a tv with a line across the scene.

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65& flat screen tv

After trying to get TV fixed for over 60 DAYS, WAS OFFERED A REPLACEMENT WHICH IS NO LONGER AVAILABLE!! It is now another 30 DAYs and still have no resolution and can not speak to a supervisor...seems to be a HUGE issue to even get a supervisor on the phone. Asked three times to speak to a supervisor in March on the same call and young man refused to let me and said one would call me, have yet to get that call. Called back today and insisted on speaking to a supervisor whom after sitting on hold forever wrung into VOICEMAIL! What in the world is wrong with this company? 90 Days later NO RESOLUTIOPN and nothing they say is true?

  • Ca
    cali-girl10 Jul 09, 2010


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unprofessional and unaccomodating

After to calling Warrantech about my broken TiVo, they told me to send the unit to another company that would repair it. After a over a week I called Warrantech and they didn't know the status of my TiVo. They told me to call the repair company that as I found out doesn't even repair products, they just test for failure, then Warrantech either sends you a new product or a check/voucher for a new unit. I had to call to find out the status every time. They never contacted me. They originally said it would take 7-12 days for the whole process. It looks like it's going to take more like 28 days not including weekends and 2 holidays. On top of that I was informed that the information on my TiVo hard will not be returned to me. And now I'm trying to retrieve the cable card that was inside my original TiVo. They informed me that they will not reimburse me for the cable card after I was never told to remove the cablecard before sending the unit out. I'm waiting on hold now to talk to a third person. This is unacceptable business. If you have a choice, don't get Warrantech replacement service. Warrantech has terrible service.

  • Th
    Theresa Kemp Jan 29, 2010

    I work at Warrantech and would like to discuss this complaint. Please contact me at 817-785-6124, Theresa.

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obviously scammers

We bought a under-counter refrigerator on-line from the Beverage Factory, with a warranty from Warrantech. The appliance broke down before the 2-year warranty was up. We have spent numerous hours on the phone with the warranty company who has given us the run-around since January (this is June now). We give them the information they want, and then each time add a different little piece of information they need to reimburse us the $481 that we spent fixing this appliance. They are obviously scammers and never want to pay up.

not honoring contract

I bought a 5 year protection plan for my satellite radio. The radio malfunctioned just after the manufacturer's one year warranty expired. I have contacted Repairmaster numerous times over the past 7 weeks. The 8 representatives I've spoken to so far all say the same thing. " We don't have a record of your claim, but we'll process this and it should take ( depending on who you talk to ) 24-48 hours, 3-5 business days.", etc.
[redacted].com has a number of similar complaints. Since they take your money and do nothing else but stall and lie, it certainly appears their "protection plans " are worthless. Needless to say this unscrupulous technically criminal outfit should be avoided like a dreaded disease.

  • Th
    Thomas O'Neill Jan 21, 2010

    bought a a-rmap5c5 5 pieced major appliance 5 year total protection. for $399
    so far all the hallmarks of a scam.
    long waits for telephone to pick up
    at first said that vendor did not prepare invoice correctly
    then then will get back to me
    never did, phoned - spend five hours on phone waiting
    they try to wear you out shamelessly

    then they annoint a repair service and taht is a answer machine
    no call back either, thye weree meant to call me.

    a month has passed. Has anyone ever sued these outfits.
    they market thier products well but this is not good enough

    what i hate most is they say call back if you dont hear form us in 3 days
    seems they have no plan ot call back


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  • Re
    Reviewer 4 U Apr 05, 2010

    Buy a warranty from Repairmaster Warrantech at your own risk. I bought a 56" D-ILA television for more than $3000.00 (not including tax or warranty) and warranties totaling over $369.00 from Repairmaster / Warrantech. Before I bought them I called their customer service to make sure it covered the "light engine" because research told me it was a very expensive part, I was told that was a covered repair. 3 and a half years later (with a year and a half left of the 5 year warranty) the light engine went, I called and was again told by the representative it was covered. They sent a tech out (about a week later) and he confirmed that was the part that failed on the TV. Called Repairmaster / Warrantech again and was told it would be a week before they made a decision, a week later I was told they weren't going to fix the TV but replace it and they'd contact me in about another week or so to tell me what they were going to replace it with. Well a week later they told me they were going to replace the TV with a Mitsubishi DLP which is not in any way comparable to the television it would be replacing (would YOU take a Geo to replace your BMW?) so I asked what the cash out option was and was told $1194.99, the cost of the Mitsubishi. I researched for a week and couldn't find ANY TV in that price range even close to comparible. I opted for the cash out anyway, figuring I'd have to put about $800.00 of my own money with it to get something even close to comparable and was told it would arrive in the form of a gift card in 3 to 5 days, when it didn't come I called again (several times) and I'm still waiting (it's been a month and a half since the problem started). Not only do I feel ripped off but lied to as well. Time will tell if I see any settlement at all, or if I have to take them to court to get my measly settlement. I've since read reviews on others who have had bad dealings with Repairmaster / Warrantech and thought I'd add my voice to the group in hopes of helping others to avoid the disappointment and frustration I've experienced. Had there been reviews of this company back when I was looking for the warranty I certainly would have passed on buying my extended warranties from Repairmaster / Warrantech. I've read many good reviews on the Square Trade warranties sold on Amazon (they currently pay the price you paid for the TV if they opt not to fix it, not what THEY consider to be a comparable unit) when I do get my replacement I certainly won't be looking to Repairmaster Warrantech to purchase my extended warranty, Square Trade here I come! This review has been my experience with this company, your results may vary, only you can decide if you want to take a chance on having a similar experience.

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  • Na
    NadiaBD Jun 17, 2010

    I am experiencing the same problem as Thomas except this has been going on for well over a year. My TV was unrepairable and they agreed to a cash out. Now they are telling me that there is no record of such an offer and they will not cash out but give me a lesser unit that I do not want.
    Your better off replacing out of your own pocket then to rely on this company.

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  • Jo
    Jonesy0808 Nov 30, 2010

    Purchased Ice-Maker online. As added step since the first ice maker stopped working the 13th month, I paid for a 2 year extended warranty. As before ice maker stopped working the 12 month after purchase. Contacted Repair Master/Warrantech Companies on 4 occassions. I was given a run around each time. The price for the warranty was filled out incorrectly. The warranty needs to be revised since it was being used in a business. The warranty is still being processed, someone will call you within 24 hours. Eventually, I was told the warranty would not be honored due to it being used at a business even though it was used in a private kitchen with only 3 employees. After being on hold for over an hour (I have speaker phone so I was happy to wait it out, on principle) I was transferred to 4 different employees all giving different forms of the same run around. I requested by $39.99 fee for the warranty be refunded to me and they are denying it. This is a typical scam shop and I do not recommend anyone buy from them. Additionally I would not buy product from a company that works with them.

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  • Wa
    Wava Valdez Apr 18, 2018

    I thought I was the only one getting no service from Warrentech! Same things have apparently happened to a number of people! I too was told initially that only 1 of the 4 appliances that I purchased on the same date was covered by their warrenty. After faxing them the invoice several times, proving that I had bought extended warrenty on all 4 items, they told me it was Pacific Sales fault. After much calling and refusing to take their "we can't help you" responses, they did finally enter all my appliances in their data base. But now, when I get on their 360 protection web site, the site says I don't have a protection plan. What's worse is I've had people out here 4 times to try and figure out why my range intermittently shuts off, and I can't get anyone from Warrentech to tell me how many times I have to get a repairman out here before they will issue me a reimbursement check.

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  • Ea
    Ea333525 Apr 16, 2019

    I purchased an extended 5 year warranty from Warrantech through HHGreg. My dishwasher stopped powering up so I filed a complaint. I later received a check for $106 for a $600 dishwasher! The letter states that they will only pay up to the purchase amount of the dishwasher. So, since it had been worked on before, they took the previous repair amount off the purchase price and it left me with $106 dollars! They said it was under the “terms and conditions” of the contract! I suppose I should have read every word on the contract but who can do that while trying to purchase something? I feel it is a scam plain and simple. How can they sell insurance and then not honor their sale? This just shows how greed is killing America. I am not done with them yet but how much does someone fight for $500??

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beware customer

After purchasing a Brandsmart Service agreement for my Frigidaire Professional Series refrigerator, I have unfortunately had to make way too many repair calls in the first 24 months after purchase. The product itself should be faulted, but the Brandsmart relationship with the service provider / administrator, a company called Warrantech in Texas, is cumbersome, unresponsive, rigid, and bureaucratic. Each time you call Brandsmart for a service call, you are directed thorough the usual multiple VRU options, only to finally reach a live agent who then tell s you to call Warrantech to get an authorization number, then call back with the authorization number to be placed in a queue for a service call. The Warrantech agents and managers are the worst part of the whole process, requiring you to give them information you have already given them several times (like detailed model # and serial #) all of which they already have, but required your to provide them every time or they REFUSE to authorize the service you have paid for, even while several hundred dollars worth of frozen meats and seafood are melting all over your kitchen floor. Explaining to them that you are at work and do not happen to carry the model #'s and serial #'s of all your home appliances and electronics with you in your wallet provides no relief. They (in this case rep Marty and her manager Bill) tell you to call back when you go home and have the info. They are otherwise unconcerned of your material loss in the meantime or that you have to work, and both repeatedly REFUSE to transfer your call to a higher level manager and only snidely repeat over and over again to read your service agreement and that if you don't provide them with the information they acknowledge they already have EVEN THOUGH they have verified your identity, your address, your phone #, and that you have a valid current maintenance agreement with them, you get no service. BE WARNED. If you are considering buying any appliance agreement from Brandsmart or any other retailer, find out if it is really an agreement with Warrantech, and if so, consider other options.

scrupulous company

Good afternoon,

I have an extended warranty claim in process with the warranty provider, Warrantec on my 2001 isuzu Rodeo and am experiencing very negative and seemingly secretive goings on with these people.

I would like to post a brief summary for your readers, so that others may avoid this, less than scrupulous company.

How should I proceed?

harassing phone calls about auto warranty!

I have been receiving harassing phone calls for about 8 months now regarding my expired automobile warranty. ...