Walmart Money Card - Visa Prepaid Card Through Ge Money Bank And Green Dot Corp.can't access money/use card/get a live cust. service rep

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I just purchased a Walmart MoneyCard/Visa Prepaid Card last month as a gift, not realizing that the activation code is on the receipt. After reading the instructions on the outside of the prepaid card's packaging, I was under the impression that the card was ready to be used. However, when it was time to use the card for purchases, detailed activation instructions were found on the *inside* of the packaging, where you find that you need your receipt, which lists the activation code. If the instructions were on the outside, so many people wouldn't be in this run-around situation. ..or maybe that is that the point--letting people put money on a card that they'll never be able to use...eventually, the monthly finance charges will go to the company, so they'll have your money anyway.

The company is rather unreachable, even though they provide two customer service phone numbers and a mailing address. Live people do not man the customer service lines, nor is there a section to contact the customer service department on their site. If you do not have an activation code, the automated phone service is a bust (you can't get past the first step without the code). Pressing zero does not connect you to a live representative. Although Walmart can assist you in reprinting your receipt (with activation code), you need to provide the exact date of purchase, or the register number, or cashier, etc.

When your money is concerned, keeping customers at this distance is unacceptable.


  • Jw
    jwalker Apr 30, 2009

    The phone number in the card agreement and from the website.
    1-877-937-4098 is no longer working it says "Sorry, you have got the bad such error, exiting" WTF does that mean? This is the number I am supposed to call if the card is lost or stolen?

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  • Cl
    Clearthinker Sep 27, 2009

    These cards are going to be the next big thing if marketed well enough they have benefits as well as drawbacks. Anything is better than leting the "banks" manipulate a mistake you might have made with a chack or debit card and turn it into a series of overdraft situations. Just go slow and read every word, following procedures and yes maybe having to key in the activation code three times before it recognizes it... geeze. Also to reach a Walmart / GE Moneybank Representative in person is to call the activation number (866-946-2510) again, like your going to request an additional card... and prestoe a representative. As for the comment from the great state of Pennsylvania, this is like opening a real credit card account, bypassing checking and going right to the card carrying the total balance, a small monthly fee and no way to get overdrafts. With the ability to carry a fairly high amount of funds and ATM /PIN capabilities makes it the perfect card for those angry at the banks and run away overdrafts. Hey it's there job to take your money, it's capatalism.

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  • Mi
    Mikejke Dec 24, 2009

    I recieved a gift from my brother (Walmart Money card Visa), he never gave me the activation code/he lost it, i can't get hold of a live person (Customer Service) via phone (1877-937-4098)! Any advices of what i can do to active my card/gift?????


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  • Co
    coolladyfreetogo Feb 23, 2010

    I would like to start a law suit against G E Money Bank.I had an account with them for 2 yrs and money would come missing from my card .And the bank refuse to put back the money even when they found the money was removed by fraud .they didnt contact the company .there was no in fo given to me so i can call the company .u can email [email protected] if you would like to get in on it .Im looking for an lawyer as fast as im typing .

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  • Pl
    plastic fraud Mar 01, 2010

    How fustrating is to get put all of your VALID information on the on-line activation process to be told by a "third party vendor" (information unknown to the activation department)... that "they" cannot validate your information, therefore they will have to give you a REFUND that will take 7-10 days and be sent by check...

    If this card gives you the option of having it as a one-time "temporary" card or a "visa" card, then why does it make you go through all the registration bureacracy and then decline you?

    I purchased two cards and was unable to activate either one and the customer service, when you can get one, aren't helpful at all.

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  • Am
    Amoretto6 Apr 08, 2010

    My rental office accidentally processed my rent payment twice, effectively emptying my account with GE! The office caught the error immediately and voided it. However 2 days later GE says they see nothing on their end to reverse payment!! I have called, the management office called, and faxed a letter of release to GE stating that they are not collecting the funds. GE said it would still take 2-3 business days to reverse!! First they told me 10 business days until I called repeatedly and complained non-stop, but I am still 2 days out from having money that is RIGHTFULLY MINE!!! It is sending in 'pending' in my account. I have had to borrow from friends and family just to put gas in my car. Thanks for leaving me destitute GE!! Credits used to process as fast as debits (you can see debits hit the account almost immediately), but apparently they didn't screw enough people doing business that way. When I get my money back I'm pulling it all and closing this card!

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  • Sa
    Sabatij2 May 05, 2010

    I had a similar experience at Christmas 09 when our receipt for a gift card went missing. I live in the UK and I cannot reach them. I have written to them and have record that they received my letter but to no avail. I am so frustrated I could burst! Can anyone help??? I know when we bought the card and where but I can't reach anyone to get another copy of the receipt and obviously everyone at MoneyCard is simply not interested in speaking with their customers.


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  • No
    no money card for me May 08, 2010

    When you buy the walmart money card you don't have any idea of all the requirements and fees they will charge until you open the package and read a long page of fine print. Then when there is a problem you can not get to talk to a representative - you only get recordings. I will never purchase another one and discourage anyone from buying it. It is a lot of trouble, it charges a monthly service fee and many other fees, you can not talk to a real person for help. BIG RIP OFF.

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  • Da
    dadof4 Oct 09, 2010

    After Buying a card today and inputting the info online as directed it had us call them and we were told that i wasn't in database so we couldn't be activated Such a scam! Where do we join a class action law suit? we paid cash at Walmart it has their name on card . Walmart should give us back the cash NOW! Sure do miss Sam Walton

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  • As
    a smith Nov 17, 2010

    Beware when buying a walmart prepaid visa for online purchases. If its not a purchase that can be made by a child they (GE moneybank) will deny your transaction. I bought my walmart money to buy my medicine overseas because like many Americans I have no health insurance. The medicine that I need is perfectly legal and I used to get with my insurance. At first my walmart card worked fine but not any more. It gets refused on every overseas pharmacy that I try to use it on. Now I use another Visa and it works just fine. When I bought my walmart money card I didn't realize that I was getting a prepaid Chucky Cheese gift card.

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  • Fa
    fat man Jan 11, 2011

    What right does GE money bank have to keep money from a Walmart gift card after my purchase was $41.54 and they only left 16 cents on my card. I got ripped off and that is not right. You owe me the balance. My e-mail address is [email protected] I expect to hear from a live person, not a recording. My gift card was $50.00

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  • Mi
    Missey Michele May 15, 2011

    WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE EVER !!! I tried to pay my storage fee on the storage co. website this morning .It told me the first time it did not go through. So I waited a while and went back to the storage's website and tried it a second time and it went through and gave me a confirnmation number. I check my balance on my Wal-mart money card and it told me that the transaction went through twice. I called customer service and the rep, Jackie, told me that it would take ten days to credit one of the transactions back to my card. I ended up being on the phone with the rep 30 min with her telling me that it will take 10 days to credit back to my card 3 more times. In this 30 min she put me on mute several times. I said " hello" several times and tot no response. ( I guess she thought I was going to hang up. But I have worked in customer service for over 30 years and I was ready to play her game.) The rep also put me on the music hold twice without asking me to hold. After the first thirty min with no progress I requested her supervisor. I had to wait another 30 min on hold for the supervisor, again with no proper updates from the rep. I had to ask her what we were waiting for. When the supervisor Cory finally came on the line she came me the same lines the rep did until I drilled her for more specific info. Then I was finally told that I should keep track with the storage company to when they collect the funds from my card to call them back and advise them, then it would take 2 bus days to credit back to my card. Then when I asked to be transferred to the customer service survey that they tell you in the beginning while being trasferred to cust. serv. rep, that she could not transfer to it. So I am posting this . Worst customer service ever . I will not being loading anymore money on this card !!!

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  • ###ing thing sucks, as Bill O Reilly would say. OK for the temp card to make online purchases, but they require a social security number to send you the real, re-loadable card, how ###ing stupid, who would trust a retailer that hires bums and vends cheap Chinese products with their SS number? Not me. There are times when certain businesses deserve a fat, Size 14 steel-toed hiking boot up their ###. A word of warning, often i have had them charge my "monthly" maintenance fee more than 3 times over 10 days. Epic scam, I hope the lawsuit yall have going brings them to their knees.

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  • Da
    daisygirl Jul 22, 2011

    I bought one of these cards to pay for my school books. I registered it, and recieved my permanent card in the mail. When I tried to go online to check my balance and add more it wouldnt grant me access. Thank God I figured that out, I was going to have my social security direct deposited to the account! This card is a scam! there is no way of access it and there is no way of talking to a person about it! My card is now worthless, I am losing the money that I put on it, and there is no way to get it back! Another way that Walmart likes to screw with people because it can! And I thought that monopolies were illegal! I am now possibly going to have to drop out of school after recieving a grant to go, because I cant cover my books! I will never shop at Wal Mart again! That was the straw that broke the camels back!. We bought a set of dishes there once and they were all broke. The store took them back without a problem and gave the money back, but then put the broken set of dishes back on the shelf to sell again!!!

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  • Pa
    paulrng Mar 03, 2012

    I have had a vary, vary bad customer service issue with walmart/visa debit stores do not back card with walmart refund poilcy.after you buy card, you are on your own dealing with visa.VISA does not offer real person customer will deal with emails/robophone answering srevice only.I tried to cancel card and get refund of 50.00 dollars.they put security lock on is gone.not worth getting lawyer .but i wish someone about the FTC?

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  • Ch
    Christie D Brooks Apr 26, 2016

    I bought this card in December and it is now April 2016 I keep calling them and they keep saying they're sending me a card and they keep taking money off my card and never sending the card so when I call and ask them about receiving my card only thing they tell me is that they going to send me another one... the first time I called and complained about my card not coming they told me that somebody sent it back which I have a and nobody sent it back so the next day there is my card but it already cancelled so I had to wait again but if they say that the card was sent back why was it in my mailbox I do not know what's going on but I'm getting frustrated and I think I've been patient long enough if there's anything I can do please let me know... it's been 5 months since I bought the card and still haven't been able to use the money that I put on the card

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  • Kl
    Klexmad1 Dec 10, 2016

    This has got to be the most worthless thing purchased!!! You really can not do anything with this card. What it is I believe is extortion!. I bought a gift for my boyfriend, easnt correct scope for gun. Took back ...wouldn't give cash back with receipt mind you. They said they put back on my card. This was 141.00. Still not on my card!!! It will take 10 days!!! Why u automatically took it when I purchased you should automatically put back. Why should I have to wait for a multibillion dollar corporation to return my money?????

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  • As
    Ashley greene Feb 10, 2017

    I will NEVER use them ever in my life again!!
    Someone call them pretending to be me an reported my card as stolen even tho my name is on my card an I have government id to prove it... It was embarrassing me at the store... An when I called them they didn't give a rip... They sent a new card with my name to that other persons address my checks go into my account direct deposit... Fml! They said they deactivated the one sent to the other persons address an sent one by fed ex to. Me.. Haven't gotten it yet. An they put a block on my account can't see if any $ had been taken from it. Along with having to send a pic of my government id threw phone to them an it'll take 2, business days for them to go threw the information. I am livid! I'm ready to drive to there corp office a kick some ###.
    Everyone who knows me knows u don't mess with my money or child. Along with that I can't get a Rep because I have to have a card #... An even with that since my accts blocked the line hangs up automatically.
    Livid isn't the word of how I feel right now. That $ was to fully pay to move Into my new apt.
    Once I get the card I pulling all. My $.out what's left already have a regions card on it's way here going back to them... Since I'll be living closer to them an they have NEVER ###ed my ### up or $ up.

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  • Di
    Disco Queen Apr 21, 2017

    I purchased a 60.00 Green Dot Card and it was stolen before I could take it out of the package and register it! No I don't have the card number but I do have the receipt! Can anyone help me! It asks for the card number at every number phone # that I call

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  • An
    Anthony Herron Mar 26, 2018

    Walmart green- Dot card doesn't work. I've change the pin number 10 times.

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  • Barbie2fun Aug 10, 2018

    Hello fellow VICTIMS! **I have already sent a PD report and Birth Cert.. USE THIS NUMBER 626 765 2000..IT REALLY WORKED...Does anyone have a valid email?
    Because thats what we are. my best friend stay at my house when I was on vacation. UNBENOST TO SHE and her son have a criminal past. He has been previously arrested for ID theft, she was a herion addict.They went into my personal files and stoled my information. Also, at this time they made a copy of my mailbox key. I know this is how they gained my account information. IN ADDITION, THEY ALLOWED SOMEONE OTHER THAN ME, (BUT NOT REALLY ME) TO GIVE WIRE INSTRUCTIONS ON THIS TRANSFER. MY SON IS 7). Per your corporate office this NEVER should have happened. Only the account holder is allowed to give instructions on money transfers. I sent a cc of my sons Birth cert. The police report stating the history of ID that..guess what they still dont want to give me my money...

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