Walkfit Joint Support Formula SCAMRipped Off by them


Walkfit Ripped Me Off of $44.85 on 11-24-2008 and an email from Walkfit Verifying their Treachery is included.

Walkfit is apparently in business to rip people off; But, is this the idea of the creator of the product or of a money grubbing underling? We many never really know the truth to that question.

I was ripped off for $44.85 so I of course sent several emails (one of them enclosed) stating what had happened and what I was going to do if the situation was not rectified. The representative I got was actually a nice guy who was apparently caught in the middle between an irate customer and a rip off boss. I very seldom ever use a phone because I live with a closed Head Injury and most of the time cannot talk "normally." It takes me quite a while to get out what I want and/or need to say but this time I was able to convey my message and I will admit, though I was striving very hard to keep myself in check I was yelling at him. His calm voice and reassuring tone soon calmed me down and he wasn't pushing for information like most of the people you get do so I was finally able to tell him what happened to me.

He canceled the order (Or So I Was Told) and any future orders (I bet you didn't know that the company sneaks a letter in your order making YOU responsible to keep them from STEALING you money. They set it up so that Even if you did NOT order any of the CRAP Powders and other CRAP they push, you have to call and tell them NOT to RIP YOU OFF. If you do not make the call the wording of the RIP OFF FORM gives them your permission to most literally RIP YOU OFF Forever!

I have checked my account repeatedly and the $44.85 was moved from Pending to Posted AFTER I talked to their Representative so the money was now Officially STOLEN. Being disabled and living on a very fixed income, that money was set aside for our Thanksgiving Feast but thanks to Walkfit things were leaner this year and I bet Walkfit does not CARE at all.

I will NEVER do business with this pack of thieves again and I hope no one else gets Ripped Off like I was. The best way to insure you don't get ripped off is just Not to do business with them; that is until they discover a way to sneak one of their rip off letters into something else: how they could do that I do not know but after this incident I will not put anything past their greed.

After sending another email to Walkfit I received the following Email from one of their Representatives.

Dear Customer,

Thank you for your email. We apologize for the inconvenience caused to you in regards to Joint Support Formula.

We would be glad to explain this to you that when you placed the order for the Walk fit, a trial offer of Joint Support Formula was offered, and your Walk fit and trial offer arrived with a letter advising that unless we received a call to cancel, you would continue getting future orders.

However we have canceled the continuity on your order. You will not be receiving any further shipment of joint support formula.

If you have any further questions please feel free to call customer service at [protected]. Our working hours are from 7:00am - 9:00pm Monday through Friday and 7:00am to 3:00pm Saturday, Pacific Standard Time.

Thank you,

CSR Andy

Notice the hidden lines in there?
when you placed the order for the Walk fit, a trial offer of Joint Support Formula was offered, and your Walk fit and trial offer arrived with a letter advising that unless we received a call to cancel, you would continue getting future orders.

If you do not call they can steal from you forever! Why do they do this, can't they stay in business any other way? I mean is their products that bad that they must STEAL from people to stay afloat? If that is the case then it is time for them to sink. They declared WAR on my family and they ruined our Thanksgiving gathering and did not even care. I use a Visa Green dot PrePaid Debit card and this is where I had the money for our Thanksgiving products. Needless to say when I checked my account (and i check it every morning) I discovered the theft so I started emailing then had to call. You can see at the beginning the problem I have with one on one contact whether in person or over the phone. I was in the Military and served my country but afterward I worked as a Machinist and during the construction of a steel mesh tool crib a foreman laid a steel bracing bar 8 foot long x about 3/4 inches thick x about 4 inches wide across the top of the cage without fastening it down or telling me it was there. I was on my knees marking and drilling anchor bolt holes when he went away to use the phone.

Most of what I remember from that time period and quite a few years after are what people have told me. I fought for my life (or so I am told) and then in 1983 I had a total psychological collapse and the fight to stay alive began all over again. I still suffer from very serious effects from that accident all because I was not treated by a medical doctor properly (but that is another story.)

2001 brought another set of hurdles when during the 3rd or 4th of what would become 16 heart catheters the doctor doing the procedure managed to nick my sciatic nerve as he was inserting the guide sleeve. I now live in pain 24 hours a day seven days a week without any breaks. No breaks other than my ribs when the spasms have twice twisted me so bad my ribs have broken. (But, as with the Closed Head Injury Accident that is another story.)

What most people take as normal everyday stuff is extremely difficult for me. Thinking is a challenge as is making decisions and choosing which way to go and what to wear or what to say or do next; very normal every day items become major hurdles and even mountains for me.

So when a company like Walkfit who apparently just does not care (at least I have not found anyone yet who does) it is people like me that always get hurt the worst. There is no one to fight for me so I plod along and do what I can just praying I will get the money back which was most literally STOLEN from my account. Contacting Visa Green dot helps sometimes but since they only take letters they were of no help to me in this case and thus my money is stolen like I see quite a few others here at this site and elsewhere around the web/world.

Sorry to be so long here but there is a lot involved in everyone's life; people are like icebergs because what we see is only a very small part of the entirety of their experiences and problems. Thank you for reading this (if you have) and Please if you do business with Walkfit call as soon as your order comes and cancel all future orders unless you actually like that crap. Warn others too so they don't get suckered in by what I have found to be scam and ###. It is sad really, I have found no redeeming features in any of my dealings with Walkfit. I thought I did with the one I talked to but it turns out he either lied or the one who told him to tell me those things lied...

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