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Wageworks customer service / processing / website SUCKS! It's incredible that this company with such poor service could go public. Nothing is more frustrating about my job, than having to deal with wageworks!

1. Customer Service - If customer service doesn't know the answer, say so. Don't waste my time. Don't tell me about your process, when it doesn't jive with what is actually happening. Is the rep wrong, or the processor? Don't tell me your processing dept will take care of it because the rep sent them an email, when it doesn't seem to do anything. Don't tell me you will follow-up and call me back, if you are not going to!

2. Processing - I only have 3 accounts. Transit. Parking, Dep Care Flex. Had 2 processing errors between Transit and Parking in the last 6 months. This screws up my cards as I am budgeting because I expect the funds to be on the right card when I need it, and it leads to overage charges. They keep telling me to fill in these damn Special Handling Forms, but they can't process it right. Then they take weeks to process it because they're "special". And I am still waiting for the fix to my last processing error (2 errors: wrong amount to wrong account), that wageworks keeps saying will be corrected "in a few days". Come on, it's been several weeks! It's not rocket science!

3. The new participant website really sucks. For all the special handling forms I have to fill in, and processing errors wageworks made, adjustments have to be made to my account. But the new website doesn't show these adjustments anywhere. How many people need to see all their claims and payments all on the same screen in gigantic font? Bring back the old version where I can look things up by account, including the adjustments! And there's no place on the website to provide feedback. Hence I'm complaining here!

I may not be able to convince my company to switch away from wageworks, but I can get my frustrations out on sites like these as often as needed. I am so sick of companies like Wageworks saying how important customer service is, but doing the opposite.


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      Oct 09, 2012

    Hi there! I am the Community Manager for WageWorks. I saw your post and would like to help you! E-mail me at [protected] and I will see what I can do to help!
    Katie A.
    WageWorks Community Manager

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      Jan 30, 2013

    MyOwn2Cents - I definitely agree with what you said. I've been there before. Customer service, Especially their website. it's HORRIBLE, I'm 56 years old from Syracuse, me and my wife have an account with Wageworks, Each and everytime i'll make a call trying to get a HELP on my problem all of them even the supervisors can't help me with my claim concern. Technically and Professionally dissatisfying. Not until i talked to a REP. i believe he's name is Jone? or Jones? i asked where are they located the only thing that he mentioned is SITE 109.. WHAT THE HELL IS THAT? Jone or Jones sounded like he's not someone from the mainland. However, He handled and resolved my problem WITHIN less than 5 MINUTES!!! LOOK WAGEWORKS, my problem has never been resolved for 3 MONTHS!!! talked to several supervisors and providing to reprocess, and those ###s. BUT JONES/JONES resolved it real time !!!
    Very professional and accurate, confident and satisfying. Look MyOwn2Cents even they have a HORRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE, there is still HOPE in WAGEWORKS and that is JONE/JONES..

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      Jan 30, 2013

    Katie A.
    WageWorks Community Manager
    Hope you'll get this Rep. a some sort of a COMMENDATION or REWARD for a job well done.

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      Feb 14, 2013

    Follow-up to my original complaint above. I've resolved most of my account issues recently, after 6-8 months... after numerous calls... and long waits on the phone.

    What is with the awful participant website? Everything is in 32 pt font. Is the idea to make a site that can be read on a mobile phone or a web browser? This seems to be the approach, but it's a bad one! Other sites create separate mobile versions of their sites so you can see things differently. The website still has no contact info in the participant site area. Had to logoff just to find the phone number. Still too little information on the website to explain how my claims are being processed. Consecutive months, my "pay me back" forms were processed differently. I think the service rep I called couldn't figure out the website either. Why can't we get a single view per account with all the detail in different columns. That's the way the old site worked, and it was easy to see everything at once. Now you have to click 20 times to find one thing, and that one thing is only half the info you need because you have to drill down on every individual transaction.

    Just a plain frustrating website all around. Not enough info. Info spread out amongst too many different views. Too many clicks needed to find basic info. Dashboard provides too little info. Unhelpful help links. No detail on transactions (just cryptic standard jargon). Some transactions are grouped, so I can't easily determine transaction composition unless I do my own tracking & calculations by hand. FRUSTRATING! WW should never have changed the old website last September. One of the WORST DESIGNED WEBSITEs I've ever seen!

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      Mar 15, 2018

    We are tired of dealing with Wageworks.
    The denials of coverage for items which are in the scope of coverage is annoying. We have had the same claim denied 3 times before they actually released our account and covered the item. It is frustrating that it is our money in the account and yet Wageworks freezes our money because they are not competent in their processing of claims. Meanwhile we can't pay other medical bills because they have frozen the account over a legitimate claim.
    We have also had account issues which we have tried to resolve via the phone and 3 months later it is still not resolved and we can't pay the bills with our money which sits in our account. Clearly the help received from Site 109 ( customer service will not say where site 109 is located, I asked because I had difficulty understanding the rep.) was anything but helpful. Is Wageworks set up for the consumer or the company itself? If it were possible we would switch from Wageworks to some other entity for a Health Spending Account.

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      Mar 30, 2018

    This is by far the worst company service I have had in my life. I filed a medical claim for OTC reimbursement and was told that my photo came through the size of a thumbnail. I then sent a legible copy by US mail and was denied again. When I called this morning I was told that it was a fax and that it was black. I then asked to speak to a supervisor and was put on hold for 8 minutes with no one returning to connect with me. I then hung up recalled and was placed on hold for 25 minutes.

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