VRBO / Vacation Rentals By Ownerowner canceled new orleans rental/vrbo no help

R Aug 13, 2018

Months after receiving my $340 deposit, Property #1020260 was canceled by owner. Beware that your reservation can be canceled at any time! After spending 68 minutes on the phone with VRBO, I was disconnected a second time! VRBO explained that they could be of no help in searching for other properties in the area and their reasoning was because the reservation was over one month out.

  • Updated by Royceann · Aug 13, 2018

    Months after making my $340 deposit for New Orleans VRBO rental #1020260, my reservation was canceled. I was on the phone with VRBO for over an hour and disconnected twice. I was told by Jaylen, Paul and Susie at VRBO that they could not assist me with booking a replacement rental because my reservation was over 30 days out.

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