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Vodafone Spainawful customer service

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Where do I start?! Since setting up a business user account with Vodafone Spain in March 2009 I have had problem after problem. Every time I speak to their customer service department they tell me a different thing.

I have not received a paper invoice since May this year and could not access the account online to view invoices despite more than fifteen calls to try and sort it out. Six passwords later I have just managed to get online and download the invoices which had been promised to me in the post on four separate occasions.

Intrestingly I received the first four invoices to the correct address and when they did send me a copy invoice of one that was missing it had a totally different address on it despite me having confirmed the address twice previously.

I was also told by one customer service operator that if I want to view my account online I cannot receive paper invoices and vice-versa - this is contrary to what I have been told by at least two other customer service operators and the distributor who sold us the package.

In between all this Vodafone have been overcharging me every month since the account was opened between 13.50 euro and 55.10 euros amounting to over 150.00 euros in total to date. Alot of money to a small new business.

Of course not having had access to all our invoices I began by only querying the ones I had. I then received a rebate with no idea what it related to. The final straw was when I managed to download all the missing invoices to find they have continued to overcharge me.

When this was queried yet again I was told that the charges are for internet access. I pointed out that I pay 18.00 euros a month for free access to which I was told that I am accessing the intrnet via Vodafone Live and this is charged for seperately. If this had been explained in the first place it could have been addressed however the point is that I have NOT been accessing the internet through Vodafone Live so it is all rubbish anyway.

As I am not Spanish I wondered if this had anything to do with the service I was getting so I even asked my accountant to call on my behalf (who is also a lawyer and Spanish) after over an hour on the phone to them she gave up totally bewildered.

Given the total ineptitude of their customer services department I don´t believe a word they tell me.

So Vodafone Spain if you are reading this...unless my issues are resolved I will be cancelling my contract and moving to Movistar as soon as my contract expires.


  • Le
    Lee Harris x Dec 28, 2020
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I was with Orange and fed up with their service so when Vodafone called with an offer I listened, I told them I had a 'compremiso' and that it would cost about E60 to leave them early the person said they would pay that... of course they did not because it was never written into the contract.

    I was told my contract with them is until February 2021 but I have since found out that if I want to leave I will have to pay 114€ because the wifi is until August! No one ever told me that.

    The help lines and the people are terrible I should have been suspicious when I signed up with them because I had 3 different calls all from vodafone each trying to convince me not to go with the other offer from vodafone!! They are despicable liars and con artists anybody who knows of a way to make a formal complaint please let me know, I feel like I am trapped in a balck hole dealing with them.

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  • Da
    DanielPiatek May 24, 2019

    Since installation 8 months ago (which was, in itself a nightmare), I have had a continual nightmare with Vodafone. Finally we are being charged the right amount every month, but they are not "paying us back" the 250 euros they already stole from us (they were supposed to credit this amount every month).

    Everybody (almost) I have spoken to at this company and at the local store where I signed up have been pleasant, and have always said, "Don't worry, it will all be fixed." And then...


    Then today, months later, a supervisor on the phone is telling me, "We don't owe you any money. Two months ago the supervisor I talked to on that day finally realized (after going back and forth on email), that they owed us about 250 euros. And then the next month the bill was for 400+ euros (our contract fee is 52 euros).

    So then more calls, etc.

    Now this month, she says ... "we fixed the problem, we don't owe you anything, it says it right here ..." Well, that pushed me over the edge when she wouldn't listen to anything I was saying, so I yelled at her on the phone to shut up and listen to what I am saying.

    Then it was, I need to hang up now.

    THIS IS A CRIMINAL ENTERPRISE. I swear to god, it is a criminal enterprise.

    The people working for the company are, generally, decent people doing their jobs. But the entire set up SEEMS TO BE (based on my experience and the experience of others I've asked) ... SEEMS TO BE designed to steal your money and then make it impossible for you to have resolution to this problem.

    Once they get the money, whether it's what your contract says or not, there doesn't seem to be any way to get it back.


    Has anybody found a way to get your money back? If so, I will be incredibly grateful to get the words of wisdom.


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  • Be
    belville Mar 15, 2018
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Vodafone Spain. Awful customer service.
    Two weeks ago I had to request some invoices from Vodafone Spain from 2015.First I was told I would need a special code to get these after 30 minutes no code received. Contacting them the next day a Lady said that there was no problem and forward me nearly all the invoices but two.On Monday of this week, I contacted Vodafone Spain again to request the missing invoices only to be told that I receive 3 invoices every month to which I responded I didn´t upon which the lady in Vodafone said I did and that I didn`t know what I was saying and I was stupid.After this, I request a call from a Manager. On Tuesday I contacted them again only to be total It would take up to 4 days upon which I had a disagreement and told the girl I wanted to talk to a manager to which she responded not possible and after pushing she sent me the information but I still requested a call back from a manager. I called yesterday again and was told that a manager only calls a customer after 48 hours have passed to which I responded where is my call from Monday.Now while I am a small self-employed business person that spends about 1, 700 euros a year It has come clear to me that Vodafone does not care about customer care and the value of keeping customers they have. I am now reviewing my contract with them and looking elsewhere because putting it bluntly I hate to ring them because I just put my blood pressure up.

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  • Ma
    Maratov Dec 14, 2016

    I had a very experience with vodafone. They charged me more then 300 € for using an internet data and short phone calls in kazakhstan. As a traveler i've never experienced such a bad service. I never received a sms notification about the prices in that country. Over the phone i was told it just not refundable and we can not do anything about it. Its basically my fault! I pay already so much and they did not even help and give any discount in that case. I would not recommend vodafone. For #### sake, do not sign a contract with that #### company!

    Just horrible!

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  • He
    helcap Jan 23, 2018
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    @Maratov Vodafone 'customer care' is a joke. We have been with vodafone for 6 years and have had a few problems but nothing as bad as since we moved. My husband cancelled his mobile phone at the same time as we registered our new address and collected our equipment from the local shop...since then we have had 3 weeks of normal service in the two and a half months of being at our new address. My husband has phoned customer service countless times only to be told so many different things that our minds are boggled! I eventually managed to access our account online only to find that they have charged us for our old address aswell as our new one and their attitude was extremely unhelpful to say the least...needless to say we have still not received any reimbursement. They have also been charging for the mobile phone that my husband has now 'cancelled' 3 times. We have exactly the same type of system that we had at our old address and yet we only have a normal connection for 1 week per month...we have been told that we use all our GB up by streaming off you tube which we have been doing for years and never had a problem before. They also added that before long we may have 'no connection at all' for 54 euros per month! They did tell us that we can buy 'vacation top up cards' [ie pay MORE money per month]...there will be no vacation for us although I am sure the execs at vodafone can afford plenty! I would not recommend this company to my worst enemy, they are incompetent and blatant liars and thieves.

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  • Ki
    KirstyDublin Oct 13, 2016

    Vodafone acquired ONO in Spain recently. Their first act was to increase the monthly cost to consumers by approximately 10% per month. I have never been asked to sign a new contract with Vodafone. Call me old fashioned, but if you are paying €43 per month for a "broadband service up to 20 MB" and you are in reality receiving about 2MB at best until it stops completely, there is a problem. So you call Vodafone to complain that you have NO INTERNET SERVICE and they give you tons of excuses. In summary, hugely expensive, patchy broadband service, expect to receive about 10% of their advertised broadband speed and dreadful customer service. Awful!

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  • To
    Tony696 Apr 12, 2015
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    On 21 January 2015 I cancelled my Vodafone mobile line at the Mojacar Vodafone office. The office took my documents and sent the solicitude de Baja lines letter by fax. It now turns out that they should have sent NIE document in fact they sent my resdencia certificate. So Vodafone central did not stop the account for the line. Just suspended the line temporarily and kept on billing me. Apparently it is my fault and to close the account they say I have to pay the outstanding and hope it gets cancelled. Like many expats in Spain I am rather elderly and don't know what to do. Can anybody help me with this. Tony

    [email protected]

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  • Lo
    louise68 Apr 01, 2015

    My goodness, we all seem to have the same complaint, I have been charged for a weekly subscription which I have no idea what so ever what it is, I have phoned Vodafone customer service and ranted and raved but they refuse to take this charge off my bill, so I will go through all the rigramole of going to the police, going to my solicitor with no effect I suspect, but we cannot let them win on this we have to fight it is our duty as consumers to have proprer treatment we are afterall paying these people to be bad, I would like simply to not pay my bill but I am not a criminal I am a law abiding citizen, unfortunately these people this company do not give a hoot about the people who give them money...we should be treated with respect. it is the year 2015 for god sake not 100bc...!

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  • Pa
    Pablito_S Nov 25, 2014

    I have been trying since March this year to cancel a contract I had for Modem USB (dongal). Two registered letters, two emails to [email protected], all of which were ignored and they just kept sending me bills. I went to my local vodafone shop for the third time, this time with copies of everything I'd sent and they agreed to call head office for me. Their excuse was that I hadn't included with my request a copy of my NIF and that I should fax a new request with a copy of my ID. I did that on August 6th and still received a bill for the month starting August 8th. I emailed them again at sopò[email protected] but again no reply. I then went to my local OMIC and made complaint on 5th November. I have also received a letter from vodafone's debt collection company crf threatening to take me to court. I've now ahd a response from OMIC. Vodafone have finally closed my account as of November 20th even though there was no disputing that my request of August 6th was correct in every way, including the fax receipt saying sent succesfully.

    There is absolutely no point in contacting this company's customer service department. It is clear to me that they had no intention of closing my account until contacted by OMIC. Don't waste your efforts trying to be reasonable with this company, just go straight to OMIC. For the record they have mentioned to OMIC the outstanding bill which they expect me to pay. Guess what Vodafone, go jump !

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  • Pv
    pvp Oct 28, 2014

    Vodafone specializes in fleecing you right from the word go
    1. Once you activate their SIM card(prepaid) you are immediately told to recharge as there is zero balance (none of these is mentioned in the SIM related prinout information provided)
    2. Roaming services dont work - I think that even they are not aware that it doesnt work the customer serive and you have really people answering at random to questions which you didnot ask and no answer for questions which you have
    overrall -AVOID VODAFONE

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  • Lu
    Lusolush Jun 04, 2014
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Vodafone are absolutely rubbish! Never have I in my entire life come across such an unprofessional, unhelpful, frustrating company and its Customer Service staff.
    We have an apartment here in Spain which we normally visit a number of times a year. We took out a mobile phone, land line rental and Internet package out last year. Due to unforeseen problems, we haven't been to Spain since last year. Internet has always been slow but on our return to our apartment 2 weeks ago, the internet was working even slower. Unfortunately I had to ring Vodafone from my UK mobile phone as I forgot my Spanish one. Having explained the whole debacle of the internet working even slower this year and the landline not being usable due to background noise, I was finally given an incident number. They assured me that an engineer would ring me within 24 hours! As yet, they still haven't rung me back!! Surprise, surprise!! Having explained to them to call the UK number and not the Spanish one as it's turned off and in the UK ... The engineer has apparently been calling the switched off Spanish mobile!! Every time I speak to a customer service person, I tell them to inform the engineer to call me on the UK number. But no, that's way too complicated!! I speak fluent Spanish and have berated them over the way they are treating their Vodafone customers. They apologise but that means diddly squat if they don't rectify the problem. I just want to cancel the direct debit but my husband advised me not to as that will bring problems itself. I can't even make a written complaint on their website as you need to set up an account on My Vodafone which you need a mobile phone because they text you a code! What an ar*e about way to do things ... Ridiculous!!!
    I am now going to go into a shop and pay off the remainder of the contract and get as FAR away from Vodafone Spain. We are with Vodafone in the UK and have never had any problem with them! Maybe we should go with Yoigo? Can anyone recommend anything better?
    Sorry ... Rant over!!

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  • He
    heike corrado Jun 04, 2014

    well i have to say i am not very happy either with vodafone i got a new contract with vodafone for adsl since 2week i try to phone vodafone so many times to find out when the tecnichen phone me to connect my adsl in my house and nothing happens they telling me allways in 48 hours they will phone me they never phone i have no patiens anymore and i am so upset with them so what i will do now i will cancel all my bankaccount i am so angry i allready have 2another contracts with them i thinking allway
    they only want ur money i never seen such a but company in my life plz vodafone tell me way not u can provide a propper customer service and can make people feel welcome never ever i will tell people vodafone is brilliant.dont ever make a deal with vodafone

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  • Jb
    jbjules Apr 19, 2012
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I took out an insurance on my mobile phone with vodafone as I live in the mountains in a secluded house and I have rhumatoid arthritis. My mobile is my only form of communication as there are no land lines here. Vodafone offered an insurance which they said covered everything loss, dammage, theft etc etc. But hey guess what when my phone fell into my water well it was not insured. However the insurance company told my son as he has the contact to go to the police and make a denucia saying it was stolen. My son refused to do this as it was untrue and we believed it to be a criminal offence. However he was persuaded by the insurance company to make a denuncia saying it was ´lost´ which it was but in our well!!!
    Having done everything they asked nearly a month later after sending numerous documents repeatedly we still have not been given a new phone and get NO response from the insurance company. The vodafone shop in Puerto de Mazarron have tried on numerous occasions on our behalf but again they have had no response.
    This whole episode has been incredible for me, I have an old phone which works sometimes which is not good enough for me, I have had problems contacting and arranging appointments with my doctor, my specialist a scan and many other things to do with my health problems. Driving is very painful yet I have had to cover hundreds of kilometers driving back and forth to the vodafone shop on an almost daily basis for nearly a month, the pain for me to do this is terrible.
    Finally we decided to go to the oficina de consumador who told us there is a clause in the small print saying if the phone is in a place and you cannot get to it then we are not insured!!!
    The insurance company do not have any english speaking helpers and everything we received is in spanish.
    I have today cancelled my direct debit with the bank as I am paying for a service that i am not receiving.
    I dont understand how Vodafone can get away with not just my complaint but all the others above me´we need Anne Robinson over here to investigate I´m sure reading the above the are not acting lawfully!!!

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  • Wo
    Woland May 25, 2011

    You are totally correct and I have strong empathy to you as that is close to what I have been experiencing with Vodafone. Moviestar of Vodafone..hmm...some people have had similar difficulties with Moviestar. So, the bottom line is the exact conclusion: The Spanish do not have any concept of customer service.

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  • Cr
    CrackersJV Mar 10, 2011

    I gave up on vodafone over a year ago. They failed to provide me service for a couple of months despite my best efforts to sort it out, even their shop couldn't provide an explanation as to why the service was not live, after calling their head office. So I cancelled and notified in writing. Then I got letters from a Barcelona solicitor demanding another months payment. Lots of correspondence ensued. Then I faxed vodafone to clarify the situation once more. Their customer services said they had 10 days to respond or the case was automatically closed. Then nothing for about 6 months and then this week, lo and behold, another solicitor letter. So, another couple of letters of protest and explanation and I shall wait to see if I get the first ever actual response from Vodafone. They seem basically incompetent. If I don't get satisfaction this time round then I think I shall be getting onto the Spanish ombudsman system, which I believe exists. Vodafone? Absolutely pathetic! I now use yoigo, but their administration is still pretty pathetic. The Spanish don't seem to have any concept of customer service.

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  • Fi
    filmfan Mar 09, 2011

    My experience of Vodafone Spain is identical. Completely useless and frustrating service, wrong information given out. Suspected overcharging but can't check as they won't send a statement and you cannot open an account online. Website won't let you proceed. English spoken on occasion but usually only Spanish. They receive payments by bank transfer which they agree appear on their system but refuse to acknowledge them unless you send a fax copy. Have sent three fax copies on this occasion from their shop/office and still no acknowledgement. Have changed my two contract phones back to prepay and don't expect to use them much. My friends are starting to use Yoigo? Cheap and cheerful.

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  • Br
    British in Barcelona Nov 10, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I am also from the UK and living in Spain. I was with Vodafone for 1 year, but left due to their bad service and paid a few hundred euors to get out of my contract early as I was so unhappy with their service.

    I also did not receive any bills for my account for 1 year, even though I asked them for the bills several times (and even a Spanish speaking person in my office tried several times as well). I still did not receive anything so I had no idea what I was paying for (I had set up my account to automatically take the money out of my bank account).

    In the end I went to the Vodafone store in Barcelona last week and stood there for two hours. I said I would not leave the store until I got all the copies of all my bills. When I finally got them (they were faxed to the Vodafone shop by customer services, a 52 page fax) they also had someone else's address on them (not mine), even though I had told them many times what my actual address was. I asked someone today to check the address they used in Barcelona and it does not exist. I can't help but feel suspicious that they did not want me to see my bills - as then I would be able to see how much money they were charging me for absolutely nothing.

    They charged me hundreds of euros a month for traveling abroad, even though I did not use the internet or check emails abroad. In fact I rarely used my phone at all. For two months in a row I paid 600 euros. I found out (when I finally got my bills this week) that the phone had been actually connecting to the network continuously without me knowing (it pinged the network about 15-20 times a day automatically) and charged me every time. No one warned me of this fact when I joined Vodafone. I was using the 360 phone BTW.

    I spoke to a Vodafone assistant about this, and they said that I had been badly advised when I joined Vodafone and to complain to the Catalan government. However I could not do this until I had received copies of my bills. Now that I have them I will be complaining to the government. My guess is that the phone (the 360) which is synced to Facebook, checks for status updates without the user knowing. Vodafone do not warn their customers that the phone will do this unless they actively turn this feature off when traveling abroad. Unlike Apple's phone (which I now use) which automatically turns data roaming off when you switch your phone on abroad and also give you a warning not to turn it on as its so expensive - the Vodafone 360 continues to use data roaming without you knowing. Vodafone has default data roaming on, not off. The method to turn data roaming off is also very deeply buried in the menu structure so it is not easy to find even if you know its on.

    I am now in the process of trying to get back some of the 5, 500 euros I have paid to Vodafone in the past year. My advice if check your bills very regularly (every time you get a bill), avoid paying direct debit until you authorize the bills and make sure you actively switch off data roaming when you travel abroad.

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  • Ci
    ciw11 Sep 30, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I too am from the UK and have just posted a complaint regarding Vodafone's horrendous service. I certaintly don't expect Vodafone to do a thing about it. Did you cancel your contract? I too am moving to Movistar as soon as humanly possible.

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  • Pe
    pedrobarcelona Aug 30, 2010

    I am a small business owner in Barcelona and know from experience Vodafone customer care is horrible at times.. its impossible to get an answer out from people. They probably do not even work directly for Vodafone but for some outscourcing company and these people cannot help you - they read answers directly from a template system by the feel you get from the conversation. When I had a problem with Vodafone billing I was told to send a written letter to their HQ over a trivially small issue !

    These big phone companies know that they CAN overcharge anyone and they do it with no fear since we small customers have NO protection whatsoever. Spanish legal system is slow and any spanish governmental authorities on consumer issues cannot do s**t, they take years in getting any issues underway anyway.
    What I suggest is swallow you losses and try one of those cheap operators, at least you will save money on call fees and already know you must download all invoices.

    Also I had a similar experience with Orange mobile Spain (France Telecom S.A.). Upon changing from Vodafone to Orange their sales rep promised the fee (eur100) would be refunded in about a month... but now after omre than a year I still have not received the money. I have already almost given up fighting with Orange's useless customer service and will change to Yoigo now. Hope things will be better, at least calls will be cheaper.

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