Vodafone Mobile Wi-Fi R218quality

S Aug 11, 2018

My Vodafone Mobile Router R218 became faulty during July'18. I took the unit to VC George -the unit was replaced with a similar product. The concern is that the replacement only had a 1500 battery strength and the initial unit had 2500 battery strength. The router with the 1500 battery strength was returned to VC Ilanga Mall Nelspruit and a OBF was created and approved. Now the store can only offer me the router with the 1500 battery strength again which is totally UNACCEPTABLE as I need a router with the same or better battery the contract was taken out with consideration of the battery capability. It has been a month now waiting for a router as Christopher and Madonna from VC Nelspruit Ilanga Mall is FULL of promises and kept me waiting for a month now without a positive outcome.

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