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cheating in postpaid connectin

To whom it may concern,

This is vijay badiger which am using postpaid connection from february 2011. Before am a vodafone customer since from four (4) years. And on feb 20 th one guy had called from vodafone postpaid and tarrif plan for standard 199 corporate plan..
He said on this plan
600 min free
After that
V v 20 p
Other 30 p
And per day 300 sms free..

And on that time I had asked him 4-5 times is about this tariff detais. Then he only suggested me to take post paid connection.

But now what happen vodafone customer care peoples telling am not having daily 300 sms and per sms will be charged 50p.

This is cheating to customer. As giving wrong information about tariff plains.
And vodafone bill is also not matching with how much am used. And its much more its came.
So please change my plan to post to prepaid which am using earlier.
Am happy with my earlier tariff plan.

Before u people cheated me giving wrong information about tariff plan.

Vijay b.

  • vodafoneindia Mar 11, 2011

    Hello Vijay,

    We see that you have faced an inconvenience with one of our services / products. We would like to get in touch with you on this. Please share your details at http://bit.ly/f3kmfd and we'd be happy to help.

    Vodafone Customer Care.

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cheating in billing

Dear sir,
I have vodafone coneection mobile no [protected] in my feb month bill vodafone has charge me extra amount which is had pay alredy and i had send mail hyderabad nodal officer also but till i had not recived any repply from there side, i attch the copy which i had send to nodal officer i request you please take a acction on this complaint, i had make compalint last month also for mnp you and trai but till both had not taken any acction aganist vodafone, we hope you has seated a very great chair and you not slove our problems so were we go, i hope you once againg slove the my problem.
sudeep goel. hyderabad

  • vodafoneindia Mar 11, 2011

    Hi Sudeep,

    Sorry for the inconvenience caused. We were trying to reach you but could not get through. We would like to get in touch with you regarding your concern. Please share your alternate contact details at http://bit.ly/g3jGdx We'd be happy to help!

    Vodafone Customer Care, Andhra Pradesh.

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fake adsl service

This Problem since the last update in the CO
I have a break download daily
and was forced to try repeating the download without the benefit
Please check the problem for me
I have used two Operating systems and two different routers
The same message that there is an attack on the system

1/20/2011 13:14:27> Firewall: Filter port scan attack!
1/20/2011 13:14:32> Firewall: Filter no port UDP packet!
1/20/2011 13:18:33> Last errorlog repeat 26 Times
1/20/2011 13:18:33> Firewall: Filter port scan attack!
1/20/2011 13:18:33> Firewall: Filter no port UDP packet!
1/20/2011 13:19:1> Last errorlog repeat 26 Times
1/20/2011 13:19:1> Firewall: Filter port scan attack!
1/20/2011 13:19:1> Firewall: Filter no port UDP packet!
1/20/2011 13:19:45> Last errorlog repeat 4 Times
1/20/2011 13:19:45> Firewall: Filter port scan attack!
1/20/2011 13:19:47> Firewall: Filter no port UDP packet!
1/20/2011 13:19:58> Firewall: Filter port scan attack!
1/20/2011 13:20:10> Firewall: Filter no port UDP packet!
1/20/2011 13:20:25> Firewall: Filter port scan attack!
1/20/2011 13:20:55> Firewall: Filter no port UDP packet!
1/20/2011 13:20:55> Firewall: Filter port scan attack!
1/20/2011 13:21:13> WEB user <vodanet> login
1/20/2011 13:21:19> Firewall: Filter port scan attack!
I've had a lot of the complaint and the lack of response from you

Therefore, our situation will not change in Egypt
I have tired of interruption of service and reload if you are able to solve the problem DO IT, this was before regenerative monthly subscription, and if you are not able TO DO IT, it is better Unsubscribe
And DO the termination for me

fake adsl service
fake adsl service
fake adsl service
fake adsl service
fake adsl service

  • Kh
    KHALED ELDERBY Jul 09, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer


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  • Hh
    hhak Jan 21, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    thank you sir for your reply my phone number 0106395967

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  • Ah
    Ahmed Gad Jan 23, 2013
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    The 3G data is not completely working in nasr city, Rabaa El Adawya area

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  • Ba
    Baher El Attar Jun 17, 2016

    It is with great disappointment in Vodafone Egypt, that I find myself compelled to file this complaint due to the indifference & negligence to my rights as a customer on the one hand & to protect myself against the theft & fraud imposed on me on the other hand - Actually I had a big problem with egypt vodafone customer service, as they were impolite & aggressive many times though the phone service & stores . as well I was mistreated by the call center representative .
    Baher El Attar

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sim card not usable/not activated after 4 days

Don't buy Vodafone connection -
I got a new vodafone sim 3 days ago. But I am still not able to use it. Because it says 'inactive sim' when it is inserted in the phone. When I called customer service. I spoke with 4 different agents. One of them said that a complaint will be taken. Another agent asked me to change some settings since everything was 'fine' and 'active' according to them. And the third one said that they generally don't activate till they receive the proof. Nobody really wants to help. It's just an eyewash. They are just repeating a list of solutions that is on their script. I still can't use it.
From Chennai.


In November i purchased a new Nokia C6 using the points I had accumulated the phone was on offer for 1400 points however on arriving home I found the phone to be faulty and so returned to the "vodafone Shop" for a repayment. They told me it would have to go back to nokia for testing and would take 15 days.
20 days later i recived an SMS from vodafone telling me that they accecpted the phone was faulty and to visit the "vodafone shop" for a replacement, I did this only to be told they had none in stock and would have to order one. another 10 days. when the phone arrived they could not put it on the system as the original offer had expired????? it is now another 10 days 6 visits to the shop 5 hours on the phone to vodaphone and still no phone. this company has the worst customer service I have ever experienced

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getting threatening calls from collection dept

1 and half year before I was using Vodafone number ([protected]). In Jan 2009 Vodafone charged me Rs. 200 extra for downloading some pictures by using mobile internet while I never downloaded any such pictures or something. When I enquired about this in customer care, they told me that as this is appearing in your bill means you have to pay that amount. I didn’t pay that extra amount that time and Vodafone disconnected my mobile connection. As Vodafone disconnected my service I didn't pay outstanding amount too. But now some person from Vodafone (Vikas Bansal [protected]/[protected]) is calling me and threatening me over the phone using abusive language and asking me to pay the bill.

Apart from this, same way Vodafone charged me Rs.100 extra for my other mobile ([protected]) recently. I sent 3 mails to corpcare.[protected]@vodafone.com to resolve the issue, but till date I have not received any single reply from them.


Dear Sir,

It is with great disappointment in Vodafone Egypt, that I find myself compelled to file this complaint due to the indifference and negligence to my rights as a customer on the one hand, and to protect myself against the theft and fraud imposed on me on the other:

Having provided no credentials nor signed any legal documents, I was stunned to know that my name and address are recorded in Vodafone Egypt’s database as an owner of a mobile phone number [protected], through which miscellaneous phone calls had been made and invoiced to my name. Consequent to these findings, and where the major harm lies, I was questioned by police authorities, and a misdemeanor in court is currently ongoing against me.

Having left no choices to revert to by Vodafone Egypt responsible, I hereby request an urgent and formal investigation from Vodafone H.Q. into this issue, with a justifiable feedback of the outcome. Most important of all, I hold your company in Egypt responsible for the consequent ethical harm I am going through and any future repercussions to come.

In closing, I believe that having escalated this complaint to you for a resolution would save me resorting to any legal actions against Vodafone Egypt to reserve my rights in having a fair compromise to the grave inconvenience to my reputation, taking into consideration that I have all the relevant supporting documents to the aforementioned.

Thank you,
Sherif Fikry
Head of Merchants Egypt
American Express

  • Th
    The trusting fool Nov 11, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Did you know that you cannot remove a complaint on this website? Even when you're the one who made the complaint!

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my a/c statment with incoming & outgoing call details with no.

Dear Sir/Mam
i ravi kumar i m go to your vodafone customer care resion my a/c statment in not provoided to me im secon time visit your vodafone customer care office but there no any responce to me so pls sent my a/c statment for month sep, oct, & till nov wuth outgoing call no & incoming call no .
my no [protected]
ravi kumar singh S/o shri radhey shyam singh

atrocity and deficiency of service by vodafone – mobile no.[protected]

Dear Sir or Madam,

I am a retired official from State Bank of India and a subscriber of Vodafone mobile. Since last 4 days I am receiving repeated SMS and unsolicited calls from Vodafone Customer Care to submit filled in Application Form, 4 photographs, Address proof and Photo identity to their Store. Whenever I try to call any number they interrupt me and are not ready to hear my problem. When I told them that I have already submitted all the documents and photograph, they assured me that persons from Vodafone will come to my residence to verify those documents. I replied them it is OK and I will show the visiting officials all the original documents.

But surprisingly today morning they blocked all my outgoing calls. After my repeated requests they are not allowing me to register a complaint with them or call their Nodal Officer at Guwahati to solve the problem. Instead of verifying my submitted documents they are harassing me. I have checked the DoT Circular No.1-34/2006-VI (Pt I) dated 30-09-2009 regarding Re-Verification of Mobile Subscribers. Nowhere is it written to harass the genuine customers. I am not a foreigner or a criminal. I have over 22 years service and State Bank of India and have good academic records. Why the pensioners or retired persons are treated like criminals by Vodafone. This is a clear instance of atrocity and deficiency in service which Vodafone is doing in the name of DoT guidelines. Every time they are telling that calls are interrupted by DoT and not by Vodafone. They are only doing what DoT is instructing them to do. They feel very sorry for the harassment of customers due to DoT guidelines. Other mobile service providers like BSNL is not harassing its customers as Vodafone is doing.

I like to mention that I am maintaining Bank accounts for many years; but the Banks never asked me to submit Account Opening Application, Photo, Address Proof or ID proofs for the second time. I am filing Income-Tax Returns for many years; but the Income=Tax Department never asked me to file the returns twice. I am shocked on this customer unfriendly and unprofessional behavior of Vodafone Customer Care. Some strict actions should be taken against such service provider.

I shall be grateful if you kindly look into the matter and save the genuine customers from harassment, mental agony and financial loss due to non-availability of essential mobile service to its registered subscribers. Also please initiate appropriate against the erring mobile service providers who are harassing the genuine Indians and Pensioners.

Thank you for your time. I look forward to hearing from you,

Regards and best wishes,

Yours sincerely,
Abdul Mannan Barbhuiya,
House of Wahab Mazumder,
Ground Floor, Near Ghaniala Masjid,
Silchar 788002, Assam.

Email: [protected]@yahoo.com
Phone: +[protected]
Mobile: +91-[protected]

harassement of customer

my mobile number is [protected], I was asked to submit proof of residence and identity in turn I have submitted these documents at vodafone store located at Jampeta, Nandam Ganiraju centre, Rajahmundry. Even after submitting relevant documents also, incoming call number is not being displayed on my mobile. It is, therefore, you are requested to restore display of incoming call number without any delay. By contacting 198 of vodafone comlaints number is also of no use because it doen't respond to my question, please let me know to whom I should contact in this regard.

poor customer service

my vodafone number is [protected], I have been asked to submit Proof of identity and residential proof with latest passport photo and in turn I submitted all relevant documents at vodafone store at Jampeta, nandam geni raju centre, rajahmundry 15 days back.
Even to-day when i receive calls no number is displayed, is this way you are happy to help your customers, infact you are hampering customer services.

you are hereby requested to restore the facility of displaying numbers of incoming calls.

improper deduction of balance

I, pankaj is a prepaid customer of vodafone([protected]).They deducted rs 41.08 from my account on basis of using internet for one and half hour.
inspite of repeated calls to there customer care i dint get good response.during my call they put on hold and play vodafone tune.its very shame being customer of such a big telecom company.

cse dont know how to talk with customers.

I am using 2 vodafone postpaid no. S. But now I m planning to shift to airtel due to useless comments on customers by the vodafone cse. I am from ludhiana, punjab. And this complaint is regarding the vodafone store in sarabha nagar, ludhiana. Cse in vodafone store ludhiana named gurdeep, is not having any manners how to talk with customers. She said "why you are coming to store after every 3 days. You have been taken out from home by your parents".
Please, kindly pay attention towards the complaint.

vodafone - utterly diabolical service!

As an ex-pat I thought it would be a good idea to get a contract for mobile phone and ASDL with Vodafone when I moved to Barcelona having used the service in the UK for many years without any problems. How wrong could one person be!!! Below is a summary of my very very bad experience with Vodafone Spain.

On 18th August 2010 I took out a contract for ADSL line and was told that a technicican would contact me to arrange a visit to install everything I needed to get wireless in my apartment.

9 weeks later and many hours and hours of phone calls and visits to the local Vodafone shop (who are absolutely powerless to do anything whatsoever!) I am still without my ASDL line despite having handed over in excess of 120 Euros!

I phoned customer service from Barcelona on no less than 15 occasions to try and resolve the problem and each time was told that someone would contact me in 48 hours. GUESS WHAT? No phone call!!!

On two occasions I called and asked to speak to Manager / Supervisor and was told that they were 'busy' - when I finally called a third time and was put through to the so called Manager - they said they would call in 48 hours!! That was 72 hours ago and still no phone call!

To add insult to injury I have just spent 1.5 hours in the Vodafone shop (today) in Barcelona (Calle Boters) having stupidly migrated from Vodafone prepay to contract last Thursday to try and find out why my mobile phobne hasn't worked since!!

To my absolute astonishment and after waiting 45 minutes to be served the staff member in the shop came back after speaking to their Technical department and told me that my contract had been cancelled! At this point I had been without a phone for 8 days (having also been in and out of the Vodafone shop to be told that the fraud department had to run standard checks which was why my phone didn't work). I remained in the shop for another 45 minutes during which time I was told that actually the line had not been cancelled but there was a restriction in place.

Now one would have thought that a restriction would be easy to lift given that the customer is standing in front of a member of Vodafone staff with a passport and the phone and numerous other forms of identification. But no! How ridiculous of me to think that it would be as simple as that!!


If you are an ex-pat and are looking for either a Spanish mobile phone OR internet - PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE DO NOT EVEN CONSIDER VODAFONE! Let me remind you that I have been waiting 9 WEEKS for my internet and now have not had a phone for 8 DAYS!!! No explanations just a constant promise that SOMEONE WILL CALL ME.

Interestingly, I have tried to find a way to contact the Directors of Vodafone and I cannot find any way of getting in direct contact with them otherwise I would have.

  • Ja
    janeplimmer Apr 24, 2012

    i totally understand your frustration. my 18 month contract expired december last year, went in store and upgraded phone, signed a receipt for the phone, went back in january to do the same for my husbands phone then was informed oh if you upgrade you will be with vodafone on permancia contract for 2 years and will cost 100 euros to exit from vodafone, I WAS LIVID, this information was witheld from me when i upgraded, my husband left vodafone without upgrading, then while in the shop in january this year, asked the staff to change bank account number for the direct debit, she done it, and in feb got 2 bills, one for me and one for my hubby, both showing new bank account number on, and guess what? they tried to take the money from the old account, obviously the bank refused it, then we had to pay these two bills by bank transfer, then in march it happened again, plus on the bills showed a fee of 18.00 for return from the bank unpaid, this has been going on t ill today, and iAM STILL TRYING TO SORT IT OUT! went to bank yesterday and the manager there printed up all proof of all payments by direct transfer, all proof that the payments they tried to take were from wrong account, everything, called vodafone who said email all papers ova, but guess what else, their email system dont accept emails with attachments, so how can i email them???? off to the shop tomorrow ready for a big row and to get the staff there to fax all documents over to head office and to call them and tell them what the documents state, i have totally lost the plot with them now am going to fight and not give up, , i want all my 18.00 fees refunded and want to port my number to a different supplier with no 100.00 euros fees attatched as totally pissed off with VODAFONE.ES now. kjeep fighting girl x

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  • Ja
    James_spain Jun 09, 2012
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    8 June 2012

    Well Vodafone English speaking customer services really dreadful. Called the twice yesterday each time they said will call you back in 5 minutes on the same issue been over charged (see below) and they never call back. They are very polite the two girls speak English but do not understand. Hey I pre plane and can speak basic Spanish but when a Spanish person calls me on the telephone and speaks at extreme speed and cuts off half of the Spanish words I get very confused. With so many ex-pats hear in Spain I think the new CEO Mr Shameel Aziz Joosub from South Africa should reorganize this department. Mr Shameel Aziz Joosub I can do it have 30 years of experience working in London.

    Vodafone Spain should pay a very close attention to their reputation online. It seems to be going south and can get out of control–fast. Negative sentiment can cost you a lot of time and money.

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  • Ja
    James_spain Jun 09, 2012
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Bill as seen on Vodafone Spain website on 8th of June 2012
    Fecha Tipo Destino Duración Descripción Euros Tarifa
    29/05/2012 19:01:50 Llamadas Voz XXX 00:03:19 sg Llamada Vodafone -1, 4103 Tarjeta 10 Gratis
    02/06/2012 18:36:24 Llamadas Voz 673XXXXXX 00:20:30 sg Llamada Vodafone -7, 9400 Tarjeta 10 Gratis
    05/06/2012 20:17:28 Recargas Recarga 16, 9492
    05/06/2012 20:29:47 Alta Servicio TU_PROMO_VF 0, 0000
    07/06/2012 19:54:47 Llamadas Voz 673XXXXXX 00:25:13 sg Llamada Vodafone -9, 7323 Tarjeta 10 Gratis

    Asked Vodafone English speaking customer services for explanation- they do not have an answer. The last lady I spoke to said yes your call was 00:25:13 sg but our computer charged you for over 100 minutes and the computer is right because you went over your minutes. I asked the please can you tell me where can I read or look up these information she replied well go to www.vodafone.es.

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  • Ba
    barbara mary dodds Jul 17, 2012
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I was going to head down this road, but after seeing all the complaints already, I am not going to bother!
    I have been having problems with Vodaphone, since I came off prepaid, and went the whole 9 yards with a blackberry, adsl and satalite house phone, thinking I was going to save on my bills, I have had nothing but problems, with a bad service on one, no service at all on adsl, and now they are trying to overcharge me on my blackberry, this has been going on for 7 months and I am now up to letter 26 of complaint to vodaphone in Madrid, and still no one is listening to me or reading my emails fully, so why do I bother, I want to pay my true account, but they wont accept a part payment, so now they can sue me for all I care, Barbara Dodds, Javea Spain

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Stay away!

Welcome To Vodafone (ESPANA).
Your E-mail Address was Emerged As One of the beneficiary (winner of (£500, 000.00)Five Hundred Thousand Great British Pounds sterling) from the Vodafone Promo Compensation held in Madrid Spain.

Please, You Are Requested to fill in the below requirement for claims verification:

Full name_____________________
Contact Address________________
Telephone Number______________
Marital Status__________________

You have to fill in the below information for your claims

Warm Regards
Mr. [censored] Sanchez Flores (Promo Manager).
Telefone Number: +[protected]
E-mail: [protected]@live.com

vodafone - customer service at it's worst. [protected]

I got a Vodafone number [protected] few days back on 17th September 2010. The number was activated the next day but again got Disconnected due to signature mismatch on the form. I submitted a new form in the vodafone gallery along with the documents and photograpth and verified the originals. I was told that the services would be acticvated today i.e. 21th September 2010 but to my distress it was not done. To add fuel to fire was contacting the esteemed customer service of Vodafone on 198. I spoke to 3 different executives by calling 3 different times and all of them disconnected the line while getting it transferred to their supervisor. Instead they kept on insisting me to visit the gallery again as they said we have not received any request from the gallery. I did everything from my end to activate the card and now I have to again leave my daily work schedule and travel 12 kilometers to get my card activated. This surely is not customer Service.
The worst part is that all the 3 executives I talked to were not aware about Vodafone PR department. Doesn't Vodafone have one. It's very shocking for me to know that.
I Don't know how to go about this but I would like to surrender the services of Vodafone and get all the money that I refilled the card for back else I need a written explaination why my call was disconnected by the customer service three times in a row and not transferred to the supervisor. I spoke to Three people, Prateek, satish and the third name I don't remember.

I expect a reply from someone responsible in Vodafone

Iftekhar Ansari
+91 [protected]

  • Ra
    ramalan Nov 06, 2014

    I got it vodafone simcard as on 02/11/14 but sim card not activae igive proof already but not activate.number. 7639861874

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signal strength

Dear sir,

This is kind request, from past 1 month we are not getting vadafone signal, this is very hard even to change sim card to other one.Regarding the same i given 3 times complaints to the customer care 198, and not getting any responce.

My quetions is is this possible to get the solution for this, send an E mail to me.Below is the address where issue is happening.

D.No 52: Kurubar Halli, J C nagar 9 Th cross Bangalore-560086

vodafone steal money from my debit card

Vodafone steal money from my debit card. I paid my phone bill through my debit card in Jayanagar branch on 13th of July 2010 and later I checked my account balance/statement on the same day and found out that they took twice the amount (2 transaction with same amount), I went to the same Vodafone store and complain regarding the same.. they said the money will be credited back to my account in the next day and give me his name (Vijay) and cellphone number but the next day he did not call me or received my calls and again I went to another Vodafone office to complain for the same.. nothing happens ... I think I lost my money...

pf not received after submitting of document

Dear sir

i have submitted all the document till date i haven't received my Pf money my Pf account detail isPls find below your deputee id, emp.code and PF No.

Deputee ID [on System] 139580
Employee Code 153380

Employee PF No. TN/35791/126044

Please give me all information about my Pf.

Thanks & ragards
Sushantio Kumar Dutta
+91 [protected]
Email ID: [protected]@yahoo.com

we keep getting unsolicited messages on screen in the form of quizzes and tips

We keep getting these unsolicited messages on screen in the form of quizzes and tips. If you press the OK button, you get charged for it so you have to press the "Back" or the "Cut" button. We have two vodafone post paid cell connections and we are registered on the "Do Not Disturb Registry of india". These unsolicited messages which appear on the screen cause the following probles:
1) They are unsolicited;
2) If you press "OK" by mistake you get charged for it;
3) You have to press "Back" or "Cut" so that you do not get charged for it;
4) The phone light becomes on when the message comes thereby consuming lot of energy and phone needs to be charged again and again;
5) These messages come throughout the day and night.
6) I have old parents for whom getting rid of these quizes and tips becomes difficult and if they innocently press the "OK" button we get charged for it;

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