Vivintunethical billing/contract practices

S Sep 10, 2018

I was a Vivint customer for several years. I paid my bill every month, on-time and without issue. A few months ago I called to have my bill adjusted as I was struggling to reduce my expenses. They did change my plan and my bill went from $68 to $49.

A few months have passed and I called this morning to cancel my service. I sold my home (needed to) and no longer need Vivint services. After calling all service vendors all others cancelled my accounts with no issues...except Vivint.

They claim I owe $1018 to "buy out" my contract. They claim, during that call to adjust my bill, they said I agreed to extend the contract term by FOUR YEARS.

Why would I agree to that to save $18 a month?! After speaking with 3 different people at Vivint it became clear to me that this is how they are trained to operate.

This is not right. Be very, very careful if you choose to be a Vivint customer. It is now my experience that they will do anything to try to lock you into buying services. I will also add that they offered me a few different 'buy out' options, which tells me this is a common situation for them if they had those options at the ready.

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