VitaShop.carefuse to provide refund for wrong products

M Aug 07, 2018

Oh what a disgusting customer service and appalling company! I just paid for $250 of vitamins from and they were shipped to me via a Freight Forwarding company to Dubai. Guess what they shipped me the wrong supplement! And now the customer service tells me " sorry can't help you"! They hang up on my calls, screen my calls and don't pick up and basically refuse to refund me for a wrong product they shipped me. I paid $70 to get a wrong product and they won't refund me. Watch out for this company! They are a bunch of crooks and thieves. Which company HANGS up on a customer when you ask to speak to a supervisor!

Customer Service Centre

7181 Yonge street. Unit #38
Thornhill, ON
L3T 0C7
Direct email • [protected]

Tel • [protected]

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