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All was fine until I changed computer. Suddenly I could no longer get my pc guard antivirus free with broadband to work. After many hours on the phone going through everything with an adviser they just gave up! I still have no internet security! Why the hell can't they send someone around to fix it, so paying for half a package now. Not impressed!


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Sep 06, 2012 5:41 am EDT

Get a contract from a virgin media staff called Andy Hiley coming diretly to my door, and been asked to provide an oringin gas bill as proof of address. After a few weeks, tried to get my oringin bill back but not been able to. Now several months after, still not been able to get my gas bill back. The most annoying thing is when i signed the contract, i have been told that i will still only being charged 21.50 after first 3 months, but i have been charged 27.50 since the 4th month. I get back to Andy Hiley, he said it is just a mistake and he will get it sorted out. Another month past, and the problem is still the problem. I fell like being treated. How can such a big company play their customer. Absolutly down!

Sep 23, 2011 12:17 am EDT

In March the 3rd 2011 I signed up to virginmedia for land line telephone broadband and television, the offer was £21.49 for the first six months the £31.49 for twelve months after that. I have never paid £21.49 and I have never paid £32.49 since my six months "offer" expired. When I questioned this with virginmedia I was told that the price was increased a couple of days after I signed my contract. I am currently paying £32.99 which is an increase of price on three occasions since I signed up. My advice to anyone who is thinking of signing up to virginmedia is simple DON'T BE STUPID AND STEER WELL CLEAR. They will rip you off again and again and they will sell your telephone number to a third party. I proved this by agreeing to change my number after a spate of nuisance calls which I traced back to Singapore, within four and a half hours of changing my number the calls started again.

Dec 06, 2007 12:00 am EST

On the 04.12.2007 I had anappointment booked between 8 am and 1 pm in order to have Virginmedia installed. The tech's arrived at 10.45am and procced to inform me that I had only ordered one box, which was incorrect. Once they managed to sort that error out I was informed that there drill had now broken down and was not working and they had to call their Area Manager who happen to be in Raynes Park 20mins away from my home and he would come with one, but during this time they would look at doing the wiring for the phone service that I was having, but the only problem with the phone was they were having some sort of problem with their swtich and they did not know when the phone would be done! but when the manager came he would be able to tell me.
An hour and a half later the Area Manager turns up with the equipment required for the gentlemen to start work he drops the equipment off and drives off, when I ask the tech what did he say about my phone I was told he was to to start the work and the area manager would call me on my mobile when the phone was sorted..strange...
It's now 2.50pm and the techs are still here, I remind them thnat they need to tune in both videos in the rooms with the new equipment for them to look at me with blank faces - funny their booklet that they send prior to you being installed claims these things will be done by techs who know what they are doing..did not happpen as when they left at about 3.30pm neither video was tunes in as they had not plugged a scart lead in! basic or what...
I had still not received a call from the Area Manager wjo drive off but when I went outside I notice exposed cables and wires. I was not happy and therefore called Customer Services after holding for 20mins I explained exactly what had happend all day and that I now no longer wnated their phone service but would like someone to come and cover these exposed wires at the front of my house and to remove the wires for the phone as I was fed up. The lady raised a complaint and informed me someone would call be back. Well some one did to tell me a tech would be around the next day between 8 and 12pm to install my phone; no I said I do not want your phone I waant you to get some here to tidy up your mess. She also said someone would call me back in 24hours. This did not happen so I called them again to wait 20mins again at my expense, only to be told I 'm sorry but you sjould have been inform 48 we go again.
That night I received a call from a gentleman to ask if I was happy with my service - can you believe this company..NO I told him and yold him to read the notes on my account, he apologised and asked when did I WANT THE PHONE FITTED...No I said I cancelled that I just want someone round here to tidy your mess up once and or all and to inform him that their techs had not turned in my videos and that I had to get my brother round to do it for me.
He them went on to explain that he would cancel the phone off the account and that he could seethe complaint had been passed to the relevant dept and that he would adjust to to so the fact the videos had not been tuned in as requested and that some would call me on the 06.12.2007.
Well it's now 19.12hrs on the 06.12.2007 and still no call from Virginmedia.
I would advise ANYONE who is thinking about going to take out this service DO NOT...

Sep 26, 2011 11:38 am EDT

UPDATE:- Since posting this message I have had YET another increase in my subscription. I am now paying £33.90 per month. That is an overall increase of £12.41 since 3rd of March 2011.

Mar 11, 2011 12:23 pm EST

Virgin Media have today sent a Default Notice threatening legal access to my uncle who died over 2 months ago. They know he has died, I have personally told them more than half a dozen times over the last 2 months and the reason the bill was unpaid was because Virgin Media couldn't get their act together to send out a final bill. When I have phoned to complain I am told the complaints department has no telephone number or email address to contact them on. This from a communications company, speaks volumes about their service. To add insult to injury, despite receiving the full amount outstanding on the same day the Default Notice was issued my uncle's account remained open. Outstanding service! Thankfully I am not their customer, nor will I be given this experience. Terrible company, terrible service and terrible attitude.

i think virgin is slow at there work and when you want somthink done you have to wait two weeks to get your pc problem sorted.i have now lefted virgin media and im only saying this once to virgin media i dont have your tv boxs and internet box some bloke from virgin media come and picked it up from my please dont ring my mobile phone cause im not your customer anymore and i will pay my bill when im ready like you made me wait for an enginer to come out and look at my tv and also keep us hanging on the phone for hours waiting for help to fix our internet well let me tell you somthink you would not know how to run a piss up in a pub if you had on that is why you dont keep customers cause your so slow and uselass at your work

Jul 16, 2009 6:33 am EDT

My family, friends and relatives all have had bad experience

While virgin media offers good internet speed their customer service is very poor and the staff members are unhelpful and impolite. I had to cancel their service in 2007 because of overpayment dispute and unresolved technical problems. Since then I moved to a new property and have been using wireless broadband from T-Mobile which is too slow.

Two weeks ago I decided to try virgin media broadband again - big mistake. I ordered through their website a broadband only package costs £20 per month with self-installation costs one payment of £15. I was sent a confirmation email saying: We've received your order and our team is on the case. We'll be in touch within 48 hours and we'll aim to have you up and running before you know it.

The next day I received another email with subject Sign Up Online. It says they are sending out the installation pack. To my surprise they said I did not give the correct bank details for the set-up of direct debit. Their email says:
But before we go any further, we need to let you know that we weren't able to set up a Direct Debit using the bank details you gave us. To make sure we've use the correct bank details, please call our team on [protected] and we'll do our best to help you get set up. If we can't set you up to pay by Direct Debit, there will be an extra monthly handling charge added your bills – but we'll be happy to talk through this when you call.

In their email there were at least 3 mistakes, 2 with spelling. It indicated to me this is not a professional company! I called the number given in the email and spoke to 3 staff members. They asked for my account number and I told them I wasn't given one. After they took my address they said there isn't any order in my name and they can't recognise the reference number given in their email! I spent £11.76 on a useless phone call. I also emailed them back and still did not receive a reply.

After 6 days from the order date a box arrived containing the modem, cables and router with a self-installation booklet. My husband was keen to connect them the same day but he found out the wall socket that supplies the internet did not exist as it is a new property. I rang them again and told them there is no wall socket. To my surprise they said if there is no socket why did you order broadband in the first place! I told him the website confirms you can supply fibre optic service to my property/postcode and it is virgin media’s responsibility to know whether they have a cable wall socket. I told them before ordering I asked customer service about self-installation and I was told self-installation means the connection from the socket to the modem and pc, which is true. The discussion took too long and included poor language, it was impolite and I found it insulting. I decided I am not phoning them and wasting my time again. My husband tried to help, this time he rang their 0800 number. He gave them my name and address and asked for cable socket manning to the address. He was told he is not authorised to speak to them and they have to maintain my privacy.
I wrote a letter yesterday to virgin media asking them to give me an address to which I can return their box (modem and router). At the same time I have ordered a new phone line with broadband from BT, and I will be monitoring my bank statement in case virgin media who have my account details will charge me for the service which they failed to supply. If they do, this time I will consider contacting the watchdog and media to spread my story even further.

I support the statements given on this website by other customers of virgin media and believe their customer service is very poor, rude, unprofessional and can be insulting. For me the move to popular BT was a wise decision although I sacrificed the speed obtained from fibre optic and I will incur monthly line rental cost, but with quality customer service this time from a well know organisation.

Oct 02, 2008 4:21 pm EDT








I am absolutley disgusted in the way i have been spoke to and the way i have been treated, After being a loyal customer for 3 years it is an absolute disgrace, also the infomation that one of your advisors has given has caused utter disbelief in such a big company . I was advised that you cancelled tens of thousands of customers direct debits in order to make more money by charging them administration fees for paper bills. It is totally disgusting, Over the past two weeks i have spent hours on end talking to people who dont seem to understand or speak a word of english yet they can call me a liar.

Like i said i have been a loyal customer for over 3 years, For the first two years i was just using your broadband middle for £18 last september i was contacted by a member of your sales staff who informed me for a 12 month period of a special offer of £2 only i would recieve a phone line with talk unlimited to any landline 01 - or 02 number, Yes thats correct so i would only pay £20 in total for the two services. I agreed- A month later i recieve two bills one for the internet and one for the phone, Yet the phone wasnt £2 it was £11 and they had decided to charge me £7 for the talk unlimited, I phoned and they said they would sort it out, Instead i never heard anything, a month passed, another month passed, then i recieved a threatening letter, It claimed i owed in the region of £100, This was very distessing to me as i had always paid my bill by direct debit and had never missed a payment. Anyway after another couple of hours on the phone we realised that VIRGIN MEDIA had combined both bills and unknown to me they had cancelled my direct debit. I wasnt once informed of these changes. I was also informed that the charges included £10 administration charges because i wasnt paying by direct debit, This really annoyed me as my original contract was direct debit and it was you VIRGIN MEDIA that had cancelled it so how could charge me administration fees, Then i get told £30 is 3 late payment charges, Again this is totaly disgusting as i had never missed a payment, i pressumed the money was coming out by direct debit-one that VIRGIN MEDIA cancelled. So after another hour on the phone i reluctenly pay it on my card and we agree to reset up the direct debit...everythings sorted
3 months pass guess what i recieve another threatening letter, this time sayin g the same thing i havent paid, administration charges, and late payment charges. This now cases me great stress i am absolutly raging another couple of hours on the phone talking to people who dont listen and dont understand, after 2 hours they realise they tried taking the money out of somebody elses account so they once again cancelled the direct debits. This is a joke an absolut joke, they appologise (ha ha ha ) And again i make a payment on my card, this time i say i dont want direct debit, just send me an invoice, they agree...

3 months later...i dont believe this another threatening letter, Is this some kind of sick joke are you really this ignorant, very annoyed i ring virgin straight away, I am put on the phone to an asian speaking man claiming his name is cyril daz, I ask him to spell his name he repeats CYRIL DAZ after about an hour of yet another aggonizing conversation of trying to explain to yet another VIRGIN MEDIA CA He calls me a liar, I say i beg your pardon he explains i am a liar as i am claiming i havent recieved a bill and he can clearley see i have been sent three bills, As he has called me a liar this totaly rages me, this is disgusting how dare he call me a liar, after another 20 minutes of me and him arguing he realises something on his screen that infact i was correct as no bills had been sent because Ebilling had been set up and they had sent the bills to an unused email address, it turns out that when i was last on the phone 3 months prior the woman had set up EBILLING, i vagely remember her explaining it to me but she convinced me my card would be charged automatically- after she took my registered email address and password without my knowlegde or permission she had set up EBILLING cyrill daz was now appologising for calling me a liar he said he was under great stress and he hated the way virgin treated people and that i was being scammed, This is the best bit.

He actually told me that virgin media had cancelled tens of thousands of virgimedias customers direct debits in order for them to be able to charge administration fees.

This is the icing on the cake i am totaly disgusted, i feel sick, you mean to say i am part of a national scam against VIRGIN MEDIAS customers, This is just too much, I phone up to sort out your mess and your troubles and stresses you have caused me and i get this infomation. I demand to speak to his supervisor he then strats appologising and saying no please, I speak to his supervisor who is not interested one bit in a word his colleage had said he couldnt understand what he had done and said that was so wrong, It was like he just couldnt understand how those comments would make me so angry he was more intersted in me making a payment, I demand to speak to a manager, A woman comes to the phone who again is not interested, she appologises for her staffs behaviour but insists i make a payment or i will be swithed off. Over the next few days i am contacted by virgin media staff hounding me, i have spent hours on the phone explaining the same thing over and over and it seems like there is one big communication fault inside VIRGIN MEDIA . I am disgusted.

Anyway after the phone call i decide to visit online forums to ask if anybody had been treated the same, to my amazement it seemed CYRIL daz was correct round about march virgin media had canncelled thousands of peoples direct debits and are now charging them money for administration fees, I couldnt believe it, How disgusted our we now,

I have contacted Ofcom, Trading standars and i have spoken to media and currently awaiting to make an interview with the national press this week, I have been contacted by THE SUN-THE MIRROR-THE STAR all who are more than interested for this story. i hav had to go this far as not once where you interested, i am now awaiting to see how long you take to sort this mess out.
also i would be very grateful to know what you intend to do about...

Charging me administration fees after you cancelled my direct debit.

charging me late payment fees after you cnever sent me any infomation regarding tpayments.

How i ring to complain and i am accused of being a liar.

How you can charge me administration fees for bills you never sent to my house but sent by em, ail.

i await your call

Jun 06, 2008 11:31 am EDT

PLEASE DO NOT JOIN VIRGINMEDIA TELL YOUR FRIENDS, IT IS A DISGRACE FUL ENETERPRISE THAT HAS CONNED MILLIONS OF DECENT HARDWORKING CUSTOMERS OUT THEIR HARD EARNED MONEY AND THEY CONTINUE TO GET AWAY WITH IT BECAUSE WE DO NOTHING. virginmedia is the worst service providing company in the world their customer services staff is rude, ignorant and selfishly unsympathetic. The customer care team is even worse. Virginmedai is an evil empire which should be held accountable for the incompetent mess of a scam it calls a business. WHERE ARE THE MEDIA ORGANISATIONS WHO PRIDE THEM SELVES ON EARNEST JOURNALISM AND INTEGRITY THESE ARE THE STORIES THAY SHOULD BE COVERING


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