Virgin Mobile / customer service

Canada, Canada

Contacted account cancellation department because of current problems with Virgin Mobile, spoke to Cancellation supervisor Mary employee ID: EZ40169. Mary ran a diagnostics over the phone and stated thats it problem solved. Did not ask once why I wanted to cancel the account and started talking sarcastically as if I was lying about the issues over the phone. She stated I am the supervisor and even if I try to contact complaint unit the call will be directed to her. She hung up the phone after saying Thankyou for choosing virgin mobile and did not actually resolve or helped. Mary is using her authority and not actually helping customers with problems. I would like to cance my virgin contract after speaking with a supervisor like her who doesnt care about customers and company image and would never ever recommend virgin mobile to any friends or family. Instead of reimbursing for the losses, supervisors are being sarcastic. She should join circus or a comedy show if thats what shes good at.

Mar 9, 2019

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