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Virgin Mobile USA, L.P.

6200 Sprint Pkwy
Overland Park
United States - 66251-6117

Customer Support Phone Numbers

+1 888 999 2321(Canada) 1 0
+1 416 348 1892(outside of Canada) 1 0
+1 888 322 1122(USA) 5 2

Virgin Mobile Complaints & Reviews

Virgin Mobile / customer service, technical support including management

Denise.bass on Oct 8, 2017
I don't even know where to begin. First let me say the contact info given above is of my wife's. You will have to contact her on her number or email address when trying to provide some level of resolution to my problem. On 9/5/17 when my new months plan restarted I began having trouble...

Virgin Mobile / canceling my service without notification

Tammyhud on Oct 8, 2017
I have had Virgin Mobile for 5 years no problems pay my monthly fee went to pay my monthly fee this month and they told me that I couldn't use my phone because they had cancelled their contract with Walmart they have told me also that I've not in their system haven't had service since...

Virgin Mobile / Beware

Stan Grey on Sep 20, 2017
I bought a mobile phone which was sent by Yodel. It never arrived. I have no idea where it is now. I called their customer service and they promised to resolve the issue. It's been over a month. They called me yesterday and said they won't cancel my order because there were no proofs that...

Virgin Mobile / lg g stylo

Amy Anthony on Sep 10, 2017
So im having a problem with my phone not charging because i think the charging port is bad. So i call virgin mobile about this issue numerous times and they fail to do anythi g about it. They said they would make a not about it in my account and someone will be calling me. I never got that...

Virgin Mobile / Poor customer service

bruceleeroy75 on Aug 23, 2017
My son's cell phone broke. We replaced the phone and sent a broken one using information that was given after its repair. The previous phone was prepaid. But judging by what they said to me the phone never arrived and the new one doesn't work. I requested a refund I paid for July but wa...

Virgin Mobile / Slow service, never keeps promises

Philip Gravson on Aug 16, 2017
This company never keeps promises like many other companies do. It's really a different one. Their call center is a joke, always something happens while making a call. The service itself is arrogant and rude. Something crashes, something breaks all the time. Nothing goes right. And in...

Virgin Mobile / Resolve it pls

Gary Lane on Aug 11, 2017
Complaining against changing my contract without my permission and with no any explanation. And what’s more I paid a huge amount of money and was said to pay $137 to cancel the contract, even though I’ve already paid $150. I can’t solve this problem, I can’t change my contract and I gue...

Virgin Mobile / information fraud

Abhimanyu Sapalok on Jun 29, 2017
So this is how it started, I bought my new iphone 6s on 2 year contract with virgin mobile from best buy store. While selecting my plan I was told that I have a 80$ + taxes monthly plan in which I will be given 2 gb internet, unlimited local calls and sms and "2000 free international calling...

Virgin Mobile / bad service and billing

Steveshrive on Jun 29, 2017
I upgraded my phones and was told to ignore my upcoming bill cause it would be messed up and it came and it was $1200 and then went to $1800 so I put in a complaint and they credited me $1200 to my account and said over $600 was still owing and I said I would make payment arrangements and...

Virgin Mobile / samsung galaxy s5 reported stolen

TrialandError on May 20, 2017
I have been a customer with Virgin Mobile for many, many years. On approximately May 3, 2017 I replaced my Samsung Galaxy S5 with a Samsung Galaxy S7. I called in to Virgin Mobile to do the switch. I then listed my old Samsung Galaxy S5 on Ebay and sold it for $275.00 with fees. The person...

Virgin Mobile / 7 day Guarantee phone return

Bl30Ev on May 10, 2017
Order number EK-VBPP-825368863 On Tuesday April 25, I received the phone that I ordered online 7 days before. On that day I decided not to keep the phone. OK, how does one return a phone to Virgin. I found out it is nearly impossible. You have one phone number to contact you. It only works if...

Virgin Mobile / Account refund

Croegei on May 2, 2017
I setup new phone and account. Did not work well in my rural area even though area showed on coverage map. Ported my number to different carrier. Virgin cancelled my account. Would not refund $20 I had added to account. Stole my $20 even though calls were not working. I consider them...

Virgin Mobile / Complaint

Rhowen Van Der Heever on May 2, 2017
My fiancé is looking to upgrade her phone as her contract is now up for renewal. She has been speaking to your staff from the Menlyn branch as well as the call center. She has been told that there are no handsets available for her to do the upgrade. I told her that this is nearly impossible a...

Virgin Mobile / Cellular service

Sonia Blackman on Feb 13, 2017
I have been a customer for many yrs, so when I couldn't get service in June, 2016, I was willing to wait until they resolved the problem. I've tried many times to call or message, no luck. Every time I called them, they said they couldn't figure it out and would get back to me in 24-72...

Virgin Mobile / Cold calling

Lydden on Nov 18, 2016
Richard Beck 07963 562459 Dear Sir, Recently I was cold called with the intention of getting me on to a new contract. I'm sorry that it has taken a while to complain but firstly I've been very busy and secondly I've been thinking about whether an attempt was made to dupe me. I have decided...

Virgin Mobile / Kyocera hydro reach

Jean-Mark Sens on Nov 3, 2016
Egregious corporate behavior and sorry customer services To make a long and unresolved case accurate, I recapitulated the facts. I bought a Kyocera Hydro Reach on 10/19/2016, a model I chose in replacement of a lost Samsung. It turned out after getting familiar with the phone that it wa...

Virgin Mobile / Customer service representatives are rude and misinformed

NidiaEster on Oct 24, 2016
Today, I was on the phone with 4 different representatives to solve my issue and not 1 was able to resolve the issue. My iPhone 5s isn't working properly and they all seemed to think they knew what was wrong. Only problem, they quickly realized they didn't and referred me back to apple...

Virgin Mobile / Worst network provider

Natasha17 on Oct 20, 2016
1.In july 2016 I applied for a sim contract. The sales people at the were useless didnt do the paperwork properly all these were signs for me but I still persisted giving this worthless company a chance 2. My port took over 2 weeks!!! I was only active in aug 2016 3. Signal was the worst 4...

Virgin Mobile / Pay as you go phones and services

Pam Couch on Jul 7, 2016
I recently bought a phone for my son and we could not get it activated. Your automated phone help was useless and the computer help is no better. So we exchanged the phone and your services and will now be using ATT to go. Also, while I was on vacation my phone would not have service 90...

Virgin Mobile / Cellphone service

Reviewer87832 on Feb 7, 2016
I have a Kyocera phone on a Virgin Mobile account. Problems with Virgin Mobile: 1. Charged account double (happened once) 2. In warranty, only sends replacement on bad phone if I pay $25 shipping 3. Charging additional for tax all of a sudden without notice 4. Refusing to credit bank...

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