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This Diamond Wireless service charge went with a phone and remote internet equipment (for use in the car) that we purchased in October 2016. In October 2018 we turned in the phone (i6) and the remote which we never used. Diamond continued to charge us $7.99 per month and we tried contacting them but were unable to get any response. We contacted Verizon and they told us they were no longer working with Diamond. We contacted US Bank Visa and they tried to contact Diamond and then refunded ten months of charges. A person at Visa stated that they contacted the company and that we should no longer be charged. The charges continued and we contacted Visa again. They were attempting to contact Diamond without much luck. We tried three different numbers and an email with no luck. Recently looked at this again and noticed this time that we are not the only people having problems with Diamond. At this juncture we just want the charges to stop. Visa says we need to contact them directly but we can't.

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Aug 17, 2021 2:43 am

I had been paying on this insurance for years. I should have canceled years ago but never dawned upon me that Verizon no longer worked with this company, but the charges came anyway. I was able to successfully cancel my insurance. Here is the phone number that I used


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