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Viator review: Lack of booking confirmation

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I would like to lodge a formal complaint and request a refund for a tour I booked through Viator.

My complaint concerns a booking I made for the Ayutthaya Temples and River Cruise from Bangkok. Please find the link to the tour here:

The booking was made for three people on Saturday 03 June for Sunday 04 June 2023. I am happy to send you the booking ID and payment receipt, if needed. The total cost was $226,44.

My complaint lies with the fact that Viator accepted my payment for the tour but never sent the confirmation email, which led to a complicated discussion with the tour operator “Tour East”, who provided us with wrong and conflicting information and resulted in our failure to take part in the tour.

Indeed, having not received the booking confirmation from Viator for over 6 hours after making the payment, I felt it was necessary to contact the tour operator to confirm whether the tour was taking place at all. Not only did Tour East not find our booking, they also explained that they would be unable to ensure the hotel pickup, even though we had paid for this service and the hotel was in Bangkok Old City, which is extremely central and near the grand palace- not too far from Bangkok as I was later told.

These email exchanges led to much confusion and emotional distress. Viator failed to communicate our reservation to the tour operator, even though the payment was accepted. Had Viator communicated this reservation correctly, this exchange would not have taken place and we would not have missed the tour.