Viagogotickets for london 2017


The basic principles of contract law require that for a contract (either written or otherwise) to be valid an offer has to be made (by the supplier) and accepted (by the customer).

I bought these tickets from the Viagogo site in good faith. The price quoted (the offer) was £89.76 per ticket. There was no information to say the price I would pay would be any more than this. Once I confirmed the purchase the price increased to £700. I never accepted an offer to pay £700.

The tickets are a birthday present for my husband. They arrived today in the name of Mr David Bishop. I cannot give these as a present to my husband. I did not agree to purchase tickets in someone else's name.

The face value of each ticket is £18.29. The markup is morally criminal if not legally criminal. I have listed the ticket for re-sale on the viagogo site and purchased different tickets for a fraction of the price in my own name.
The sale price is £538.56.

As the contract is not valid and the tickets are not fit for purpose. How do I request a full refund of the price I paid (£700)?


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    Rip'doff Jul 10, 2017

    Similar complaints elsewhere-price not including fees, fair enough, but for those fees to be added, then charged to your card WITHOUT a review is surely criminal if not downright disho eat.How do viagogo operate without censure, will NEVER BUY FROM THEM AGAIN!!!

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