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A Aug 13, 2018

Please find attached copies of tickets i purchased on 28th February 2018 via the Viagogo website for two tickets to see Ed Sheeran in The Stade de France, Paris, France on Friday 6th July 2018.

In May we were alerted to and read several articles in the media regarding the fact that Ed Sheeran would not be honouring tickets purchased through sites such as Viagogo without confirmation and proof that the ticket holder matched the name of the person watching the concert.

In light of this I purchased 3 additional tickets through ticketmaster so as not to miss the concert or be turned away on arrival at Stade De France as the names on the live nation tickets were not mine.

On the tickets purchased through Viagogo these had the name of Arnaud Coquet and Claire Bellamy both no relation to us. (see below links)

This has meant that I am out of pocket by GBP472.36/ EUR534.05.

In addition I also further purchased through ticketmaster at face value additional tickets so that my son and I did not miss the concert as it was for his birthday and we traveled to paris just to see the concert incurring hotel, meals and Eurostar/ travel costs.

I also attach information and articles pertaining to the non-acceptance of tickets purchased through Viagogo to Ed Sheeran concerts.

I dispute this charge categorically and would ask that a refund is obtained for the full value of these.

This has been a very frustrating and upsetting experience and one I would like brought to a swift conclusion.

Thank you for your assistance in resolving this matter.

Alex Willats

here are the tickets purchased through Viagogo where the names do not match mine:


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  • Updated by Alex Willats · Aug 13, 2018

    Still waiting for a resolution to my ticketing reimbursement.

  • Updated by Alex Willats · Aug 14, 2018

    Still no reply.

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