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Just lost 200 millions on slots, no winning combos at all. Since a few days, no Free Spins or pay out in any slot games. Customer service asked me not to play the game. I am a spending member. Not expected from this game. [Proofs available at request].

Again I have just lost 200 millions on Detective Story, a slot game. I been playing since hours, and yet not winning anything. Free Spins in any slot are just not coming. What game makes you lose 200 millions straightaway. If this is not con, I don't know what else is. As a spending customer, I have full right to recieve information and to ensure am getting treated fairly. I firmly believe your team is deliberately making me lose, probably taking out some vendetta for raising up basic claims.

Your game has left me very depressed and suicidal, we come here to just have fun. Which is impossible since every format of your game steals money, be it poker, slots or anything. I curse the moment I decided to play your cheat and dishonest game. Your team has caused me criminal breach of trust.

I also want to be refunded of every cent I have spent in this game. If you can't make me win by honest means even, then I don't wanna play the game any longer. I feel cheated. A copy of this e-mail should be treated as legal and I have recorded proofs of every previous interactions.

Your customer service is full of rude and arrogant people, who more want spending players to leave the game outright rather than to address the basic underlying issue. I have recorded proofs of them as such.

Please respond me at the earliest. I will be contacting more people at Digmania and if my issue is not escalated at my request appropriately, will have no other option but to take legal action with the appropriate authorities.


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