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Hello there, I brought a van from vanwise in maidstone nearly a year ago and just started experiencing some faults with my van. I took out a 1 year warranty with the van when I brought it which cost me £700. I rang vanwise and told them the symptons of my problems dpf light on and said my van also needed a m.O. T. The van was booked in very quickly which I was happy about. I took the van to vanwise and they said they would ring when it was completed. I heard from then at 3pm and they said the van was ready to pick up, I live in herne bay so it took an hour in which to get back to the van. I payed for a new clutch new gear linkage and had a new dual mass flywheel fitted on the warranty, total I payed was £330. After I had payed and got the keys I went out to my van opened the door and couldn't believe the state of the inside, they had made no effort to clean off the grease and mess they had made on my floor door cards and glove box. I left after that and put it down to experience hoping the work they had done would make up for it. I drove to 2 miles done the road to find the light had come back on, they had changed my fuel filter which I supplied them with as they said this was why the light was on only to find it wasn't that. I also noticed my van was showing me when to change gear like it was before, also the gear knob gaiuter wasn't fitted correctly and was just floating about. I gave it a week to calm down and thought I would give them 1 more chance to put the fault on my van correct. I rang them and booked it in for a friday. I took the van to vanwise for 8am and got a lift home to where I live. Vanwise told me they would ring me which they didn't. I rang them saturday morning to ask how the van was getting on, they said they have diagnosied the problem but were unable to put the van right till tues as therewas only a apprentice there and it was bank holiday monday, I wasn't happy as I would be missing 3 days off work unpayed due to them not contacting me and explaining the situation which I could of earnt £600. Vanwise said they would ring me between 10 and 11am on tuesday once they had driven the van for 1hr and a half on the motorway to clear the fault. I rang vanwise at 11 and they turned round and said they hadn't had time to drive the van even tho I had the van booked in on the friday hoping to get it back the same day. I told them I had to have the van back as I would lose my job if I had to many days off. I went back on tuesday without vanwise contacting me at 430 pm, they took ages in which to see me and then handed back the keys and said were not sure what the fault is and if I go sumwhere else to diagnoise it they would then fix the problem. I told them no that's not right... To sum up the story I would say it was a very bad experience, im out of pocket by £600 and my van is still not fixed but I have to drive it regardless to keep my job


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