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I would like to say that if it wasn't for Demetrius C. I would be in big trouble. Van Ru has not been a very good collection agency for me. I have been lied to by so many of the callers, I can't even tell you how many. I have been told so many different things from my account managers I am totally upset. I would like to say that as of right now, my account has been updated but I am just waiting for something to go wrong and the phone calls start up again. I hope my account will still be the same as in the amount I am supposed to pay.


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    Steve Smith Nov 30, 2008


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    Ina Taylor Apr 29, 2009

    Hi! In 2005 I completed my rehab with this company. They said I did not. I showed them the proof (their receipt) and my MO stub. (I never pay these guys with checks -- that is too much info for them). At any rate they threatened to send me to garnishment and I informed them that I would sue them. They replied that"'you cannot sue the Govt". I told them I know but that they were not the govt, merely an agent and was therefore sue-able. They closed my account (only to have another one pick it up). I just tell them I am currently in dispute about this matter (which I am) and that if they turn me over to garnishment I will sue them. Now here is the thing: If you have a legitimate complaint then write to your state's atty general and get the criteria for them to investigate the company. State your claim. They will tell you that they do not represent individuals and thats ok. Then ask them what happens if its more than 1 individual. Then you send your complaint to your congress person and to the omnibudsman. Finally you send your complaint to the Federal Atty general of Obama's administration.
    I am interested in hearing from individuals from California. Also I am interested in knowing if there is a class action suit going on and if not we can possibly start one. Thanks I.C. Taylor. Respond here in these comments for now

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    fedupwithcreditcomp Jul 22, 2009

    Yes I totally agree, this company uses some questionable practices when trying to collect. I noticed that they had made several credit inquiries when I got a copy of my credit report. I called to see why they were interested in my credit report and felt the need to make several "hits" on my credit, without sending a bill or a letter explaining thier actions. They say that the bill is from an old student loan, (10 years ago) and they are acting on behalf of the US dept. of education. Since this is the first time I've heard anything about this loan I asked some questions. All I got was "we can not answer that" we can not send you that" why won't you pay? I hung up and thought it was a joke, but to my suprise I got phone call after phone call about this loan that they apparently know nothing about. Then I got the the joy of speaking to JOYCE who told me she was the president of the company "the big boss" and that she was personally going to go and pull our taped conversations to show me that I agreed to pay. I have yet to hear the taped conversations, and judging from her education level, I'm not sure she would begin to know how to tape a call in the first place. This company is a total nightmare and I am awaiting a phone call from the Ky att. Generals office, so hopefully we can get to the bottom of this.

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    anther unhappy person Jul 31, 2009

    I also started getting calls from this company but at my work. In fact, I received two phone calls on my job today by this company. I informed them that this is a place of employment and that they cannot call me on my job. Needless to say, after we hung up, the same lady called right back wanting to do an employment verification on me. When I asked what this was about, she said they were collecting for a charge off made back in 1995. That's 14 years ago and I'm just now getting calls from them. Can you believe that? If this has been on my credit report all these years, and it has, why would they just now start to harrass me? They are rude and have even hung up on me when they're the ones who called me. Go figure. I think this company is unprofessional and something should be done about their business practices.

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    tiredofbeingharassed Aug 12, 2009

    I too have started receiving calls about unpaid student loans from 14 years ago --- that they can give me no information about. However years ago I had several years of my income taxes withheld to pay off these loans.

    These people called my mother-in-laws house to get my unlisted phone number and told my elderly mother-in-law that they were my family trying to get in touch with me. That is just wrong on all levels!! She was worried that there was an emergency.

    For now I am blocking their numbers, but this is BS, I know I don't owe the money and these b people are rude and harassing.

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    joutcast Oct 16, 2009

    They have now charged my account $700 EVERY PAY DAY! and to who the f&ck ever said pay your bill! Get your sh*t right before you some sh*t! I am an x service member with the GI BIll the GI Bill paid for my education loan and then these crocks calling saying they would garnish wages etc if I didnt pay! with a CC Number thats all they need and they start stealing!!! THEFT! there is no difference!!! I called the Veterans Affairs afterwords they said I am fine and paid and these F&ckin thieves are taking $700 every pay day! I am contacting the FDIC, the Fair Credit Agency, and my Senator's office. These stealing people need to be shutdown! Oh, has any one seen the web site they have made with FrontPage is my guess

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    negative 123 Jan 16, 2010

    I am currently undergoing wage garnishment by means of van ru due to student loan.When I had requested how they compile their projected costs compared to the figures I had aquired through the Dept. of Ed. defaulted student loan it was mentioned to me they could not release this information even though they acknowledge a $ 2, 000 plus discrepancy.They have ordered my employer of whom I have discussed and seen the order of garnishment at a rate of 33.33% of my gross income weekly yet contend it is my employers responsability to calculate the rate of garnishment.Unfrtunately I have also discovered that the figures they use are calculated as projected costs and do not coincide with the Dept5. of Ed. figures.I have been regularly requesting and keeping track of payment postings and balance through this phone number 404-974-9268 the response is very efficient to keep track of ongoing balance although there is also a difference of over $2000.00 through this agency but $600.00 less van ru collection costs.I am presently contesting these figures by means of awg hearing unit. I shall update in future negative 123

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    Spyvee May 12, 2010

    PLEASE READ! I NEED HELP! so... in 1998, I went to a college for one semester. I took a loan from PHEAA. Pennsylvania Higher Education Assistance Agency, for 2, 625 dollars US. I had it deferre which added a thousand bucks. I never paid on it. after several years, they began garnishing my federal tax return. over 3 years, they took more than 4, 000 dollars from my Federal tax return. Now, last year, this Van Ru starts calling me, telling me that I owe them over 5 grand. What? I say, "what happended to the 4, 000 dollars that was garnished from me?" they tell me it all went to fees and interest and that I still owe over five thousand dollars. i tell them to get lost. A couple months ago, they called and offered me a settlement of 3, 000. I am trying to get back into school and I'm sick of dealing with this, so I agree. Well, I find out after filing my taxes, that I have 1, 500 bucks coming to me, which I know they will take anyway, so I say "take my tax return, then call me when it posts and let me know what the total I owe is." they called me last week and said my final payoff is 1300 dollars. I say " give me a week to get the money and call me back." they called me today and I informed them that I could not come up with the payoff. She offers me a "rehabilitation program" which after ten months, will get me out of default and come off my credit report. Great, sign me up. " so what is my total payoff?" i ask them. " i know its 1300 something, right?" she informs me that NO. that is not the amount anymore. Since I am unable to write a check for the full 1300 dollars, which was the rest of the settlement that we agreed on, that my new balance is 32oo dollars and I owe them. !!! I told her exactly this... " I borrowed 2625 dollars and have paid back already almost 6 thousand dollars. If you think I'm gonna pay you people another 3 grand, you are out of your [censor]ing mind!" SOMEONE PLEASE HELP ME!!! LET'S START A CLASS ACTION LAW SUIT AGAINST THESE PEOPLE!!!

    [email protected]



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    cigarguy Mar 09, 2011

    This company is trying to collect on "zombie debts". I recently was contacted by them to pay an old credit card debt that had already been settled. I recently bought a new car and ran my credit scores - they were all very good to excellent - 750+ Then these clowns start calling about a debt that is bogus. This is the new scam for these leeches. They buy a debt for pennies and try to collect on it. They can go #$%& themselves.

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    rosisie17 Apr 03, 2011

    i jusst got aletter from this company and they said i owe them3, 312.31 for an account from the us department of education. i know that is a lie because neither myself or my girls have been to college so how can i owe them. all i can say is if i owe them then they will never be broke and my sister-in - law has a lawyler and she said she would retain him for me to sue them and get themfor hurting so many people with their lies.

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    fedup87 Sep 20, 2012

    I just recently had an issue with their Florida office, when telling them I was switching jobs they decided to call my old employer. A week earlier I had told MICHELLE that I was switching jobs and that I wasn't able to pay the amount asked. She insisted that I " get the funds elsewhere" and when I tried and couldn't I called back asking if I could pay the following month when I get a check from my new employer. She then gave the phone to JOSH ACES which is a complete idiot with no manners and asfter explaining everything and asking if I could pay the bill in October he said he would terminate the account and have it sent back saying that I refuse to pay it which wasn't the case at all!! He was negative and talking to me about my Financial responsibility and how I have none and I got myself into this mess.. obviously I knew that, I was young and dumb. He refused to let me talk to a manager which is probably because he did a good job at HARASSING me and a terrible job at trying to help me. These guys are slimballs, which no heart and no care as to what happened in my life to get here. People like that can be thrown to the dogs for all I care!! SCREW THEM!! Now to call the BBB on them for harassing me!!

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    Tink17 Aug 16, 2014

    Negative 123. If you file as Head of Household (HOH) in most states they cannot garnish your wages up to $750. Never agree to pay, once you do that you may void any type of exemption. Just Google HOH exemption for student loans and your state and see what you need to do. You usually need to file an affidavit with your local court stating HOH exemption.

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