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Van Ru Credit reviews & complaints

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Oct 01, 2016

Van Ru Credit - Horrible work environment - taught to break the law

I have worked for Van Ru Credit now for over 4 years. I am sick to my stomach at what goes on during a work week. If I was not in a tough situation financially I would leave, and currently looking...

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Sep 14, 2016

Van Ru Credit - Company filled with lies

I have been harassed by this company, 6-7 times a day for the last 3 months. They continue to call, and scream and yell at my children asking where I am. Personally I have spoken to Van Ru several times explaining that I am trying to get on my feet. They responded with they do not care, and the bill either gets paid or I am going to find myself in court. One employee, actuallyget told me "to get my Sundays best ready because i am going to need to be dressed for court' They are awful people and it seems these tactics are learned from the top down in this company. I researched the ownership, and people who run this company. There is reference of a Roger Rubin, and when googling him there are pictures of half naked women in his photo shoots. Then there is the current President, Steph Lavigne. Besides what is said on other sites about him by his employees I found him on LinkedIn. He is on a business site sitting on a Yacht. Thumbing his nose at honest hard working people. That's quite an example.


Van Ru Credit - Collection company

This company has harassed me on my cell phone, and my land line. They call all hours of the day, seven days a week. They were given my bank information by the original debt company. They proceed to take money out of my checking account even after, I asked them to stop. I told them they did not have my consent, but they keep doing it anyway. How can I stop this from happening ?I spoke to someone there, and they were informed to stop, and return all they had taken out of my account. They said if I would send proof, that it was indeed taken out, they would return the money. I faxed them proof, and they have not returned money. In fact they have taken more. Now they refused to return my phone calls. They have a automated system, that never lets you talk to a live representative. In stead it saids leave message with phone number, and call will be returned. They never return call.

Sep 08, 2016

Van Ru Credit - Rude and abusive

I received a call from this company about a student loan bill. When I tried to explain that I was just getting back to work, and willing to try and make reasonable payments, the person on the other end started screaming at me. They said that if I did not pay the balance in full today which is over 5, 000.00 they would have a repo company at my door to take my car and furniture. That I am a deadbeat that needs to learn how to pay their bills on time.
I am a single parent, of 2 children who was laid off a few months back. I just recently got a job again and have been trying my best. They did not care about any of it. My son, looked up this company and there are awful things being said about their practices, and the people who manage the company. The President's name is Steph Lavigne and there are some horrible things said about him. That he flaunts his money, and brags about having sex with employees and clients. Then there is something about someone flying around on private jets and doing awful things with women. Who are these animals and how do they get away with this?

I have contacted the FTC and the Consumer Federal Protection Burea


Van Ru Credit - Lack of professionalism / scam

I have been contacted by this company over 7 times a day. They continue to call and call my number, yet never leave a message. They have called my cell phone 4 times even after I told them stop calling me. I do not even owe this company money, and feel they are trying to scam me.

I am a professional with a career, and not someone who takes these things lightly. When I called their main office, I was put on hold for 10 minutes and then hung up on after I started asking simple questions, like "How did you get my number". I looked this company up and there are some terrible things being said about their collection practices, and even people who work in the company. I then looked up some of their leadership through networking sites such as Linkedin. What a joke, the President/CEO looks like hes on a photo shoot on some yacht. I guess that is why this company is not too professional, look whose at the top. Someone named Steph Lavigne.

I am filing a complaint with the CFPB, and the Federal Trade Commission for harassment.

Aug 26, 2016

Van Ru Credit - Scammer

I'm going to do this again! If you don't have the guts to expose yourself, you shouldn't talk about van ru! Not a bad company, just some questionable decisions that you might have made. Until you're flying the plane, sit in coach and pray your ### hits the ground without incident! If you're not the pilot, shut up!

Oct 01, 2016

Not surprised at this response probably from management. Give it a rest you blow hard. Everyone knows its a sinking ship and Captain Dip Crap is at the helm.

Aug 30, 2016

I'm one of the people who got caught up in a "business decision"! It frightens me that i put in 8 years with people in management who never had the balls to speak their peace. Well, i do! Thank you van ru for giving me an opportunity. You may have made a tough call or two that i don't understand or agree with, but i have enjoyed my time. Steph, keep sailing, john, keep hanging; and skip, keep selling! If i could, i'd be doing the same! And so would these people who don't have the balls to show their face. Shut up or put up! Agle out!

Aug 25, 2016

Van Ru Credit - Fraud / scammers

I was a manager at Van Ru for over 7 years. Just when I thought things were getting better from the last disaster of leadership, I was terminated by the current. I delivered performance, managed my team professionally, and did everything and then some for Steph and his "team" - Then we caught wind of the executives potentially losing out on their bonuses, and more then 50 of us were terminated. Just like that, after all of our service. The things they would make us do and say to consumers are totally illegal. Threatening legal action, and sending a sheriff to their homes. They even have a way of sending only compliant calls to clients, to make sure they pass audits. We were told on several occasions to roll post dated checks from one month into another to make our numbers. All Steph Lavigne cares about is filling his pockets and it doesnt matter at whose expense it is. They have been sued countless times not only for FDCPA law suits, but just refusing to pay vendors and subcontractors. These guys refused to pay millions to one of the sub's just so they could take it for themselves. Pure ### at every level. The original owners son, was always flying around on his private jet bragging about hookers and doing blow. Now Van Ru has Steph, posing on yachts and wearing a new watch every week. Either way the employees are the ones losing, and the clients are losing even more with their shoddy accounting practices. Shut these down


Van Ru Credit - Fraud - Scam

I have been contacted by this company 5 times in one day. Whenever I pick up there is some person screaming at me. Telling me I am a deadbeat and that the sheriff is going to come and take my car. I...

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Aug 04, 2016

Van Ru Credit - Business Practices

I have worked with Van Ru and the excuse for an executive management team for years. Steph Lavigne, Skip Spillone, John Terry and the rest of these clowns should be shut down. They take advantage of...

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Van Ru Credit - Debt Rehabilitation

I called Vanru credit corporation in FebRuary to start making payments on my defaulted loans. In february the very same day I made a payment a sent it my paperwork so that they can send me out a rehabilitation agreement. Now March comes and the take the money out of my account 100.00 again which I gave permission to. But no rehab agreeement, now April comes and had i not contacted the rep that helped me I would of never known that my rehab agreement was not accepted, not only was it not accepted it went up an additional 79.00 which is now a total of 179.00 not only was i upset that it took 2 months for them to get my paperwork done now my future school studies have been postponed. i was supposed to start in July once my 6th payment was confirmed and transferred back to the department of ed so that my new loans could be applied. I now cannot start until Jan 2016 because my first 2 payments which they took were not valid. Not only that how are you supposed to pay off a laon with this agency when they continue to add on money to the collection fee and the interest? My case was mishandled and I WANT MY ACCOUNTS RETURNED TO THE US DEPT OF EDUCATION IMMEDIATELY BECAUSE NO ONE AT VANRU CAN SEEM TO GET YOU A DIRECT ANSWER, THEN WHEN YOU ASK FOR A SUPERVISOR YOU ARE TOLD THEY ARE OUT TO LUNCH. IM SURE YEA OK.


The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

Van Ru Credit - Wage Garnishment and Bank deeduction...and Total Balance still rising

Business is not applying collected funds towards the Total Balance. Total Balanced increased by $2000 with Wages being garnished, and bank account being drafted. This company has sent papers and...

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Jul 21, 2012
The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

Van Ru Credit - Trying to collect a debt that was already paid

This company called me on a Friday after noon while I was at work. They lead off by asking my name and then told me to verify my social! First off they never said who they were or what they were calling about. COMPLETELY UNPROFESSIONAL! 2nd after obtaining that info, they told me that my credit was in jeopardy due to a repossession my old company had. I had dissolved the company and paid off all debts 10 yrs ago! They are claiming that I hadn't and that I owed a substantial amount. 17, 000 dollars. I explained to them how I dissolved the business and all the facts to prove so. They continued to say I still owed the money and that I could not just walk away from this. Then they proceeded to tell me that if I paid them 2, 000 dollars that their client would settle and this problem would go away.The nerve of this company has me so aggravated. How do they obtain so such information and where are they getting their facts from? I paid this off over 10 yrs ago! I refuse to pay it again!

huck you are smart you had a company 10 years ago but you amaze me because you are ignorant as well. dude google cease and desist letters and how to handle collection agencies. i think you are also an idiot. how can you give your social to verify it. did you even know who called you? you are the type that gets had by nigerian scammers. you are they type that perpetuate the ignorant american image. grow some balls. the guy low balling you is pro'ly a high school graduate who works for some lawyer from a basement office. How do they obtain that info? jesus christ on a bicycle, don't be lazy just google it. it's so ez you just might start a similar scummy company. ok here it is they start an llc, then buy debt portfolios from banks, or other agencies that they could not collect on. the banks don't supply them with any documentation on these debts. that's why your first thing is to request for proof of the debt in your cease and desist letter. also keep proof of payments these low lifes will call you for debts from 20 years ago.

I'm so sorry you had/have this problem. Please, always try to remember, NEVER give anyone (especially ) someone on the phone your Social Security #. I know those kind of people are well trained to trick you into telling them what they want to know. We have to watch out or the will use our own words against us. Hope you get everything worked out.

Van Ru Credit - wag garnishment

Van Ru has been garnishing my wages to the tune of 15% for the last six months for student loans, yet I've never received a statement and when I call to get information I am told they have no record...

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Van Ru Credit - Harassing My Mother

I have no idea why this company is harassing my mother. I don't even know why they would be calling. I haven't received any letters from this company. My mother who lives in Montana is receiving harassing calls from this company asking for me. They left a [protected] number that I called but it was an automated message asking for my name, account # and social security #. As I don't know what they want, I only left my name and phone #. My mother's name and phone # are not on any of my financial documents. Isn't it illegal for a credit company to harass family members who are not listed on our financial documents?


Van Ru Credit - Debt Collection

It seems most people complain about this company and student loans. I have dealt with my fair share from Sallie Mae and last March actually received an apology from Sallie Mae about my debt, I think they knew I was about to sue them. As for Van Rue, I began receiving calls from them about a month ago. They were calling about an old credit card I had. They stated that I owed $3000 but could settle for $1500. I said I didn't have that and they convinced me to get on a payment plan of $20 per month, like an IDIOT I agreed. They told me that when this debt was paid off it would be removed from my credit report and further collections would stop. After speaking to them I checked my most recent credit report and much to my surprise, that particular debt was no longer on there and the statute of limitations for a lawsuit had passed. I immediately cancelled future payments to this company. They haven't called yet but I expect a call any day where I will inform them of the law and demand they stop calling.

i have recieved numerous calls from this company and i have told them to stop calling. they call my place of employment and have even spoken to my supervisor. they continue to call all hours of the day and night and are relentless in their endevor. they should be removed from any other contact or at least licences revoked forever.


These people call me all the time. They buy old debts for pennies on the dollar and attempt to collect on them. They are annoying, but harmless. They will try to intimidate you and portray themselves as "investigators, " but they have no legal recourse. Have fun with them, because they can and will do nothing to you.

I agree. I'm receiving the same. Phone calls on my cell phone for someone else and not sure how they got it!

Feb 13, 2011

Van Ru Credit - Unwanted rude calls

This company keeps calling my widowed mother and harrassing her. My parents never had credit cards and bought multiple farms without ever having a mortgage. They have never bought anything on credit - cash only.

When these people call, they ask for my deceased father. They are calling under the number [protected]. The few times my mother did answer the phone, the person calling was rude and would not take the answer my father died 6 years ago.

I'm also reporting these people to the state attorney general. If you have family members, especially elderly, please warn them about this company.

Jan 31, 2011

Van Ru Credit - Mark Jones was a thief, he stole the car he should pay. Not me

Van Ru Credit Corporation is Charging me for a bill that someone else owes and they know it. They are harassing me and I will not stand for it. They know who really owes the bill. So, don't bother me! If you chose to make a charge then bill the right person. Mark Jones which has the possession of the item(s). He felt that since he had control of the vehicle all he had to do was pay an insurance bill to keep him hidden. But, he cared nothing about paying for the car. Credit Companies would not bother him.

Nov 02, 2009
The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

Van Ru Credit - Scam

Someone keeps selling an Account to other Creditors, that has been payed off for over 2 yrs.

I'm tired of having to deal with this. Phone calles at all hours of the Day and Night.

This was a Car Loan and the Vehicle was Repossessed. Do they actually think I will or even could pay this Loan more than one time.

I settled with the original Creditor and payed the remaining Balance.

Why am I being harassed about this Loan over and over?

This is the 4th Creditor trying to collect on this.

BACK OFF! I've had it.

Jan 19, 2010

I have been given misleading and deceptive information from numerous Van Ru employees that I have spoken with.

I would like accounts from Van Ru employees of any of the "tatitcs some of these people use to collect money [that]are ruthless" that they have witnessed from inside the organization.

If you are or were a Van Ru employee and have witnessed other Van Ru employees using deceptive, misleading, unethical or otherwise "ruthless" collection tactics by with customers please share them here.

Likewise, if you are a consumer who has experienced any of the above from VanRu employees please share.

Here's the thing - They are harassing me too, but posting to this site DOES NO GOOD. It's not like the company reads these complaints! Post to, as right now they have a rating of A ! That's the true injustice, that they are a thug of a company with an excellent rating - although they have 114 complaints, they have "always tried to settle them" and the implication was that the consumer was the irrational one. No point in posting here - your post will just be read by people who are just as pissed off as you are at these people. Waste of time - go to and file a COMPLAINT, let's get that company the "F" that they so truly deserve!

This is their business...trying to scam people on zombie debts. Just tell them to cease their activities or you will sue them.

May 24, 2010

This collection agency is all about ruining your life. They lie and purposely mislead you. They use scare tactics like no other. I never knew who i was talking to. You can't confirm who you're talking to or the information they're telling you.

The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

Van Ru Credit - People who are not helpful and mess your information up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have been working with these idiots for the last several months trying to get my student loan in good status. The worker that they have don't know what the hell they are doing. They send you information that is incorrect. Have your name spelled wrong, numbers wrong and are not willing to help. Why are you working if your can't get the information right. I called the DOE to let them know and they are ###s too! Just send the thing the next day since it is your mess up. The customer service is awful and needs improvement especially when you have a customer that is working with you. Stop being ###s!

The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

Van Ru Credit - Phone calls for my dead father

My father passed away in 1997 with no outstanding debts. My mother passed away in 2003 with minor debt that was quickly cleared. In 2008, I began to get phone calls from Van Ru for my father -- a full 11 years after his death. When I informed them that he was deceased, they insisted that they needed a copy of his death certificate. I refused. They called so many times that I ended up setting up call-blocking on my home phone. In 2009, they began calling again with a different number. Blocked that one, and they called with yet another number.

I finally put on my sweet voice and called the last number, asking for the spelling of the company name, could I please find out what this was about, etc. They never identified themselves as a collection agency, I found this out by going online. They said they wouldn't stop calling OR give me any information about the nature of their calls until I provided them with the death certificate.

I'm torn about whether I should do this, because I'm afraid they will then come after me for a non-existent debt.

just tell them the person they are trying to call does not reside at this number and forcefully tell them to NOT CALL THIS NUMBER ANYMORE. Then send them a "cease and desist letter". There are a lot of places on the web where you can get a wording for one of these. You can punch it up as you like but don't go overboard...keep it sweet and simple. THey sound something like this. "I have been contacted about a debt that theoretically SOMEONE ELSE OWNES YOU. You are hereby notified to NEVER CONTACT ME OR ANYONE ELSE I KNOW OR ASSOCIATE WITH ABOUT THIS DEBT. ... YOu just go and get the wording. I think CLark Howard's web site has this info onit. (Consumer watchdog). SEND IT RETURN RECEIPT MAIL. Also tell hem if they want a bloody death certificate they can go and pay for the bloody records themselves. (Death notices are public info, though I dont think just anyone can order one, and they cost money. But there are ways companies like this can look up for deceased persons to satisfy their proof. They just don't want to do the footwork or pay the expense. The hack calling you is on a commission and he wants someone else to do his job for him.) Now you will still probably get one or maybe two calls beyond this even though they know it is illegal. The next one just tell them you'll be notifying whatever govt agency monitors this (see Clark Howard's site), and that their call is ilegal and they have been told not to call this number. They won't push it more than twice, and probably not even twice. They will only push it for as long as it takes to get the return receipt letter of "cease and desist". Also, in the cease and desis letter, don't go into details about your dead father. Its none of their business. All they need to know is that you are not the person to be contacted and they already know which govt agency to contact to find out all they need to know to clear their case.

SHort and mumbo jumbo. Return recepit or it wont stop. It will cost you $5 postage but its worth it not to have to deal with them.

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