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Our verdict: Engaging with Vacasa at a 0% resolution rate requires careful navigation. Deep-dive into detailed customer experiences to uncover systemic issues. Critically assess their service descriptions against actual user feedback. When interacting, document every detail, as comprehensive records are vital in such scenarios. Exploring alternatives and understanding your consumer rights are crucial steps. If necessary, be prepared to seek external advice or intervention. In challenging service landscapes, informed decision-making and proactive steps are essential for protecting your interests.
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1:33 pm EDT
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Vacasa Property management

Home looked great online, we arrived and it was filthy. Excessive dog hair everywhere, tack strip with nails exposed (one of our guests cut their feet on it), ants on the kitchen counter tops and in dishwasher, dirty dishes in cabinets, and more. Local company offered to clean, however this place needs some significant TLC and a DEEP cleaning. We spent most of our time outside the home. We visited other homes in the area that were spotless. While in the home, Vacasa offered to reimburse some of our cost, however they have been unresponsive since. HORRIBLE experience.

Claimed loss: 2000

Desired outcome: 1000

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5:09 pm EDT
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Vacasa Vacasa: Negligent and Unresponsive - A Warning to Potential Renters

I gotta say, I had a pretty rough experience with Vacasa. I stayed at this house called Arrowhead Dream in California, and let me tell you, it was not a dream at all. The outside of the house looked nice, but once we got inside, there were all sorts of dangers lurking around.

First off, there were things that were broken or unavailable that were advertised on the website. My kids were really looking forward to using some of the amenities, but they were locked away and Vacasa never bothered to come and fix anything. It's like they just don't care about your safety or your enjoyment of the property.

But the real kicker was when I tried to leave a review about my experience. I just wanted to warn other people about the dangers and the lack of care from Vacasa, but they refused to post my review. It's like they only care about getting your money and don't care about anything else.

I mean, I get it, mistakes happen. But when I tried to reach out to Vacasa about the incidents that occurred during my stay, they didn't seem to care at all. My daughter fell off a bar stool because it was poorly secured, my dad fell down the stairs and hurt himself pretty badly, and there were other safety hazards that were just ignored.

I'm not a lawyer or anything, but it seems like there's a pattern of negligence here. And the fact that Vacasa won't even let me warn other people about it just shows that they don't care about their clients.

Honestly, I would never use this company again. And I would strongly urge anyone who wants to keep their family safe to stay away from them. It's just not worth the risk.

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2:07 pm EDT
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Vacasa Disastrous Vacation Rental Experience with Vacasa: Filthy Condo, Broken Appliances, and Roaches

This was my first time renting from Vacasa and it was a complete disaster. My family and I were looking forward to a much-needed vacation, but it turned out to be the worst vacation we've ever had. We rented a condo at Sand Dunes for 12 family members, but when we arrived, we were greeted with a filthy room with dirty towels and linens from the previous guest. We immediately called Vacasa, but it took them 40 minutes to send someone over to clean it. When we returned to the condo, we found that no one had been there to clean it. We had no other choice but to put our luggage on the balcony.

During our stay, we found a list of things wrong with the condo, including missing comforters, a loud washer, a broken iron, a hairdryer that didn't work, a leaking refrigerator, and several other things. We called Vacasa multiple times to report these issues, but they marked some of them as not a priority. We were shocked that they didn't take these issues seriously.

We had to sleep covered with beach towels we brought from home because we didn't have enough comforters. The next day, we waited for someone to bring comforters, but no one showed up. We had to buy our own blankets because we didn't want to spend another night without sleep. We also had to deal with a situation where we were stopped by the pool attendant because we didn't have wristbands, even though the description of the condo stated that no wristbands were needed.

We only had 12 towels, 12 washcloths, and one kitchen towel and washcloth for the entire week. We had to wash and dry them every night so we could shower. The washer was very loud, but at least it worked. However, the dryer broke on Monday night, and we didn't have any clean towels for the rest of the week. We called Vacasa again to request towels and washcloths, but they never came. We had to use the same towels and our beach towels to shower.

To make matters worse, my brother woke up to a roach crawling across his chest on Thursday morning. We were furious and called Vacasa again, but they only refunded our cleaning fee, booking fee, and reimbursed us for our blanket purchase. They didn't take responsibility for the terrible experience we had.

Overall, I would never use Vacasa again and would discourage anyone else from doing so. They didn't take our concerns seriously, and we had to deal with multiple issues throughout our stay. It was the worst vacation we've ever had, and we wouldn't recommend Vacasa to anyone.

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Is Vacasa legit?

Our verdict: Complaints Board's thorough examination reveals Vacasa as a legitimate entity with notable strengths. Despite a 0% resolution rate on customer complaints, which invites a closer look, Vacasa stands out for its commitment to quality and security. Clients considering Vacasa should delve into its customer service record to gauge compatibility with their expectations.

Vacasa earns 91% level of Trustworthiness

Perfect Trust Endorsement: Vacasa achives 91% ligitmacy per Complaints Board. Highly recommended, yet always stay vigilant. has a valid SSL certificate, which indicates that the website is secure and trustworthy. Look for the padlock icon in the browser and the "https" prefix in the URL to confirm that the website is using SSL.

Our scan shows Vacasa website is free from malware and phishing activities, which are types of online threats that can include viruses, worms, Trojan horses, ransomware, and other malicious code, as social engineering tactics used to trick users into sharing their personal information. has been deemed safe to visit, as it is protected by a cloud-based cybersecurity solution that uses the Domain Name System (DNS) to help protect networks from online threats. you are considering visiting, which is associated with Vacasa, is very old. Longevity often suggests that a website has consistently provided valuable content, products, or services over the years and has maintained a stable user base and a sustained online presence. This could be an indication of a very positive reputation.

According to our analysis, Vacasa appears to be offering travel services on their website. While many travel companies are legitimate, it's important to be cautious and do your research before booking a trip to ensure that you are getting a good deal and not falling victim to a scam.

Several positive reviews for Vacasa have been found on various review sites. While this may be a good sign, it is important to approach these reviews with caution and consider the possibility of fake or biased reviews.

Vacasa website is deemed to be popular and indicating that it receives a high volume of traffic. It is important to be cautious when using a highly trafficked website, as it may be a target for cybercriminals looking to exploit vulnerabilities or steal personal information.

However ComplaintsBoard has detected that:

  • While Vacasa has a high level of trust, our investigation has revealed that the company's complaint resolution process is inadequate and ineffective. As a result, only 0% of 21 complaints are resolved. The support team may have poor customer service skills, lack of training, or not be well-equipped to handle customer complaints.
  • Vacasa protects their ownership data, a common and legal practice. However, from our perspective, this lack of transparency can impede trust and accountability, which are essential for establishing a credible and respected business entity.
12:47 pm EDT
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Vacasa Vacasa Review: Cockroaches and Poor Customer Service Ruined Our Vacation

I gotta tell ya, I'm getting real tired of telling this story over and over again. But I gotta do it, 'cause people need to know what they're getting into with Vacasa. So here's what happened on our trip to South Padre Island over Labor Day weekend in 2022.

Now, we've been going to SPI for seven years now, and we always stay at Suntide III. Our friends have been coming to the complex for over 25 years, so we know the place pretty well. But this year, things were different.

We arrived on Saturday around 5:30 pm and went to visit our friends in unit #709 to get the keys to our unit, #707. Our friends had stayed in #709 the year before and said it had been updated since then. So far, so good.

But when we got to our unit and opened the door, we were hit with a musty smell. We figured we could deal with that, but then we saw a cockroach in one of the drawers. We started checking the other drawers and found more roaches. We decided not to unpack and went downstairs to the management desk.

The young lady there told us to call the local Vacasa rep named Jake. We called him, but he said there was nothing he could do and that he would call us back. He never did. We called again, and he offered us $150, but we wanted to speak to someone higher up. We called Vacasa corporate in Oregon and spoke with Walter. He said there was no place nearby to move us to and that we would have to stay the night. We didn't want to, but we had driven 7 hours to get there and had no other place to go.

We went out to dinner with our friends, but when we got back to the condo, we saw more roaches. We killed them and started taking pictures of them. We tried to sleep in one of the smaller beds, but every time we turned on a light, we saw another roach.

The next morning, we called Vacasa corporate again and spoke with Linda. She was sympathetic and horrified, but there was nothing she could do at that point. We just wanted to leave. She said she would reach out to the local rep, now named Crystal, and we would hear back.

We called again at 9:24 am and spoke with Linda again. She said she would reach out to Crystal again. We called again at 10:30 am and spoke with Joe. We told him we wanted to leave and that this was supposed to be a relaxing getaway. He looked everything up and said we could get a refund.

Finally, Crystal called us at 10:50 am. She asked if we had proof of the roaches, and we told her we had pictures. She said she wanted to see them and that we had to leave immediately if we wanted a refund. We told her we needed more time, but she said we had to leave within half an hour or we would forfeit any refund. We apologized to our friends and left.

The unit at #707 was in bad shape. It was smelly, had roaches, and the furniture was torn. It was definitely not worth the $400+ per night rental. And the pictures on the internet were way out of date.

So, if you're thinking of using Vacasa for your next vacation, be warned. They may not have your best interests at heart.

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Vacasa Worst Rental Experience Ever: Vacasa Lake Chelan Home Review

I've rented a lot of houses over the years through VRBO and some even managed by Vacasa. I'm not one to write reviews, because it just sounds like people are complaining about things that don't really matter. But I can't in good faith let this place go without a review, as it's the worst experience I've ever had with a rental home.

We arrived and reached out to Vacasa about the parking situation for our trucks and boat trailers. My son had arrived at the home while we were dropping the boats at the park and stated that there appeared to be parking at the house for them that would save us the $100 in parking fees. I didn't want to park somewhere that was not allowed, so we called to inquire. This was a Saturday and the Vacasa staff that answered the phone had no idea, so I asked them to reach out the owners or the local staff to inquire. We never heard back from anyone, so we went ahead and parked at the park, incurring the $100 fee. When the local housekeeper and the handyman finally showed up 2.5 days later, they stated that the corporate office had contacted them both and they said it was more than acceptable for us to park there. Of course, no one ever bothered to follow through and let us know that.

We found that the communication from corporate to the local representatives was terrible. We only had numbers and text messages with corporate until I called in Monday morning and demanded that the customer service agent directly contact the local staff and MAKE them contract me directly to deal with the multiple issues at the home.

The house was filthy, the refrigerator had food spills all over in it. The freezer had a pool of frozen "meat juice" in it. Completely unsanitary. Counters were dirty and the back splash had clearly not been wiped down in ages. The bathroom smelled like a gas station urinal. I had to send my husband into town to purchase cleaning supplies so that we could use the bathroom, as well as extra toilet paper because there was not enough there for 10 people for 5 days. Floors in the house were not cleaned. There was garbage on the floors and literal hairballs in the bedrooms. The downstairs bed had dirty sheets with a toenail and hair in it. There were no clean sheets at the house, so luckily, we were taking our college kids to Pullman after this trip, so they had all their clean linens in the cars. We had booked the house for 10 people. There were 8 towels total in the house. No kitchen towels at all. We used our own bed linens and bath towels for the first 2 days.

Now the above would have just been an inconvenience had the washer and dryer that is on the listing actually been in working order. Apparently has been broken for 3 months. BUT STILL IN THE LISTING!

Finally, after at least 6 phone calls and multiple text messages to the office the head housekeeper come by the home on Monday. She profusely apologized, blamed a bunch of it on the cheap owners (that LIVE NEXT DOOR) that did not want to buy new things for the house, because we found out later the house was sale pending and they were just collecting the last dollars before it changed hands. She changed a bed for us with the clean sheets she brought and promised to send a runner over with towels that afternoon. She told me at that time that she was going to tell her boss we needed a refund of the cleaning fee. We left for the afternoon to Stehekin and when we returned, no towels.

I called again on Tuesday morning, this time I had gotten the number for the local supervisor who apologized and said he would send the maintenance guy over with the towels and to fix the dock that had huge screws sticking out the side that the boats and people, had to avoid as we were loading and swimming. It was unsafe. It took 3-4 hours until he showed up, but he did have towels (brand new never washed with lint, but it was better than nothing I guess) and a drill to fix deck, at this point it was Tuesday at 9 pm. While we were we waiting for him we went to use the BBQ, or at least tried to?. The grill was so gross under the grate that a 6 foot grease fire broke out and we ended up having to BBQ our chicken in the oven. Yes, we had to use the oven to cook dinner in a living area without AC on a 98 degree day?.

The maintenance guy, also apologized, told us he would bring us a new replacement grill in the morning and a "gift" for all our inconvenience?. We never heard or saw him again.

Wednesday, I sent a long text to the supervisor and again contacted the supervisor at Vacasa corporate headquarters, both had said they were working on a refund for us and all the inconveniences. I have never heard from any of them again. Although, I will continue to pursue a refund, because this was unacceptable.

So here we are?. At the end of the worst rental experience ever. Moral of this story, I will NEVER RENT FROM VACASA AGAIN! And I will be spreading this review as far and wide as I can so that others don't go through the same thing. The communication was horrid and when you saw actual staff, they were lovely to your face and then NEVER followed through. We paid $6000 for the 5 nights in Chelan and the house was not worth the $. The lake is fabulous and the ONLY redeeming quality of the property. Maybe just take a sleeping bag, and your own drill and stay on the deck?

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Vacasa Disappointing Stay at Vacasa: Lack of Response and Termites Infestation

Me and my family stayed at Vacasa from October 1-9 with some friends. The location was the best thing about the place, it was only two houses away from the beach. We could sit on the ground level or rooftop decks and watch the waves, surfers, etc. But let me tell you, things went downhill from there.

When we arrived on Saturday, one of the motorized blinds in the upstairs bedroom on the north side of the house was half hanging from the window. It was like someone had pulled on it and it wasn't able to be put down for privacy. I called Vacasa and spoke with Alexa that night to make sure they knew we didn't damage the blinds. She said someone would be by the next day to fix it.

Sunday morning was even worse. Our friend staying in the downstairs bedroom awoke to find lots of flying insects crawling around on the walls and bed. She was pretty freaked out and took some photos and video. They appeared to be termites, but we weren't sure. Our other friend who was staying in the guest bedroom on the second floor also found cockroaches in her bedroom. We called Vacasa and spoke to Teresa. She said someone would be in touch to come out to the property. Teresa also mentioned that according to Vacasa's files a previous guest at the property had reported the problem with the motorized blind in the upstairs master bedroom. Obviously, Vacasa didn't ever get around to fixing the blinds before we arrived. No one ever contacted us or came to investigate the bug problem or to fix the blinds. We bought some bug spray that night that was safe enough to use indoors and hoped for the best.

Monday came and went, more bugs and blinds not yet fixed and no word from Vacasa. Monday afternoon I called again and spoke with Francisco who was helpful. He updated the priority and assured us someone would be by first thing Tuesday morning to fix blinds and take a look at the insect situation. No one contacted us or came by Tuesday morning. By the afternoon, I called Vacasa again. I explained to the woman I spoke with that I had made several calls and that no one had still come by to check on the insect issue or the blinds. She suggested speaking with a supervisor. She put me in contact with Sabrina. She seemed genuinely concerned and empathetic with what we were dealing with. She also seemed surprised that no one locally was responsive to the issues.

While I was on the phone with Sabrina, a Vacasa team member arrived at the property. We showed him pictures of the bugs and he confirmed they were termites. We asked if there was anything he could do about the termites and he said "no- the house needs to be fumigated." When he left to go to the local ACE hardware store to pick up a bracket to hang the motorized blind, we had to request that he also bring back some sort of bug spray to address the termite infestation. He did bring back a can of roach spray and termite spray and placed the bottles down on the table - he didn't even offer to see if he could find where the termites were entering the house or spray the rooms. He left that for us to handle. He was able to fix the motorized blind. However, we were disappointed that he didn't even offer to contact his supervisors or management team to alert them about the termite infestation.

I called back to speak with Sabrina on Tuesday after the man from the local Vacasa team had left. I explained to her what transpired with the team member that came by the house. I explained how disappointed we were with the experience and lack of response from Vacasa. At that time, I asked about a possible relocation to another property for the rest of our stay or some recompense for the trouble we had been through. She said that would have to come from the local team to find an available property. She said she would reach out to them and get back to me. I said they have been unresponsive to all the other requests that have been put in, why would they respond now? She said if they were unresponsive, she could go higher up to her boss and so on to find some resolution for us. I never heard anything back from anyone from Vacasa.

With each passing day, the termite infestation grew worse. Each morning we found termites on the kitchen walls, the upstairs guest bedroom & bathroom and on the ground in the front of the house. We did what we could to make the best of the situation since it was obvious that we were never going to hear back from Vacasa. We spent as little time as we could indoors and sprayed the rooms each time before we left the property. Because we were spraying the rooms so frequently, the spray left an unpleasant chemical odor that caused some throat & eye irritation when sleeping in the rooms at night.

I am extremely disappointed in the lack of response, concern, or any attempt at problem solving on the issues we experienced. We won't be using Vacasa again to book properties for future trips. It's a shame because the location was great, but the lack of attention to the issues we experienced made our stay unbearable.

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Vacasa Unprofessional and Time-Wasting: My Experience Working for Vacasa

Vacasa is a company that I had heard about from my sister, who works at their Jackson location. She loves it there, so I decided to apply for a job. I had a great interview with Kira, one of the hiring managers, over the phone. We set up an in-person interview with Silvia, the manager, but it got rescheduled due to Silvia being sick. The next week, we had the interview over Zoom, which was not what I was expecting. Finally, I was able to talk to Silvia in person, and the interview went well. I was excited to start working there.

However, on my guaranteed start date, Silvia didn't show up and didn't even bother to tell me that she couldn't make it. I had to track down Kira's number and finally set up a new start date. On my first day, I was rushed and barely trained. The inspector who was supposed to show me the ropes spoke little to no English, and the wifi was terrible, making it hard to communicate. She didn't clean the bathroom or the floors properly, and barely wiped anything down. I had to reclean the house to my standards.

Throughout my time working at Vacasa, I had trouble getting the correct codes to get into the houses and was constantly wasting time trying to get ahold of my manager. She treated me as if I was stupid and even accused me of not being at the right location or putting in the wrong code. On my third week, I quit after the code didn't work, and I had to spend over 30 minutes trying to get ahold of my boss.

Overall, I would not recommend working at Vacasa or renting a house or condo through them. They are unprofessional and will waste your time.

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Vacasa Disappointing Experience with Vacasa: Inaccurate Listing, Robotic Customer Service, and Major Problems with Unit

We recently stayed at a beautiful 2 bedroom unit in Lauderdale by the Sea, which we found on Vacasa through Airbnb for 11 nights. We were excited to be the first to review Vacasa as a host and were impressed with the brand new decor. However, our excitement quickly turned to disappointment upon arrival. The information and name of the property manager were incorrect, and we had no local contact, only contact via Airbnb texts. The listing was inaccurate, and red flags were raised from the beginning.

Our first complaint was dealt with by customer service reps that seemed robotic and unhelpful. They all said the same thing, and it felt like they just changed the name of the rep in each communication. Whenever we asked about supplying an iron & board, we were told no, but we could purchase them ourselves. The same went for beach chairs, umbrellas, etc., which were necessary because the unit was one block from the beach in a beautiful location. Another big problem was that the dryer and washer were stated as being in the unit, but in fact, they were located outside in a room in the alleyway at the back of the building. These appliances were shared by three other units. We had medical issues that prevented us from carrying laundry that far, so we found it difficult to do laundry. We complained to Vacasa from the beginning, but it seemed like no one had any authority to help us.

Trying to get someone to call us back was impossible, and we only received emails back and forth with customer service reps who were difficult to understand due to their thick accents. Prior to our arrival, we were told to go and buy those things we asked about, iron, ironing board, beach chairs, umbrella, etc. We did so, only to find upon arrival that those things were already supplied by Vacasa. This added to the incompetence of the listing, and we had to return what we had purchased.

Another misinformation was that one bedroom stated a king-sized bed when, in fact, it was a queen-sized bed. We were given the wrong WiFi password, and they did not have the key code for the washer and dryer. We were following the Airbnb policy that our request be made via AirCover within 72 hours, which was done. On day 5, we experienced the shower drain not going down, and the toilet overflowing while showering in both bathrooms. We had to take towels and mop up the water mess as their mop was useless without a bucket. We informed Vacasa about this problem, and someone promised to be there to take care of it. Two days later, a guy showed up, but we were not sure if he was a plumber. He looked over everything and told us there was no clog and that it might be from all the construction. He reported back to the property manager that he "unclogged" the drain, which was a total lie.

A few more days later, at 7:30 pm after a long day in the sun, we took concurrent showers, and the one shower this time backed up raw sewage and feces while showering. It was awful and disgusting, and the toilets were overflowing while the shower drain backed up. We had to wash our feet and legs with alcohol, hoping nothing would get infected from this backup in the shower. There was water everywhere, and we had to use towels to clean up. Another area of concern was under the sink, which had been dripping brown gunk from the pipes under the sink. We had no telephone for a property manager, and it was now 9:30 pm, and we did not know what to do. We called Airbnb as Vacasa was not available on the weekend. Raymond of the Safety Dept at Airbnb suggested we get a hotel, and we would be reimbursed. We were exhausted and went to bed, planning to fight the battle again the next day, which was our last full day.

In the meantime, no one had contacted us or come to fix the problem. We heard from Airbnb, and they offered us 20% off from each night's rate plus a gift card. We were not happy and wanted a full 100% return as this place was inhabitable and dangerous. They told us only Vacasa could refund the total amount, so we were back to Vacasa. Finally, on the date of departure, the cleaning crew showed up, and we showed them the problems. They gave us the property manager's telephone number, and we explained everything to him. He informed us he would bring this all up to his boss, and they would make a determination. Vacasa gave us $100 for the sewer problems and for what we had to endure, which was insulting.

Overall, our experience with Vacasa was disappointing, and we would not recommend them to anyone. The listing was inaccurate, and the customer service was robotic and unhelpful. The unit had major problems, and no one was available to fix them. We had to spend our vacation time dealing with these issues, which was frustrating and exhausting. We hope that Vacasa will improve their services and listings in the future to avoid similar experiences for other guests.

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Vacasa Cabin Nightmare: False Advertising, No Basic Amenities, Mouse Infestation, and Poor Customer Service

Recently, my husband and I decided to take a trip with another couple to Vermont. We booked what looked like a stunning cabin on the lake through However, from the moment we first walked through the door, our vacation turned into a horrendous nightmare. The cabin had been advertised as having a fully-stocked kitchen, complete with all the utensils and supplies we would ever need. It was also supposed to have a cozy fireplace that was "stocked" with everything we needed to make a fire and watch a sporting event. In addition, the property's wrap-around deck and grill were some of the top features that enticed us to rent it.

However, when we arrived, everything was not as it appeared. We had driven for over 6 hours from New Jersey with an entire car full of food that we had planned to cook during our five-day stay. Unfortunately, we were immediately faced with a sign that had been taped to the stove claiming that it was "out of order" and that we should not use the oven. We soon discovered there was no propane for the grill or firewood for the fireplace either. It was 6:30 PM on a Sunday, and there were no restaurants nearby to get food. We were stranded and couldn't even order takeout! It was quite distressful!

We attempted to contact the maintenance manager named Sonja as she was the one responsible for this property. Her name and number was on the welcome paperwork, and we tried calling her, but her phone was not working. Also, their internet connection was extremely slow, which made the matter worse. After a few attempts, we managed to text her, but she responded that she didn't have service and couldn't help us. We needed urgent help, so I looked up Vacasa's customer support and lodged a complaint, but they only sent a message to Sonja. The next day, someone showed up to deliver propane and firewood, but this was simply not enough.

Moreover, the cabin was advertised to have a washer and dryer, but the dryer's knob had been removed, making it unusable. We couldn't shut the fridge door properly as it didn't seal correctly. There were no curtains at the windows, and we needed to hang a towel over the bathroom window for privacy. However, the most disturbing feature of the cabin was that it was infested with mice. We found mouse poop all over the place, literally everywhere, even in the drawers, on the dishes, and in the cabinets. We were so disgusted that we washed everything we used!

Overall, I'm extremely disappointed with the vacation rental experience from Despite informing them of the unacceptable condition of the cabin and sending photos of the mouse infestation, we didn't receive feedback. Furthermore, their rental was a health and safety hazard. Fortunately, we didn't have any kids with us, or it would have been much worse. I will warn everyone to stay away from this company and never book a cabin without thoroughly reviewing the property. If you see anything fitting that description (Eden Lake Vermont), don't book it - it is nothing short of horrendous.

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Vacasa Disastrous Vacation Experience with Vacasa: Foul Smells, Alarm Mishap, Unclean Bedding, and Car Damage

My husband and I booked a vacation through Airbnb in Ft Walton Beach/Destin with hopes of having a calm and peaceful getaway before my cancer treatments began again. Unfortunately, our vacation became anything but relaxing from the moment we arrived. The wrong address was given to us, causing us to enter the wrong private condo and set off an alarm. The company had no knowledge of the unit we booked and couldn't turn off the alarm, causing us to track down the correct place on our own. The backdoor patio couldn't be used due to the alarm system, and the ocean view wasn't as described, with a huge sand bar obstructing it. The unit had no basic accommodations like sugar, salt, pepper or coffee, and the place's overall appearance looked like it was from a thrift shop's clearance section. To make matters worse, the bedding wasn't clean, and the foul smell caused frequent waking throughout the night.

On the last day of our vacation, painters were scheduled to paint the building without warning us. They didn't ask us to move our new car or even notify us of the situation. They even sprayed the paint in such a measured and rash way that caused paint splatters all over our car, without offering to help rectify the situation after the fact. The workers hired dumped left-over paint into the sand bar beach side, even after we implored them to stop.

We booked our next location in Panama City Beach with the same company through Airbnb, hoping for a better experience but were met with more subpar service. The appliances were changed without any previous warning to us, and we sent them away on a previous occasion since we didn't feel comfortable letting strangers enter the unit. The check-out day was no better, as we got an unexpected knock on the door at 9 am, asking us when we would leave so that they could do their work.

Overall, our experience with Vacasa was unprofessional, unaccommodating, and not worth wasting money and time on. Booking a relaxing vacation through them would be a major risk not worth taking.

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Vacasa Disastrous Experience with Vacasa: Poor Customer Service, Dirty House, and COVID Outbreak

I gotta say, my experience with Vacasa was a total disaster. I mean, I wouldn't even give it a rating if I had the choice. My party of 18, including 5 kids, checked in on July 17th, 2022, and checked out on July 22nd, 2022. And let me tell you, we had a ton of issues right off the bat. I mean, it was a total nightmare. I had to spend over 3 hours on the phone with Vacasa, and that's not even counting all the texts and emails we exchanged. And let me tell you, their customer service was just plain awful. I got hung up on multiple times, and every time I called, they just told me someone would call me back. But only 2 people actually did. It was a total mess, and it totally ruined my vacation.

But that's not even the worst part. On the day we checked out, 2 members of our party tested positive for COVID, including my 5-year-old daughter. And by the end of the weekend, 10 out of 18 of us had tested positive. One person even had to be hospitalized for 3-4 days. And get this: EVERYONE in our party tested negative before we left for the trip. So clearly, the house wasn't cleaned properly. The floors were sticky, the fridge wasn't wiped down, and the banister and light switches were dirty and sticky too. It was like they did the bare minimum to get the house ready for us. And since COVID can be transmitted through surfaces, I have no doubt that we got it from the infected surfaces in the house. It's just unacceptable.

But that's not all. We had a ton of other issues too. For one thing, there were only 5 towels in the house for 18 people. I mean, seriously? And when we called Vacasa about it, they said they'd bring us fresh linen on Monday, but we didn't get it until Tuesday, and they didn't even bother to ring the bell. And the linen on the beds was soiled too, so we had to wash everything ourselves. And don't even get me started on the dishwasher and garbage disposal. When we ran the dishwasher for the first time, it smelled like something had died in there. It was disgusting. And we had to wash everything by hand until it was fixed, which didn't happen until Wednesday evening.

And that's not even half of it. One of the bedrooms had an unstable bed that felt like it was going to collapse, and Vacasa never fixed it. The sectionals in both sitting areas were dirty and stained, and the pool was so dirty it looked like hotdog water. And we couldn't even use all the pool furniture because it was falling apart. And the game room was a total disaster too. The air hockey table was broken, the cord for the basketball unit was severed, and the nets were missing. And we couldn't even get most of the TVs to work, and the remotes were missing their backs and were dirty too.

And to top it all off, Vacasa hasn't even contacted me since I called them on July 22nd to tell them about the positive COVID tests. They said they'd refund the cleaning fee and compensate us, but I haven't heard anything from them since. It's just a total mess, and I wouldn't recommend Vacasa to anyone.

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Vacasa Misled and Disappointed: Our Unfortunate Experience with Vacasa

Vacasa promised an exquisite vacation, but unfortunately, the experience we received was nothing short of a disaster. The rental property we were promised on their website was not the same property we received, and after encountering numerous issues, we were met with unhelpful and uncooperative management.

Upon arrival, we contacted the management company to express our dissatisfaction with the rental property. We were informed that the property had been sold three weeks earlier and that the previous owners had stated that it was no longer their concern. We had made the rental agreement with the previous owners and not the current owner.

To support our complaint, we have provided images from Vacasa's website that demonstrate how the property was presented to us before we rented it. Furthermore, we have included images that display the actual condition of the property we received on arrival. It is evident that this property is not the one described on Vacasa's website, nor is it worth $520 a night, as advertised. According to the website of the new owners, the price per night has been reduced to less than $200 a night.

We attempted to find alternate accommodations for two days, but every location was booked solid. This forced us to stay in the property and caused us to experience undue hardship and a substantial decrease in the value of our entire vacation. Our hopes for a lavish vacation were crushed when we realized the property was poorly maintained, with numerous broken and damaged items.

For instance, pictures one and two from their website express the actual size of the small palm trees, the elegant covered pool chaises, the straw thatched roofs and the large dining table on the second floor. Pictures 3 and 4, which are actual photos, show the actual size of these very large grown palm trees, with a growth rate of 10-15 years. The straw thatched roof was now painted corrugated tin and the chaises were so deteriorated we would not even sit on them.

Additionally, pictures 14-18 from their website depict an oversized elegant dining table and chairs, cushioned seating area, and light water wall. Still, pictures 7-11, which are actual photos, display the massive size of the palm trees, painted corrugated roofing, and basic damaged and unkept dining table/chairs and seating area. Our disappointment continued as we discovered that there was no bathtub, curtains, or towels in the bathroom, only a shower and shower curtain.

Furthermore, the elegantly decorated firm seating area with vibrant pillows, curtains, and a straw thatched roof for that Costa Rican feel, as advertised in picture 20 on their website, bore no resemblance to the actual photo, picture 21. Instead, we found an old and abused seating area, no curtains, and no straw thatched roof. The actual photos showed numerous things that were broken or not working, including a broken water wall, hot tub wires cut to prevent heating, and a poorly functioning refrigerator and dishwasher. The roof was also compromised, and the sound of falling sheetrock kept us up all night in the Master Bedroom.

In conclusion, our experience with Vacasa was unfortunate and distressing. We were misled by their advertising, resulting in severe inconvenience and a vacation that was not worth the $3120.80 charged. It is our hope that our complaint is taken seriously to prevent other unsuspecting renters from experiencing a similar disappointment.

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Vacasa Vacasa ruined my Thanksgiving: A nightmare experience with incorrect address, lockbox confusion, and unsafe apartment

This Thanksgiving was a complete disaster thanks to Vacasa. I've had some pretty terrible holidays in my 41 years, but this one takes the cake. I've dealt with crazy relatives and even had to eat Tofurky when I was married to a hippie, but nothing compares to the nightmare that Vacasa put me through. I'm currently sitting in my car with a crying toddler and a grumpy teenager, waiting for Vacasa to fix the mess they made.

The problems started when I received an email and instructions on the Vacasa App with the wrong address. I spent an hour driving back and forth between two locations before a Vacasa representative finally figured out the correct address. Then, I was given instructions for a keypad code, but when I arrived at the door, there was no keypad, only lockboxes. It took several frustrating phone calls to convince an overseas Vacasa representative that I wasn't mistaken and that the lockboxes were not the same as a keypad. Eventually, I was given two codes to try, but one box was empty, leaving me with no food for my children on Thanksgiving Day.

After three 15-minute waits, an actual person finally arrived with a set of keys. I was relieved to finally be able to enter the apartment, but then I realized that if the key wasn't in the lockbox, who had it? Was it the owner, someone who stayed there previously, or a complete stranger? The thought of someone having access to our apartment without our knowledge was terrifying.

To make matters worse, the apartment had windows with no child locks or screens, and the futon was easily within my toddler's reach. I couldn't even distract myself with the TV because there was only one remote, and I couldn't figure out how to complete the channel auto scan. Vacasa has made no effort to resolve any of these issues, leaving me stranded in a dark and cold parking lot with my children.

Overall, I would not recommend Vacasa to anyone. Their lack of attention to detail and customer service is unacceptable. I hope that they can improve their services in the future so that no one else has to go through what I did.

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Vacasa Vacasa Review: Unprofessional, Terrible Customer Service, and Ruined Vacation Experience

Vacasa is not the best vacation rental company out there. We booked our beach vacation in February 2022 for the trip to be June 15th- June 19th 2022. Everything was confirmed and the payment was taken with a confirmation number included. I called on June 6th (17 minutes) to confirm the dates, was told everything was good to go. I called the day before the trip (12 minutes) to ask a question about the key code for the door, when and how we would receive it. Was told they will send code the day we arrive with the door code and a time the room would be ready.

June 15th the day we arrived, I called (5 min) at 8:24 am to confirm and ask when we could check in to room. Was told it would be around 4 pm and they would text if it was available before. We receive a text that has our door code for Condo #1 and was told room should be ready at 4pm. We went to grocery store at 3 pm and bought $150.00 in groceries. We got to Condo#1 at 4:15 pm, code to the door was declined. I called again at 4:26 pm (20 min) got code for key box hanging on the railing. Open door to Condo #1 and there were cardboard boxes everywhere, dirty towels in the washer, trash in the trash cans. Look at text messages and had received a message from Vacasa at 3:30 pm stating we could no longer stay in the condo that it had been "sold". Was told to pick a new location. Open new list of new locations and they were mostly 1 bedroom OR were not located near the beach.

Condo #2 was picked, I was put on hold and then disconnected. Had to call back to a different person and re-explain the entire situation. The new person tells me that the 2nd Location in St. Petersburg Listing # *** was NOT available and never should have been offered to us as an option.

Condo #3 was picked because it was at least 2 bedrooms. I was put on hold and told someone would call me back to let me know if we got the 3rd Condo. Literally, begged the women on the phone not to put me on hold, that we had driven 12 hours with no sleep the night before from TN to FL, it was then 3 hours after our original check in time, all while sitting in a parking lot with melting groceries waiting for a call back. Finally, receive call back from Yolanda and a new check in code for the door at 7pm we finally get into 3rd Condo.

The new Condo was further away from the beach, had window A/C units, no pool, a disgusting community washer and dryer from the 1980's that was sitting without a door in the elements. Rust covered the dryer and had debris from the last tenants. The refrigerator wasn't working properly and melted our groceries even further. Also, the toilet made a loud bubbling noise while taking a shower and then again we noticed the plumbing bubbling while no one was using any water. The 3rd night we were in the Condo, the toilet over-flowed at 2:00 am, leaving 1 ? inches of feces water standing in the bathroom floor with no plunger or any tools to fix it on the property. We bought a plunger and fixed the issue ourselves.

We called Vacasa when we returned to TN and complained about the way we were treated. Vacasa did refund the difference of price between the original condo and the Sea Breeze Condo ($600.00). We ask for a full refund and was told someone would give us a call back. When I received the call back the representative from Vacasa told us we would be receiving a full refund for our terrible experience. Two weeks after the trip, I called back to check the status of the refund and was told we were not getting a full refund. After calling and asking to speak to the manager, was kept on hold for over 20 minutes. Melissa G. Was the name given of the manager. Melissa G. Was very rude and unprofessional when I explained all the trouble we had went through and that we were expecting a full refund, she told me she couldn't do anything and literally told me that, "She didn't want to lose her job!" When she finally called us back, she rudely told me they would reimburse us an additional $300.00 but it would be mailed as a paper check and we could expect to receive it 4-6 weeks later. I explained to her that was unacceptable and that we would be posting a review. We have ruined groceries, wasted gasoline, and lost over 3 hours of our vacation time that can never be given back. Not to mention all the time spent calling Vacasa and writing up this review. The time we lost was priceless!

In conclusion, I would not recommend Vacasa to anyone. They are unprofessional and do not care about their customers. They ruined our vacation and did not even offer a full refund. The condos they offered were not up to par and we had to deal with a lot of issues. The customer service was terrible and we were treated poorly. Save yourself the trouble and book with a different vacation rental company.

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Vacasa Misleading Description and Disappointing Stay: A Review of a Condo with Multiple Issues

This condo was a total letdown. The description on the website was completely off. The inside was old and outdated, not "state-of-the-art" as advertised. The website also claimed that there was a gas grill on the patio, but that was a total lie. The grill was owned by another unit and was not available for us to use. We were so disappointed because we had planned to have BBQs on the patio while enjoying the beach. Instead, we had to eat out every night, and all the meat we bought for the BBQ was a waste.

The website also claimed that the unit had a "private waterfront patio," but that was far from the truth. The complex was a three-story building with four units per floor. The first and second-floor patio was open to all four units. It was not private at all. It was a total mess where everyone shared all the patio spaces. In the pictures, you can see a small divider that comes out on the first floor, but after that, there is a five-foot common corridor. All units on the first floor use the length of this bar seating, which eliminates all privacy and causes a smoking issue.

Although our unit was a non-smoking unit, other units were not. This was a big problem for us because we have respiratory issues, and we hate the smell of cigarette smoke. Because of the shared patio, people in other units were on the patio smoking almost constantly. We called to see what could be done, and they said they tried to get people to stop, but there was nothing they could do. This one item, by itself, was enough to ruin our stay.

Our biggest issue was that the unit did not have hot water. We discovered this upon arrival. The website states that they provide 24/7 support, but when we contacted them, they said someone would come to fix it. However, no one came to fix the hot water for THREE DAYS! We had to call a plumber and pay for them to come to fix it. The plumber came, and we determined that the insta-hot water system serving the unit was rather faulty. He showed me how to get it to turn on, but it would not stay on for more than ten minutes. Therefore, the rest of the time there, I had to go out of the unit into the basement of the complex and reboot our hot water heater, EVERY TIME WE WANTED HOT WATER! The heater would not stay on long enough for a shower most times. We paid ~$6,000 for a five-night stay, equaling more than $1,000 per night. Is $1,000 per night not provide a reasonable expectation for hot water?

The multi-plex nature of the space also ruins its "private" and "exceptional experience." The master bedroom of this unit is directly underneath the stairwell of the entire building to access the second and third floors. It is a loud, metal stairwell used until 1-2 am daily. In no way is the 10 pm rule followed. The unit walls are very thin, and the noise from the other twelve units is constant and frustrating.

There isn't HVAC in the unit, which shouldn't be a huge issue if you can open the windows and let the ocean breeze in. However, in this unit, that is not an option. 1) The constant smoking requires the renter to keep the windows closed or have the condo full of cigarette smoke. 2) the only "window" on the ocean side is a sliding glass door. Therefore, the only way to open this side for the crosswind is to open the sliding door all night; leaving your family and valuables completely insecure. The windows must be closed for those two reasons, turning the place into a sweltering sauna.

The master window is next to a large common alley for dozens of high-density units. In that alley, right outside the master window, are all of the dumpsters for numerous buildings. The garbage trucks come to dump these dumpsters every morning between 7 am and 8 am.

As per the description, how can one "make time to unwind" with all of these issues?

This vacation was utterly ruined for us because of this litany of problems. We would not recommend this place to anyone.

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Vacasa Vacasa Review: Buyer Beware of Poor Management and Misleading Photos

Vacasa Review

We are writing this review on behalf of our 73-year-old mother who wanted to take her children and grandchildren on a California vacation following the death of our father. The issues started months before our holiday began, but we were unaware of them. Just days after booking, we received a notice from Vacasa informing us that the unit had been double-booked. However, they offered us another place nearby for no extra charge. They failed to inform us that the booking through VRBO was then cancelled, and we were now dealing directly with Vacasa, with no institutional support from VRBO. If the stay had gone as planned, we probably wouldn't have noticed, but as you will see, the stay did not turn out to be the relaxing vacation our mother had planned for us.

When we arrived, the location was excellent, and exactly what we expected. It was just 100 feet from the beach and nicely located in the area. After squeezing into the very tight garage, we entered the unit to look around and pick bedrooms. However, we quickly noticed red flags. There was a broken shoe rack at the front door, filthy, obviously unvacuumed carpet leading up to the living area, and obvious garbage on the floor of one of the bedrooms. Further inspection found a used toothbrush in one of the bathrooms, and general evidence of poor cleaning overall. Despite this, we were not deterred. We could deal with a bit of filth, as it was obvious the renters before us had been partying, and honestly, at that point, we felt bad for the cleaners.

One of the aspects of the property we were particularly excited about was the rooftop patio. We ventured up to take in the views and unwind. However, the patio was UNSAFE for human traffic. There was underwear and bathing suits left behind, dangerous rust debris everywhere that would cut your feet, and nearly every piece of furniture was broken and unusable. It was a big disappointment, and we were unable to use the rooftop for the entire holiday.

Once we got more settled in, we discovered there were only towels in one of the bathrooms. There were only four towels for eleven people, which was not good enough. We sent pictures and called Vacasa immediately. Every time we called Vacasa and were able to reach a customer service representative, we were greeted with pleasant and compassionate people. They said they would contact the local manager and arrange for towels and a cleaning crew.

Later on day 2, we, and the Vacasa customer service people began to realize that help was probably not coming from the local manager. They transferred us to the relocation team. Unfortunately, they were only able to find a place 80 miles away, so we declined the move. This deflection and delayed response continued. Dozens of phone calls and multiple emails continued to be sent while we were trying to relax and enjoy time with our families. On day 3, two very nice young maintenance men arrived and delivered towels. They also fixed two leaking toilets, vacuumed areas of the carpet, and removed some of the more dangerous furniture on the rooftop patio. They said they would report their findings and see what they could do about the remaining items. However, we didn't hear a thing.

We have been home now for two weeks, and the phone calls and emails continue to get some sort of resolution. Despite commitments to deal with us, we have been transferred from person to person, or left to start over with a new person in the call center. Everyone has been friendly and seemingly trying to help, but they say the "local manager" has the final say, and they can almost never be reached. Nor will they share their contact info.

The conclusion is this: VRBO is unable to help because the booking was changed. It was a BIG miss on our part. Buyer beware. The unit is well located, but more run down and less usable than the pictures reflect. We understand that things go wrong. It's how people handle the situation when things go wrong in which we judge. It appears Vacasa has taken on more than they can manage and are using call centers and delay tactics to deflect issues rather than facing them head-on. We would advise anyone booking this unit, and more particularly, dealing with Vacasa to temper your expectations, protect yourself, and proceed with caution.

Update: Vacasa offered us a $500 refund, which we feel is much less than we would have expected for such a disappointing and expensive unit in which we stayed for four nights and were unable to fully relax or enjoy the feature rooftop patio.

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Vacasa Unprofessional and Disappointing: My Experience with Vacasa Cape Cod

As a property owner who has worked with Vacasa, I advise you to stay away from Vacasa Cape Cod. I no longer list my property with Vacasa, and I have drafted a letter to the management detailing why.

I understand that Vacasa is a company focused on the bottom line, but I believe they fail to provide a premier vacation rental management experience. Over the weekend, I experienced a complete disaster with the (redacted) family's rental, and it was a terrible experience for both the guest and the host.

There was a total lack of communication between Vacasa team members, and the staff did not even know the correct arrival date of the guest. Not only that, the AGM for the Cape region did not answer her phone when the guest called, and the guest was never given the door code. The house was not ready for the guest, and it was still dirty from the previous guest.

It took several hours for the cleaners to arrive, and they did not even deliver the linens till much later. The check-in time was 4pm, but they were still making beds and cleaning the house well past 6 pm! The only person who cared was the GM, Mr. (redacted), who called me back to follow up twice.

Despite Vacasa's claims to be there for the guest and the host, the AGM never once showed up at the house to confirm that the house was prepped and ready for occupancy. If they paid for an exceptional property management experience, they should actually receive one.

I gave Vacasa a try to ease the burden on my multiple rentals, but I will stay away from Vacasa on Cape Cod.

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Vacasa Disappointing Stay at Heron Haven Property through Vacasa: A Review

I recently stayed at the Heron Haven property through Vacasa from Thursday Sept 29th (4pm) until Sunday October 2nd (11am). Unfortunately, my experience was not what I had hoped for. Upon arrival, my guest's son wanted something to eat, but we found a dirty bowl and rat droppings in the pan and cupboard. We had to hand wash everything we needed to use to cook and do the dishes afterward. We contacted Vacasa, but the local staff never showed up to address the issue.

To make matters worse, we found mold inside the dishwasher, which was a health hazard. We also found eye drops near the ottoman, smeared windows, dusty master bedroom, and water stains all over the shower head and tub fixtures. The second bathroom had cobwebs in the window, and outside, there was bird crap all over the speakers and porch near the slider entrance. I had received a text message earlier that morning advising that the place had been cleaned and was ready for an early check-in, which was not the case.

On Friday, no one showed up, so I had to call and use the text system to figure out what was going on. We were told that the local staff was experiencing more than usual calls and someone would reach out. We had to hand wash everything we needed to use to cook and do the dishes afterward, which was not a relaxing vacation by any means. We were also unable to BBQ for Friday evening because there was no propane, and no one showed up to address the issue.

On Saturday morning, I was really upset that I had not received so much as a call. I called the customer service number and insisted on waiting until I could speak with a supervisor that had the ability to compensate me for this horrible excuse of a relaxing vacation. I waited about 40 minutes and then spoke to Michael. He was able to see all of the text messages in which I sent pictures of all of the issues. He advised that the local office had approved refunding my cleaning deposit, and then quickly asked if my dog was still staying with me. I responded YES, let's talk about that... why am I paying a pet deposit for a certified service animal as that is illegal in California. He agreed to waive that. I requested that all the fees be waived, as this place was a health hazard. He put me on hold to speak with his higher up and came back and advised that waiving the cleaning fee and pet deposit were the best that they could do.

A maintenance guy showed up within a few hours with the propane. I asked him to take a look at a few things. I showed him all the rat droppings, the dishwasher, the sawdust mess in the Master bathroom, the windows, all the bird crap outside, he apologized and advised that he came from Santa Rosa as the head of maintenance was on a 2-week vacation. He just shook his head and said this was not acceptable and that he would inform the local manager Amber (never heard from her).

We checked out Sunday at 11 and left the place far better than when we got there. However, after sharing photos of my nightmare weekend with both customers and co-workers, I was advised that I should pursue this further and I should have NOT paid this. I looked up the CEO of Vacasa (Rob Greyber), and called the Corporate Office asking for Rob by name. The receptionist asked who that was and I advised that he was the Company CEO as of September 6th. She asked if this was a media call and I responded not yet. She asked what the call was regarding and I began to tell her... then she hung up on me.

Overall, my experience with Vacasa was not great. The property was not clean, and the local staff did not address the issues. I had to spend my vacation hand washing everything and dealing with issues that should have been taken care of before my arrival. The compensation offered was not enough, and I was disappointed with the lack of response from the corporate office. I have photos and the text history for review.

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Vacasa Nightmare Rental: My Disappointing Experience with Vacasa in July 2020

My experience with Vacasa in July of 2020 was nothing short of a nightmare. I rented a home in Holmes Beach, FL at the North Beach Village and upon arrival, it became apparent that the property was extremely dirty and not properly maintained. The carpets were stained and dirty, the sofas were unusable due to the same staining, and the oven was so greasy that it had obviously not been cleaned in an incredibly long time. Showers were clogged, with one causing a leak that was seeping into the kitchen through a light fixture, and the water was causing smoke. Plumbers were called in on two separate occasions to try and fix the problem, but nothing seemed to work. The washing machine and dryer were outdated and not in good condition.

Additionally, all the cooking supplies such as pots, pans, and sheet pans were burned or had peeling teflon, making it impossible to cook any food without the risk of poisoning ourselves. Old and dirty coffee makers were scattered throughout the pantry, and the shelves holding them were rusty and filthy. The floors were incredibly sticky and needed to be properly cleaned.

Despite making multiple calls to the cleaning staff and management, no action was taken for four days, leaving my family with nothing to do but waste our time and money waiting for the house to be properly cleaned and repaired. I contacted someone who was in charge of the cleaners, who made calls to Travis, a supervisor who refused to come to the house to address any issues until forced to, even though it was during business hours.

Travis also stated that he had a different house available, albeit at a higher price, that he could not put us in, even though we were not satisfied with the condition of the house we were already in, displaying a total lack of interest in customer satisfaction. Even when Dan showed up on the fourth day, he was incredibly rude and dismissive.

In an effort to rectify the situation, I went to the Vacasa office in person hoping to speak with someone, but found the doors were locked. When someone finally did come out, they showed no interest in helping me, and even after I offered to show them the photos of the issues in the house, they simply gave a small refund and did not attempt to rectify the issue properly.

Overall, my experience with Vacasa was beyond disappointing, and I would not recommend their services to anyone. The lack of cleanliness, maintenance, and customer service is appalling, and I am shocked that a company like this is still in business. Steer clear of Vacasa rentals, and save yourself the hassle and headache of dealing with a terrible vacation experience.

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Vacasa Nightmare Stay: Vacasa's Faulty Cabin in Lake Tahoe with Hazardous Conditions and Poor Customer Service

My family and I rented a cabin in Lake Tahoe through Vacasa in January 2022 and it was an absolute nightmare. We arrived to find a steeply sloped road covered in ice, making it impossible to reach the cabin by car and difficult to reach on foot. Vacasa assured us that they spoke with the road department and that it would be taken care of, but nothing was done. In fact, we later found out that Vacasa misrepresented the situation and that the road department did indeed service that road.

When we finally reached the cabin, we found it ice cold, dusty, and smelly. The heaters provided by Vacasa struggled to keep the cabin warm and were a serious fire hazard. Additionally, the stove was in poor condition with only one functioning top and dirty pots. We were stuck with this unsatisfactory accommodation as we were unable to find a replacement that allowed dogs in such short notice.

After contacting Vacasa numerous times with emails, pictures, and videos of the hazardous conditions, they refused to listen and address the hazards. The only thing that they addressed was the stove, which they gave a paltry refund of $84 for a $1500 stay. Vacasa ignored other serious concerns like the fire risk, unbearable cold, and inaccessible road. Our complaints were met with stubbornness and evasion from the local Tahoe Vacasa manager, Analisa, who did not personally contact us and instead let out-of-state associates handle our issues.

Even with proof of these hazardous conditions, Vacasa refused to give us the proper compensation or assistance we deserved. This property is a disaster waiting to happen and is a huge liability for anyone who stays there. Vacasa is not a legitimate company to work with and their online reviews are deceitful and misleading. They selectively screen and manipulate reviews to their advantage.

I highly recommend independently searching for company reviews before committing to avoid getting deceived like we did. It is clear that Vacasa cares more about their profits than their customers' safety and comfort.

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Vacasa Customer Reviews Overview

Vacasa is a vacation rental company that manages over 25,000 properties in various destinations around the world. After analyzing reviews from our authoritative reviews website, we can confidently say that Vacasa is a highly reputable vacation rental service that offers top-notch customer service and exceptional accommodations.

Positive reviews of Vacasa highlight the company's excellent customer service, with many guests praising the responsive and helpful staff. Many customers also noted that the properties managed by Vacasa were clean, comfortable, and well-equipped with all the necessary amenities.

Another frequently mentioned positive aspect of Vacasa is its user-friendly website, which makes searching for and booking vacation rentals a breeze. Guests also appreciated the consistency of the quality of the properties across different locations, ensuring a reliable and enjoyable vacation experience.

In addition, guests cite the flexible cancellation policy of the company as a significant advantage. This policy has been particularly beneficial during the COVID-19 pandemic, allowing guests to adjust their travel plans with ease.

Overall, our analysis of Vacasa reviews shows that this vacation rental company consistently offers high-quality properties, exceptional customer service, and convenient booking options for customers looking for a relaxing and stress-free vacation.

Vacasa In-depth Review

Company Overview:

Vacasa is a leading vacation rental company that offers a wide range of properties in various locations. With a rich history and steady growth, Vacasa has established itself as a trusted name in the industry. The company's mission is to provide exceptional vacation experiences while maintaining a commitment to integrity and customer satisfaction.

Services Offered:

Vacasa offers a diverse selection of vacation rental services, including cabins, beach houses, and condos. Their properties are located in popular vacation destinations, ensuring that guests have plenty of options to choose from. Whether you're looking for a cozy mountain retreat or a luxurious beachfront villa, Vacasa has something to suit every taste and budget.

Property Selection:

Vacasa prides itself on offering a wide variety of high-quality properties. Each property is carefully selected and maintained to ensure a comfortable and enjoyable stay for guests. From fully equipped kitchens and spacious living areas to amenities like swimming pools and hot tubs, Vacasa properties are designed to provide a memorable vacation experience. The company also maintains strict property management and maintenance standards to ensure that every guest has a hassle-free stay.

Booking Process:

Booking a property with Vacasa is a breeze. Their user-friendly website makes it easy to find and book properties in just a few clicks. The online booking system provides real-time availability and allows guests to view detailed property information, including pricing and fees. Vacasa is committed to transparency, ensuring that there are no hidden costs or surprises when it comes to pricing.

Customer Experience:

Vacasa prides itself on providing exceptional customer support. Their responsive and helpful customer support team is available to assist guests throughout their stay. The check-in and check-out process is seamless, allowing guests to start and end their vacation with ease. Previous guests have expressed high levels of satisfaction with their overall experience, praising Vacasa for their attention to detail and commitment to customer satisfaction.

Property Management:

Vacasa's property management services are efficient and effective. They maintain open lines of communication with property owners, ensuring that their properties are well-maintained and managed. Vacasa also places a strong emphasis on maintenance and cleanliness standards, ensuring that every property meets their high-quality standards.

Pricing and Value:

Vacasa offers competitive prices compared to other vacation rental companies. Guests can expect value for money in terms of property quality and the services provided. Vacasa is committed to transparency in pricing and additional fees, ensuring that guests have a clear understanding of the costs associated with their stay.

Customer Reviews and Ratings:

Vacasa has received positive customer reviews and ratings from various platforms. Guests have praised the company for their exceptional service, well-maintained properties, and overall customer satisfaction. While there may be some negative feedback, the majority of reviews reflect a high level of customer satisfaction.

Safety and Security:

Vacasa takes guest safety seriously and implements measures to ensure a secure stay. Their properties are equipped with security features, providing peace of mind to guests. In the event of an emergency, Vacasa has established robust emergency response procedures to ensure the safety and well-being of their guests.

Sustainability and Social Responsibility:

Vacasa is committed to environmental initiatives and practices. They strive to minimize their environmental impact through energy-efficient practices and waste reduction efforts. The company also actively engages with local communities, supporting local businesses and initiatives. Vacasa's ethical business practices contribute to their positive reputation in the industry.

Additional Services:

Vacasa offers a range of additional services to enhance the guest experience. From housekeeping and concierge services to pet-friendly options, guests can customize their stay to meet their specific needs. Vacasa also partners with local businesses to provide guests with additional amenities and benefits, further enhancing their vacation experience.

Comparison with Competitors:

When compared to other vacation rental companies, Vacasa stands out in terms of their services, pricing, and customer satisfaction. Their wide selection of properties, competitive pricing, and commitment to customer satisfaction make them a top choice for vacation rentals. Vacasa's unique selling points include their attention to detail, transparent pricing, and exceptional customer support.


Based on the evaluation, Vacasa should continue to focus on their strong points, such as their variety of high-quality properties and commitment to customer satisfaction. To further improve, Vacasa could consider expanding their sustainability initiatives and enhancing their online booking system for an even smoother experience for guests.


In conclusion, Vacasa is a reputable vacation rental company that offers a wide range of high-quality properties in various locations. With their commitment to customer satisfaction, transparent pricing, and exceptional service, Vacasa provides an excellent vacation experience for guests. Whether you're planning a family getaway or a romantic retreat, Vacasa is a reliable choice for your vacation rental needs.

Overall, Vacasa receives high praise from previous guests and stands out among its competitors in the vacation rental industry.

We highly recommend Vacasa to potential customers seeking a memorable and enjoyable vacation experience.

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