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same like folks here, i registered to ensure i make my complaints heard.
i bought over 9 pieces of cabinets (about $2k) from their thomson branch in mar and may 2012. In jun 2012 one door fell off from one of them, i went to the shop showed them the images and they agreed to come down to check, didnt turn up, called again, they agreed to fix it without checking. They fixed it.
In july another door fell off, this time from a high cabinet, it is now an immediate safety issue, as this hight could cause considerable injury to my family member with several kids. Until today they have not fix it due to unavailable stock. I have requested to speak to the director, and have invited them to come down to take a look by themself in my emails and telephone calls. But to no avail. I noticed the side panels of all this cabinets could not hold the hinges and the weight of the door, the side panel material just broke off. the screws that was used are too shallow. I would like to have a refund either that they recheck and resecure all the doors of the cabinets. Do i have a case for small claims tribunal? How can i report to the right authority that this product is potentially unsafe for the consumers, how can i bring this awareness to the organizations that awarded them those names ?

Bad product and serivces
Bad product and serivces


  • Da
    David Lee Xiao Ming Oct 26, 2019

    Too many products and no proper recommendations
    Catalogue was untidy
    Salesperson not helpful and cant find the items that I was interested in
    Will not recommend
    Better off at IKEA

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  • Kc
    KC_sky Sep 20, 2019

    Purchase 4 office chairs and 4 dining chairs from vhive, 2 of the office chairs are having leathers starting to "peal off" after a year, drop them a email and a lady called me and she gives all sorts of excuses and saying that its wear and tear and suggest that chairs that other did not really use did not have this issue. What good is a chair if its not used to sit on for a few hours a day?? Finally she came back and said that the seats can be replaced at $90! Have already spend $200+ per chair and after one year must spend another $90 to get this changed, this is ridiculous. Decline to do this. Lets hope the other 2 office chairs that are more expensive do not have such issue. The quality is worst than IKEA where my previous chairs from Ikea last about 10 years. If you need to buy Vhive, try Ikea or else where, quality too bad.

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  • De
    Deletevhive Sep 13, 2019

    I really really wish that I had read these comments (complaints) b4 buying a bedframe n mattress from vHive nex. I had such a frustrating time with them today n it was while I was trying to find an avenue to lodge a complaint that I came across this site.
    I helped my family member to buy a bedframe and mattress on 20Aug19. I was informed that shipment will take 3 to 4 weeks which we agreed to. On 28Aug19, I received a call that the shipment had arrived and delivery can be made from 4Sep19. When I asked why "so fast", store salesperson just said that it's sometimes so. I arranged for a delivery for 14Sep19 to give us time to dispose of our existing bed n other commitments.
    Today, just today, I received a call from the store that there is no stock and delivery cannot be made tomorrow 14Sep19!!! I was given the option of delivery next week or change to a mattress of similar type. We have not seen the "similar type" of mattress and have no idea what it's like. When I questioned - why is there no stock? What happened to the "reserved mattress" since 4Sep19, I was told that the mattress is defective. I really think that I have been fed a load of crap (maybe hopefully they can offload another crap mattress to us or whatever crap reasons they have planned).
    After numerous calls including a call from Customer Service and the famous Alice (I told her that she should not be in Customer Service cos she's not interested in Customer Service), I am finding out how I can lodge a complaint. Even though I told Alice that I will lodge a complaint with CASE and give feedback on their service and on social media, there's a "heck care" attitude. I told her that she's trying to force me to accept their options.
    After reading all the feedback, I guess I really have to ask for a refund.

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  • 13
    131211 May 24, 2019
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    The reason you won't get to speak to the supervisor of the customer service staff is because the organization is flat and their immediate superior is the oldest boss / boss's wife Madam. I've worked in VHive. Shop somewhere else, this is not a company that cares for their customers.

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  • Ov
    Ovation Feb 27, 2019

    Oh my, I should have read these reviews before buying from vHive! I have just made a purchase for an Atlanta 3 doors wardrobe and the delivery is coming Monday, 4th March. I have been having headache since the very first review. Will post a comment after the delivery, hopefully a smooth one. ..

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  • Ko
    koiben Feb 05, 2018

    After reading so many complaints, I realise that my case falls under the same issue of unreliable, irresponsible and disinterest merchant whose sole interest is just making money. What a sad thing!!!
    I bought a office chair after going to the NEX shop a number of times to try on it and satisfied that it is what I wanted. Upon delivery, I noticed the height of the back rest is higher as a result it is not desire for my neck support. I immediately measured the height of the back rest and was 26" but the shop's one was 25" and I went back to NEX's outlet to ask for an exchange to a next chair which I eyed upon earlier but more expensive given the reason that the displayed chair has a different height from the one delivered and it doesn't suit my need. I was referred to the main office and Yes the familiar lady-in-charge Rebecca answered the call and she applied the usual tactic like those mentioned above to push away their responsibility. I request her to send some one to come down to measure the height of the chair but she refused.I quoted CASE's fair practice and the Lemon Law description as a reason that I should be allowed for an exchange or refund. She just kept saying I will get use to it after a few weeks as it is new but didn't commit any further. When I wanted to speak to the Manager-in-charge after knowing that she is trying to push the issue away, she refused to let me have the contact and instead asked me to write in. From her expression, I know it will be a fruitless effort to do so as she will just simply ignore it. How come nobody in this forum gets help from the authority like CASE? Do you think I should get helps or let the matter rest?

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  • Ng
    N George Jan 09, 2018

    Planning to get a wardrobe from v.hive, after looking at the comments, it make me worried...

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  • Ta
    Tang Mun Hong Richard Sep 18, 2017
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    After the sufferings you guy had, should have engage a mover and throw their garbage at their showroom. Super louse service at City Square Mall, just imagine one Hive FT staff (don't know is Pinoy of Cambodia) manning the whole showroom. Lucky chance upon this review and HWZ, if not another disappointed customer to add into the list.

    I think those neighborhood furniture even though their design is not modern as compare to Hive or Picket&Rail design, but they are very reliable uncles and aunties attending to your needs. Do try them.

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  • Jul 05, 2017
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Hi, can we bring this up to case?
    I bought big wardrobe, tv console and a display bookshelf scheduled to be delivered today, 6/7/2017, afternoon 2 to 5pm. I hope I will not get that nasty delivery man...

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  • No
    No more hives Jun 15, 2017

    i wish that i had read these reviews before buying from vHive. All reveiws here remains true till today 15 Jun 2017.
    They have a different way of getting things done. This is the first time i had a delivery man who banged on my door! And you just endured poor worksmanship and bad attitude of delivery cum assembly man. The product did not fix properly leaving a big gap between joints and he said "it's like that". It certainly looked very different from the showroom.
    The customer service was just as hopeless. They didn't bother to repond to your mails and their attitude is equally bad.
    The only consolation is that i only bought a shoe rack vs the big ticket items that i see here and most probably those issues aren't resolved until today.
    All potential customers, by all means avoid vHive

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  • Kt
    KtkL Feb 07, 2017

    I have just come out of a disastrous phone call with the Customer Service Alice L**.

    Background: I had bought an office swivel chair, and the office had called to set up a delivery day (Feb 6). The chair was not delivered, and no one had called me. I called the branch and the guy was nice enough to call me back after investigating (the contractor's truck had broken down, and he's late in his deliveries). There was a chance my chair would be delivered that night, so I had cleared with my guard to let the truck in. Waited till 10 pm, no delivery.

    Today (Feb 7), was expecting the delivery until I called home to check. No delivery and no phone call. So I called the customer service and that was where it went downhill. The earliest next delivery - Feb 16. No go because it was not my problem they stuffed up and worst, they didn't even call me. So I pushed for an earlier delivery, Alice said maybe tomorrow but cannot confirm (for all sorts of rhyme and reason). So naturally, I'm a bit flabbergasted now, and asked for her name, and that of her supervisor. She became very defensive although I had asked just as a point of contact should I need to escalate (which is my normal SOP). She was getting so agitated as I was pushing for a confirmed delivery for tomorrow and then I GOT HUNG UP ON!

    AMAZING! I've never been hung up on by a Customer Service Rep. VHIVE has just sunk to a new low, and I will not patronize them. I will await for delivery, failing which by Friday, I will report to CASE.

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  • Vh
    VHive boycott 2016 Nov 08, 2016

    We recently raised a complaint on the sickening odor coming from their wardrobe to vhive Singapore. We bought this wardrobe model LISA 3 DRS wardrobe-WD1294-S/OK (Tiger Oak). After the installation on Oct 15, we have made great effort to try to remove its odor. It includes 1. let all doors open for about week before use; 2. fan to the wardrobe; 3. put several packs of charcoal inside. Despite of our effort and about one month time, the bad odor is still there and continuously coming from the boards of this wardrobe.

    We concerned very much the odor is poisonous and affecting health. So we called customer service hotline and attended by this woman Rebecca. She arranged their contractor (the personal from the delivery and installation team) to inspect this issue on site. Throughout, the attitude of the customer officer Rebecca and the inspection person is terrible. What they say or do makes you feel that the problem is your problem, none of their business. Blame on you if any thing happened to you. What the inspection guy talked made no sense to us. Even more, what he wrote in the report was there is no odor! We just demanded another inspection, waiting to see how it would be.

    Shame on me if we buy one more piece from vhive Singapore.

    p.s. Anyone approached Consumers Association of Singapore (CASE) to solve the issue with vhive?

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  • Ak
    aKhalid May 25, 2016

    My father-in-law bought a wardrobe set and two other cabinets to replace old ones from the Great World City store. A day before delivery, he was called by the store to inform him that the wardrobe was not available. He was given a choice whether to wait for at least 2 months or claim a refund. He only informed me in the evening. My wife and I tried to call the store and its main office, but no one answered! He decided to get another from Courts because we have dismantled the old wardrobe and his and my mom-in-law's clothing were all over the bedroom. On the day of delivery, he called them up to claim a refund. The person who answered his call made all the arrangements. Then a few minutes later, the delivery man came and installed everything, including the wardrobe! The old man could not do anything. He called me up and I made a call to the store. A personnel by the name of Andy answered. I told him about the situation and he asked me to wait for his call. Called back and told me that the delivery people would come back to uninstall the cabinet and bring it back. My God! That would have stressed up the old man! This Andy even accused me of not telling him properly. He insisted that I told him that Courts was delivering the other wardrobe on the same day. Since when was Courts able to do such a fast job! HE kept interrupting me when I was speaking, causing me who was already worried and anxious, to blow up. And he just slammed the phone on me. I called again and he did the same thing! When I called the third time, he just said that since I raised my voice, he didn't want to talk to me. He did admit that maybe, I repeat maybe, his company was at fault for the mess up but offered no apologies. In other words, the company can do anything and I have no right to be angry! The company has caused a lot of anxiety to an old man who is not in the best of health and I cannot react! The fella has not even tried to pacify or listened carefully to the customer's woes. To think that I have spent thousands of dollars on their goods! So stupid of me to recommend them to my in-laws! To add more, they did not even respond to the feedback I gave through their website. That's how they value customers! I've had experiences with IKEA and even Courts. I was even angrier with Courts for messing up my aircon installation, yet the customer service went out all the way to cool me down and did her best to correct the problem. She even apologised even though it was not her fault! I have spent the last dollar on vhive!

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  • An
    anonymousapril2016 Apr 18, 2016
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I also had a terrible experience with Vhive Singapore. I will never purchase anythings from them ANYMORE!!! They will do or say anything they can to not let u make an exchange. I've never encounter such customer service in my life.

    I recently bought a mattress and a sofabed. The mattress is OK so far but the sofa bed smells horrible. 10 days after delivering it into my house i called the customer services to enquire if I can make an exchange (purchase another better quality sofa bed). The customer service said they will get someone to come over to inspect on the smell. The guys came over to check on the sofabed (they did not even want to go close to he sofa even though i requested them to go close to the sofa and smell). I mean come on my complaint was the smell that comes out from the sofabed, not that the sofabed is broken. All they did was just check the condition of it. They reported "no smell" to the company. I told them many times, everytime I sat on the sofabed I can smell it very badly and that make me feel uncomfortable until I feel like throwing up. I have called the customers services many times but the lady in charge (which I forgot to ask for her name) kept using the excuse of "no exchange or refund policy" to defend her company. For god's sake! I didn't request for a refund. We were willing to pay extra to purchase a better quality sofabed from Vhive. The sofabed is still in very very good condition. I told the lady those guys didnt try to sit on it how can they just conclude no smell?! I can't even sit on the sofabed to watch TV, how on earth will I be able to sleep on it?! Is that the way how customer service should be?! Customer satisfaction is not their priority! The lady on the phone kept saying to wait for a while and the smell will go away. I asked her what if it doesn't? Does that mean I can make an exchange after a month??! She paused for about 10 seconds...and reply with the same old excuse again and again! By the way, there were many times when I tried to tell her to come over herself personally, sit on the sofa and smell it just to prove that I'm right and the guys she sent over are totally useless, she paused again, not knowing how to answer me back, until she mention the same thing again "no exchange policy". During our very last conversation, she suggested me to call again after one month if the smell still exists. That's when I asked again about the possibility to do an exchange after a month. She said maybe you can try to write in a letter but it is still our company policy we dont do exchange. OMG! There's no point talking to her as i doubt she will let me make an exchange with the same excuse again and again! Calling her or writing a letter to her company is a total waste of my time and energy. I'm very sure IKEA customer service is way better than V.Hive.

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  • Is
    Ispakles Aug 27, 2015
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I had a bad experience with Vhive too, their service sux. We paid for 2 study tables, 2 study swivel chairs and a bookshelf in full to Vhive in early July 15. They delivered one table to us a few days later. They said delivery for one of the tables and chairs will be in early August and bookshelf in mid August. However, when we called in end July to confirm the delivery date, we were shocked to find out that the table has been discontinued production and no one bothered to call and inform us. Worst, the chairs will only come one month later. The person on the phone just blamed the sales person for selling us a discontinued product without any apology. We cancelled the chair and table in the end and asked for a refund. Now in near end August, we called to ask when would the bookshelf be delivered. They told us there is another 2 weeks delay cause only part of the bookshelf was ready. It's quite appalling that they can delay for 2months and yet no one bothered to call to inform us if there is going to be a delay.

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  • Am
    Amy LC Ow Dec 08, 2014
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    @@ Vivre127, I kena Rebecca. she is on line with me. Really no customer service and test on my patient
    I said I want to speak the the manager duty or any customer service. There is no manager.

    I spend almost 20 mins to talk and waste my breath. And I have been calling to them for more than 10 times, and they said no records.

    Good Job, Vhive. if they did not reply me tomorrow, I will report to CASE

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  • Am
    Amy LC Ow Dec 08, 2014
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Yes, i kena VHIVE lousy service. My hubby and i purchased black tempted glass dining table on 25 Oct 2014. After delivery, we saw minor scatches and reported within an hour to GWC outlet.

    Till date. I keep calling GWC outlet and admin office. till no one get back to me

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  • Vi
    Vivre127 May 29, 2014

    I got to agree. I just called in to request for a replacement of the hydraulics on 2 office chairs bought from V.Hive. I understand the warranty is already over, and is willing to pay for replacement.

    However, this lady, Rebecca, from their customer service really tested my patient. Firstly, they will put you on hold on the line for super long, then came back with a really irritating tone. Part of our conversation goes like this:
    Me: Hi, I would like to find out about the replacement of...
    Rebecca: I have to check, give me the invoice number of the other chair.
    Me: The two chairs are the same model, can you just let me know if you have stock to replace?
    Rebecca: We need both invoices to check.

    Rebecca: So, I have submitted your request. We will get back to you.
    Me: When will I get a reply?
    Rebecca: Either today or within one week
    Me: Oh, so if within one week you didn't get back to me. It means there is no stock and I can proceed on to buy a new chair right?
    Rebecca: If I did not get back to you, maybe we forgot. You have to call back and check.

    Three Weeks Later..
    Me: Hi Rebecca, you said you will call me back, it has been 3 weeks
    Rebecca: Oh you are?
    Me: Sylvia
    *and rebecca puts me on hold again for so long
    Rebecca: Let me check and get back to you this evening
    Me: The other time you said one week but you did not get back to me
    Rebecca: Yes, because me storeman did not get back to me.

    *Anyway I'm lazy to type all of these down. None of the staffs inside are responsible enough to handle issue properly. When I asked for the manager, they refused to put me in line with the manager.
    *After much persistence to speak to their complain department, rebecca answered me: sorry no more stock for the chairs' hydraulic.

    WE PAID SO MUCH FOR THE CHAIRS AND THIS IS WHAT WE GET. The salesmen at V.Hive is relatively nice. But once you bought the chairs, be prepared to face hell if you need subsequent customer service.

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  • Er
    Erin02 Feb 02, 2014

    Fully agree. Service super bad, good not of good quality. I purchased a cabinet on 27 dec 2013. Till date my issue with vhive have not been resolve. Their response is slow. Constant follow up required... Really terrible purchase experience. Will working with Case Singapore to get my money back.

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  • Ho
    horridvhive Dec 17, 2012

    Vhive Singapore. A very bad company. With bad attitude delivery man.
    This delivery guy by the name Mr. Wee (short and fat man ) has a very bad attitude.
    He damage my furniture while assembling it and my nightmare begins.
    For weeks, I kept calling and be entertained by their trained response. I really wonder how these people
    keep their jobs working in a such a company.
    Take note. Vhive will NEVER replace your damage product. They keep using the word "service" even though they know you want a replacement. Rightfully or course, since it is brand new. But it will never happen.
    Don't be fool by their promises. My replacement never came. The same guy who damage my furniture came with another damage replacement. He got angry when I rejected the "service" replacement. As a customer, I got angrier with them for wasting my time.





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