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I decided to go online to get a auto insurance quote, as I went to the website I was asked to provide personal information date of birth, social security number, cell number, home address. I have never given my social security number out online; eventhough, I felt hesistant, I decided to do so to get my quote. As I am continuing with the process, I can only go so far in the website, and I get stopped by the website to contact a person, because the website can not process my auto insurance quote. As I call the 800 number, the person at the other end tells me that I have to create an account at in order to see my quote. I create my account successfully and then I start to answer the following questions regarding how to get a free auto insurance quote. As I am answering the questions, I am married and USAA wants to know my wife's information, date of birth and personal information. I then called USAA and told them that I do not wish to add my wife's personal information, they told me that I can not get a quote without adding her. I was very DISSATISFIED with my customer service experiance. I do not feel comfortable giving out my social security number or my wifes personal information. I believe that insurance companies can still do bussiness without the use of social security numbers and creating unnecesary accounts to people that just want to know purposeful information. I feel ripped off by USAA because I don't want them to jeopardize my social security number and I feel by providing my telephone number to USAA I am going to get solicitation calls that I don't want. I feel thatUSAA should be investigated. Identity theft is on the rise, I don't want to become a victim.


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Jul 26, 2016 9:56 pm EDT

Two things:(1) USAA field of membership is limited to legal residents, and a valid SSN is one way to verify that. (2) All insurance companies look at current credit reports to determine rates. The SSN is needed to access that.

Oct 17, 2014 8:44 pm EDT

I started filling out the USAA member application but quit when I saw they insisted I give my social security number. That is not necessary to prove my identity- there are other methods that don't carry that level of risk for the subscriber. What is the story with this organization?

Jul 01, 2022 6:29 pm EDT
Replying to comment of Loop88

Agree, I did the same. I don't even give my social to my doctor or dentist office. I had my identity stolen before and it took a yr to get it back.. Only applying for job, taxes, unemployment , that's it


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