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US Weekly / / us weekly magazine

Jun 15, 2019

My name is Hamilton Hatok and I have been receiving the US Weekly magazine which I didn't order. I am requesting that you stop mailing this magazine to me and I am requesting that you refund any charges that you have billed me for. I also want you to know that I have previously called and...

US Weekly / / magazines

Sep 26, 2018

i never had any record of that i was being charged for these at all never got a bill or anything at all. but yet in still y'all are trying to charge my debit card which i'm not getting when i don't have no account with this magazine company, & how unprofessional is it...

US Weekly / persecution of saints romanovs by leonardo dicaprio

Jul 02, 2018

Leo work soils Romanovs saints. His movies show him using saints and scenes of killing Anastasia. He dates 19 yr old to rape like basement succeeding in killing a Romanov through movies. Italian Mafia are constantly killing saints. Pls remove articles showing Leo's his work. Illegal and...

Us Weekly Magazine / didn't order anything

May 26, 2015

I didn't order anything from this company or any other company there trying to charge me for something I didn't order or don't have. The amout there trying to scam me out of is $ 365.75 that I don't owe to any one are company. I will prosecute those that are involved in...

Us Weekly / saying I owe a debt of $274.05 for magazines

May 11, 2015

received a letter today stating "THIS IS AN ATTEMPT TO COLLECT A DEBT'. This letter is stating that I owe $274.05 for US Weekly Magazines, I did not order or receive any magazines. The envelope has the address 311 W Third Steet, but the part that you send with the money is PO Box 4133...

Us Weekly / Charge me for this magazine

Apr 16, 2013

This company send magazines and charge me on my credit card. Never I' buy or sign authorization, and want my money back.

Us Weekly Magazine / keep getting magazine`s i did not order.

Nov 29, 2011

I have called several times 0ver a 2 month period to tell them to stop sending me us weekly magazine. I did not order them and i do not want them. Also telamarketers call me every week saying i owe them money and they have my credit card number, and i am going toget the magazine`s even if...

Us Weekly / I paid for an unauthorized subscription

Sep 10, 2011

I was checking my account through Q-phone and found an unauthorized charge of $84.00 on my credit card with a phone no.and the name US Weekly. The phone #(877)645-6809 when dialed gave me the name Magazine service center on an answering machine with no way to contact a live person. Now my...

Us Weekly / missuse of my depit card


Marketing who work for Smart Shopper Savings plan release by depit card info to other marketing agents. Under the law in Ohio this is a missues of my funds. I want my debit card number removed for the data base list with other comsumers.

Us Weekly Magazine / stopped my subscription but wont pay me back


Hi my name is Jane Nishitani, i was an avid reader of US weekly magazine, so last november2008 I subscribed on their international subscription site on the internet. soon that nov.26 they already got the full payment for 1 year subscription on my master card(so fast)without any notice to...

Us Weekly / Terrible experience


I was working on homework when I got a phone call from a private number. I answered the call and could tell right away it was a telemarketer. The telemarketer informed me that I had been nominated to be entered into a $10, 000 sweepstakes by my credit card company for being a good...