U.S. Cellular / United States Cellular Corporationunauthorized porting of phone number to t-mobile - fraud

K Sep 06, 2018

My son's phone number was ported without our knowledge on 9/3/2018 to T-Mobile and his Identity was stolen. The caller hijacked the account and Pin number and pretended to be me on the phone to make these changes. U.S. Cellular cancelled my son's phone with no call to me to confirm, I did not sign a new contract or discuss new payment arrangements. This person went out and got loans, used his debit information to make purchases and still we don't know what else has been done. U.S. Cellular has not been accountable and will not help to get the line back! They keep transferring me to every department possible and made us drive 3 hours to a T Mobile Agent to resolve the matter which did not happen! Who can I talk to get results. I have been a great paying customer for over 20 years and can't believe this poor service. I would also like to see more security when calling for any information on the account besides a Four Digit Number Code so this does not happen to anyone else. Please advise!

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