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billing & customer service

Us cellular... Its been one headache after another! I've been with them for 10 plus years it started with a...

Resolved phone

I had a problem with my phone, which I had a flip phone with this company for years, I go in cause I was having problems with my phone service, they tell me cause my phone is old and I need a updated one, which it only cost me around $20.00 when they finally got done, so with in a few weeks I started getting the samethingd, problems with my phone so they said it was my phone so they said cause I have the warranty, they will issue me another one, this has been going on for monnths now, and my phone is still not working, i'm on my 5th phone and still not working they charge $25.00 for this phone every month cause it's a anroid phone and none of them work out here in the country where I live and now i'm stuck paying for a phone I cannot use.

  • Ka
    KathyN Aug 21, 2013

    Just recently got new phones. What is up with the reception in Oklahoma? Very slow hotspot. Half the time can't even get our 3-G. Never had a problem before. Is it the phone or the cell towers. Please help!!!

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one phone had to pay for it twice??

We have had us cellular for a little over a yr we have two accounts with them both in my husband's name. One is ours one is my parent. Well January my phone broke and i couldn't use it at all so we went ahead took some reward points from my parents account and used on ours for me to upgrade early. My husband tried having the price of the phone charged to our account well they couldn't because we had been turned off once so the lady on the phone told my husband, my father, and the worker at the store it could be charged to our second account (my parents) okay that was fine either way it was getting paid. Come February we paid for it and since then have lost our receipt went to pay my bill on our account yesterday and it was $293 its never been over $151 after an hour on the phone they finally told me it was cuz i owed the $142 for my phone that already got paid for in Feb. They called me a liar pretty much said there isn't anything they can do cuz it was never billed to the other account supposedly (yet we paid for it) and said i had to pay it or we would lose phone service. Now I'm stuck paying for my phone a second time because they don't even know what they are doing or is going on. They don't care and won't remotely check into it further!! When my contract is up i will NEVER use us cellular again they will be losing both our accounts! They are crooks!!

  • Ma
    MargieMagic Apr 28, 2013
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Customer reps lie and scam for the sake of their job position! Obviously we pay their rent or morgage! They protect
    there employment reputation. It takes 1o complaints together with perfect files with billing history to make a voice. A consumer advocate thru utilities commission in your state. send a form (10) a petition form is neccesarry.

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poor customer service

I was with another carrier for 10 years and decided to change due to poor coverage when we traveled to our hunting property. I am extremely disappointed in the fact that US Cellular is doing nothing to try to keep us as customers. First of all we were not informed about the many different options we could be offered and ended up having to investigate them ourselves to get our plan lowered. Second of all we should be getting an employee discount, but they are having us jump through hoops to get it. My colleagues are getting it, but for some reason we are not. I have gone into the store to get it applied, called on the phone a number of times and got disconnected twice with no return phone call so we could finish our conversation. I have done everything they have told me to do. Now they want me to get a business card and bring it in along with my pay stub so they can call my employer. Well, good luck with that because when I'm not at work they aren't either. I am ready to go back to my old provider where they made it much easier.

  • Ap
    Apostle G Jul 03, 2012

    I just hung up the phone speaking to a Pattie in the Office of President department of Presidents office of Corporate Executive Appeals out of Chicago and told her about my experance with their ccompany these last few days and how due to the severe storms over the weekend and the outages we endured I was told that because my agrrement was to pay my bill by Saturday Night and seeing that I didn't call them to make the payment even though we were dealing with sevear storms and power outages she told me that I still had broken my aggrement with them and so thats why they had suspended my service and now that I paid the bill two days latter they are still going to charge me a reconnection fee.
    US Celluar SUCKS I wish now that I would of never left Sprint who I had been with for 15yrs and thought that US Celluar was offering a better deal fact is they SUCK and so does their customer service as well as their corporate offials who Ms Dillion their CEO hids behind and its evendent that she truly doesn't know the hill of beans about running a celluar company.

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Resolved billing

I recently switched from US Cellular as a customer to go with an iphone provider. I had been a loyal customer for over 10 years with no complaints until now. I cancelled my service and 4 weeks after I cancelled I saw they were still billing my checking account. I called to inquire on these bills and they told me there was a credit on my account but they cannot refund that to me until the next billing cycle clears which is another month away. I am on a very strict budget and this sets me back two months because it is money I had planned to go elsewhere (getting married). I find it absurd that even though you cancel your service, they still bill you almost an entire month later and then will not refund for another whole month.

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unfair billing

I was two weeks late on my payment due to inability to work from pregnancy. I received a text from the company Friday October 21, 2011 and was told to contact the company regarding my account. I was in the hospital that day, but tried to contact the company after my release the next day, Saturday. When I contacted the company, the department I needed to speak with was closed and would be closed Sunday also. However, my services were disconnected Sunday. I do not feel I was given sufficient time to contact the company about making an arrangement between the time I received the text and the time they disconnected. Keeping in my they disconnected my service on a day that there were no business hours at all.

Resolved service

I have been with us cellular for over 7 years however in the last few month they have stuck it to me several times, first they rope me into a phone I really didn't want, then they claim they did not receive my rebate in time even though it was mailed a month early and now after paying my bill the same time every month for several years out of the blue they decide to shut my service off with no notice! Wow is all I can say I thought most companies liked long term business! Obviously us cellular does not! All there customer service reps can say is sorry sir there is nothing we can do!!! Stay away from this company

Resolved samsung mesmerize

After 11 years of being a faithful paying customer for a USCellular business account, I upgrades our phones to Samsung Mesmerize smart phone. Loved phone, until we discovered poor reception, no 3G most of time, dropped calls, withheld text messages. 9 months of calling customer service trying to get back the kind of service that kept us a customer for 11 years. We upgraded hardware on phone 2x and finally to the 2.2 Gingerbread. The bottom line is that the Samsung Mesmerize phone has poor reception/signal strength. In trying to resolve our issues, a technician informed us that the Motorola phones are much better in reception. The Customer Service department has even had me take out a Motorola loaner phone to test the reception. Finally, with the loaner phone, I was able to get service. Now, why does USCellular not want to upgrade my phones to a Motorola Smartphone??!! They would rather kick you out the door & say "oh, well, we'll let you out of your contract". So much for customer service!

Resolved bait and switch

Have a problem with your phone? US Cellular will fix you right up after they bait you with a low ball offer and then try and switch you to something you don't want or need. After 6 years we did not renew and are now using 3 phones without a contract with a real national provider. US Cellular wrote the book on how to deceive customers.

  • Fe
    Fenwick50 Aug 29, 2018
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    We were with US Cellular for 10 years. They would send "You qualify for FREE UPGRADE PHONE!" notices in the mail. If I went into my account, same thing free upgrade!! Go to the store the Free upgrade S9 is $35.00 a month. There is no customer appreciation, poor connectivity in Vt, and questionable in store service. "Change carriers if you don't like the service." The BAIT AND SWITCH was the final straw though. We bought over $2, 000 worth of phones elsewhere and terminated US Cell

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Resolved bad service with costumer service liars

Us cellular robbed me by adding a $25 reactivation fee for being late less than one day for payment they are...

Resolved phone, staff, billing

US CELLULAR is fooling customers.

1. US Cellular is the worst. Products and services are cheap but it is not worth it. The high blood pressure that they will give you will make you spend more money because you will end up in a hospital with high blood, head ache or migraine.
2. LG Banter- Dont waste your money on it. The touch screen does not really work. I program my phone to silent whenever I have a meeting, and guess what? It rings to volume 5 so many many times.
3. After you load minutes on your phone, check out the amount after a few days or every week, cause they can change for unknown reason. If you load $40.00, change it, it may switch to $35... and you will consume all the minutes without really using it. It happened to me.
4. Beware when you call customer service, cause they tend not to accomodate your call by telling you that the phone is not registered in your name and you are not authorized to make the transaction. WOW! That is the best strategy to avoid working. They must be so tired of answering phone calls and they are inventing and reinventing ways to runaway from us and our calls.
5. And US Cellular, if you need my money for my rebate, you can have it. Just buy a good working spare parts for your phones. Fix your samsung mesmerize too. I can't login to google, i can't purchase from the android market and the notification is not working. Is it a smart phone? It is dumber than I am. Why do call it amart phone? I am dumb for wasting my money on a monthly service and for those defective HITECH phonies, oh, I mean phones. If gas wrere only not too high, I would have gone to that far away place where I have purchased these phones before that 30 days trial period.

Resolved wireless internet billing

Us cellular has what's called the belief plan. It is centered on the belief that their customers are stupid.
I had a us cellular wireless internet plan that allowed 5 gb of data exchange a month at a flat rate. Overages were set at a certain amount per mb used over this plan. I check usage religiously on my computer to make sure I never go over, and, in the five months I had the plan, never really came close.
The bill for january comes in and it shows overages to the tune of $200. I immediatly call them to dispute the claim. This is a story about the series of lies and misinformation various employees told me.
The first person I speak to tells me that the usage information I get from the 'connection status' screen offered in the software that comes with the equipment is inaccurate and shouldn't be counted on. So I ask her to tell me what my usage is for the current billing cycle and also for the billing cycle before the one being disputed. Both values are within 3% of what my "inaccurate" connection status screen showed. That lie didn't work, so they put me on hold and send me on to the next guy.

The next guy also tells me the connection status screen is inaccurate, but he has a different reason. He tells me that it is because that screen is only showing me total data received. I clarify this by asking him if he means that it does not show total data sent and total data exchanged. He says yes that is what he meant, so I proceed to tell him the screen shows three rows of usage. One that says total data sent, one that says total data received and finally one that says total data exchanged. His response, incredibly, is something along the lines of "hey that's just what this other guy told me." good to know the poor business ethics is pervasive over there at us cellular.

The last person sticks with the inaccurate connection status screen, but also has a different strategy. She tells me that I must have unplugged the equipment from my computer because when one does that, it resets all the usage rates back to zero. Well, i've never unplugged the thing, but I asked her to hold on while I unplug it and restart my computer. What a surprise. The connection status screen didn't reset to zero [censored] she said it would. The number was the exact same as it was before I unplugged it.

When I disputed the bill, they call back five days later to tell me that their "thorough" review shows that their information is correct and that I owe them the $200. Uh huh. I don't know why they don't do that to everyone if there is no way one can honestly dispute the claim.

Us cellular, like any wireless provider, doesn't really care about their customers. They make so much money they could care less about any of us. We're all going to have to accept that, but what I can't accept are the outright lies these people tell you in their belief that you are completely stupid. I'll pay the broken contract fee to these criminals, but they won't get the $200. And neither i, nor my wife, nor my eight children will ever spend a dime with this corrupt company again.

  • Am
    amyinWI Mar 30, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I had the same thing happen to me, although, I didn't even know about how to track my data usage. When I called to dispute the charges they "generously" gave me 1/3 off of the $200 charge. I called back this morning after checking my bill and trying to figure out how I could have gone over so much on my data plan. The rep I talked to this morning put me on hold for 18 min. so SHE could figure out where I could find my data usage online. Ends up the only place I can check usage...on my bill for the month! Sorry but that doesn't help me after the fact. The answer I got from the second person I talked to this morning was that I was actually getting "a good deal" because the overage cap saved me from having to pay $600. What a load! I filed a complaint with the FCC this morning. This should be illegal!

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  • Mc
    mc87613 Jul 21, 2011

    I agree. I used to have a Blackberry and switched to an Android. The customer service rep never informed me that there was a limit on how many gigabytes you could use per month. I had $400 dollars worth of excess charges for two months and then they decided to shut my internet off because I was using too much data. The customer service rep told me that nothing was different about the Android and so I just skimmed the contract before signing. I haven't really used the internet THAT much and didn't even know I should connect to a WIFI. Now that I know, I have tried to connect but I keep getting disconnected each time. I went to the store and they were not only rude but couldn't tell me what the problem was and how to fix it. I have looked at other companies and most have unlimited internet access. I'm trying to get out of my contract and switch. I have been with US Cellular for over 10 years now so they just lost a loyal customer.

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Resolved wrongly billed terrible customer service

I had a problem with us cellular after over three years as a loyal customer who paid on time each month. I changed my contract and added my husband to a new family plan. They messed up the address and didn't cancel my old plan. I paid what I thought was my bill for the new plan but our service was suspended because I didn’t receive a bill. I was threatened by customer service rep to pay up or else when I called to find out why my service was disrupted. Four hours later on the phone I was fed up. Three months later I was with a new carrier and still get bills from them even though we agreed to let my contract end without fees. I went to a local us cellular to pay up. This was, according to christine, customer relations, then tracy was the end. She was sorry to lose me as a customer. I just got another bill for nov. My service ended official on nov. 11. I didn't have the phones. I was out a lot of money just to get rid of us cellular. They forgot to cancel the contract after all that. Customer relations department is full of condescending and sometimes outright pathetically incapable people who couldn’t complete any task set to them. One particular condescending person from customer relations, george, mocked me and repeated everything I said on december 22, 2010. This isn't the first employee to treat me this way and I am sure I am not the only customer and former customer to be treated this way. What is wrong with this company? Every game I go to at us cellular I will give out their e-mail and address to any upset customer and former customer. Tds has a controlling interest in us cellular. Send your complaints to them. I have.
Tds board of directors
C/o corporate secretary
Telephone & data systems, inc.
30 n. La salle st.
Suite 4000
Chicago, il 60602

  • Ma
    MargieMagic Apr 28, 2013
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    lapping over is double billing. Doubling the profits.Small claims court with your bill is compoundable. Its only under fifty dollars (refundable) when won/awarded with actual bill. The difference should be rewarded with a termination of agreement. good luck!


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My wife and I have been with us cellular since 2004. We have for six years always paid our monthly charges. As uscc added more features, national calling plans, easy edge, and other services. As the company grew, we upgraded services and price of monthly bills. After 6 yrs of customer loyalty in may of this year we, for the first time wanted better phones than the.01 freebies.in may the htc pro touch ii was on special and I was told out of stock and could not get a rain check to lock in that special price or pay for the then and wait till it come in from being out of stock. On both options I was told no. Then in november there was a smart phone sale and both me and my wife wanted to take advantage of the sale price and then again have to increase the monthly price to accommodate the smart phones. Again we was told no we are only 6 months through the 2 yr contract not eligible for discounted equipment but we could go ahead and change to a belief plan and receive 2600 points for 6 years and still not be able to upgrade till november of 2011. We have spoken to the relations dept and customer services which also informed us we have to pay the msrp on phone or wait till we can renew next year! Now on tv tonight us cellular is giving any phone free to new customers. Yet a customer for 6 yrs I was told sorry deal with it or disconnect services. After 6 yrs this is the only issue/complaint I have had with us cellular and they would rather lose me as a customer than to resolve my problem.

  • Ch
    Cheeky_moose Aug 09, 2011

    If they were to let you in on a promotional price 18 months early, they would have to let _every_ customer do so. Financially speaking, that would force them to increase pricing on the phones to make up for lost revenue. The documents you sign (not necessarily the contract) states how long you have until eligability. It's no secret that 6 months in you can't change your mind. -- As far as a phone your friends won't laugh at, you need some differnt friends.

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fraudulent billing practices

I had been a customer of us cellulars for approzimately 5 years (I too was not rebated my $30 fee due to "incomplete or lost" application). I was required to port my phone service to a us cellular competitor due to a company directive. My new provider ported the number, then us cellular never mailed the final bill. I would suspect that would be due to my paperless statement billing option. At this same time, I was denied access to my account via the website where I was no longer a us cellular customer.

After 2 months, us cellular mailed a delinquent notice, with a late fee inluded, then sent the bill to collections 7 days later. No itemized bill or contact with me ever arrived via the us mail prior to the delinquent notice. I requested an itemized bill from us cellular be mailed to me and us cellular recommended I "partner" with my local post office to find out why the bill was never delivered to my billing address (paperless statements??) and I had to stop at an office and request a printed copy.

Long story shortened, this company refuses to accept any responsibility they neglected to mail the bill and has turned me over to 2 seperate collections agencies, not a very pleasant process. They have as well reported this to the collection bureau putting a mark on my impecable a+ credit rating.

After researching this with the state of maine bureau of consumer credit protection, I have found that I have rights afforded the consumer under the "fair debt collection practices act" that us cellular likely doesn't want you to know about.

This matter will be cleared up with no help from us cellular what so ever. Anyone that is interseted in cellular service dedicated to customer service, I would not recommend us cellular. Not only are they terrible at assisting with billing issues, but they are completely unfair as well. I would also recommend anyone that is having billing issues with the company research their states ag's website. It was very helpful to me.

  • Ly
    Lynda Ellis Feb 09, 2012

    We are having the same exact issues with them, we never received a bill stating we were past due, they sent it to the collection agency I refuse to pay it, they tell us since its gone to collections they can't help us we need to talk to the collection agency to dispute it we did and the collection agency sent us back to us cellular to dispute. How are you clearing up this matter?

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This is the complaint that I just submitted to US Cellular: I am extremely upset with your company and do plan on changing carriers. We had a past due balance of $137. I called on Nov 9 and made a pmt of $110 over the phone with my debit card. I told the rep that all I had available that day was the $110. I also told her I was working out of town and would not be home until Sat Nov 13 and that I would pay the remaining $27 online that afternoon. I go to leave the hotel this morning and my truck wouldn't start. I try to call for help and guess what, my phone has been shut off. This was about 7:30 am. Again, I told the rep that the remaining $27 would be paid this afternoon. I called US Cell when I got home today and was told that my promise-to-pay had NOT been noted in the file and the only way our phones would be turned back on is to pay not only the $27 but also the current month bill. It definetly isn't my fault that you have nitwits working customer service that cannot note files correctly and I will not pay a $25 per line reconnect fee. I did tell the rep that today, so just in case he failed to note that you're aware of it. As soon as we can, we will be switching carriers. You disconnect 3 phone lines for a $27 balance. Unreal!!! You are the worst. I will also publish this on the US Cell complaint blog.

signal insurance & us cellular

my piece of craps phone totally died after i dropped it, not that it wasnt dying anyway..i made an insurance claim but the denyed it even though i pay insurance and my bill monthly.. the ended up telling me my claim was bogus and to by a new phone. even after i threatened to leave their service.. the also told me that that they were inface willing to sell me a used phone, i guess to ease my pain..

i took the time to send their customer service dept. a complaint.. here is their response and a response from a friend of mine after i forwarded the mail to her..

HI Allan,

I am sorry to learn of your interest in canceling your U.S. Cellular Service. We strive to provide great service to all of our customers. You have been a customer with us for two years, and I regret to learn we may lose you. Your business is valuable to us and I would be happy to resolve any issues so you may stay with U.S. Cellular.

I know how important it is to receive a prompt resolution for your request. I would like to apologize for the delay with our response. While it is our goal to respond in a timely manner, due to an overwhelming amount of emails we were unable to meet our usual response time of 1-3 business days.

After reviewing your account, we show a claim was filed (claim # [protected]) August 2010 for mechanical breakdown. On August 8, 2010 we called insurance representative stated that the claim was filed online and typed on incident form "screen won't work". When our representative contacted you to gain more information regarding the incident it was stated that there was physical damage. But when filed the initial claim online it was noted no damage or incident occurred. I understand how frustrating it is to experience problems when filing an insurance claim.

Allan, when a customer file an online claim there are specific questions of what is wrong with equipment and if anything has happened. Your claim was submitted as "No". When contacted regarding the claim it was mentioned that the phone was dropped. Allan, because of the many false claims the insurance company get, once a claim is filed, information cannot be changed. That is the reason the claim was denied. We are not accusing you personally of filing a bogus claim.

We truly hope you can understand the importance of providing accurate information with any carrier and we are not personally attacking your character. Customer satisfaction has always been our company’s primary goal. We strive to provide all of our customers with the ideal experience in all dealings with our company. I recognize we did not meet these expectations when you spoke with our Customer Service Department or your visit to our store I can understand the frustration it caused.

Allan, have you heard about our Overage Protection service? With Overage Protection, we will send a Text Message directly to your phone alerting you to potential overages before they happen. This feature monitors both your minute and text message usage, and is a great back up plan in case you have an emergency or a big event that causes you to use more minutes or texts than normal. You truly get peace of mind in knowing you will not get a surprise on your bills. Best of all this service is totally free of charge. To receive these alerts, you may enroll though our Customer Service Department at the number provided below, online at http://www.uscellular.com/myaccount or at your local U.S. Cellular store. To find a store near you, please visit our website at http://www.uscellular.com/storefinder and enter your ZIP code. Additional information about our Overage Protection service can be found here: http://www.uscellular.com/overageprotection.

Allan, I sincerely hope you change your mind about leaving U.S. Cellular® and allow us the opportunity to regain your loyalty and trust in our service and products. If you have any further concerns or questions please do not hesitate to contact our Customer Service Department at the number referenced below and we will be there to help. For more immediate assistance you may contact our Customer Service Department at [protected] or 611 from your U.S. Cellular phone. Our store associates will also be glad to help if you prefer to stop by a store. To find a store near you simply enter your ZIP code at http://www.uscellular.com/storefinder. We appreciate your business and look forward to assisting you in the future.


Cliff R.
Customer Resolutions Support
U.S. Cellular

Wow, I'm astounded that US Cellualr isn't willing to work thru an insur claim mix up to keep your business...incredible. The fact that it would cost them next to nothing to resolve the issue and retain u as a customer. makes their response even more incredible. It's crystal clear that u are in fact not a valued customer and complaints aren't handled on a case by case basis. Of course the company's true interest lies in profit. Profit begins and ends with customer satisfaction. When a customer takes the time and effort to complain extra consideration needs to be given. US Cellualr does not want your business. I'm ..###'em dammit. Wow.

  • Di
    disgruntledinkenosha Aug 20, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    i also wanted to say.. since i could compain about this paticular issue all day.. when i called the signal they told me the claim was denyed and that the phone was under warrenty, when i went to us cellular they told me it wasnt and i would have to pay to have it repaired.. which is when i took the peice of crap phone to another cell store..ultimatly after all that happened with the denyed claims and the phone run around and being on hold with us cellular a nice young man at mobile one in kenosha wi. ate the cost and gave me another phone exspressing his disgust with us cellular and signal insurance.. how crazy is that a 3rd party dealer saves the day for a company that huge?

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  • Di
    disgruntledinkenosha Aug 20, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    i plan on telling every one and starting an anti us cellular facebook page.. an all out anti us cellular campain is so in order!! all the while using their service.. until my contract is up.

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  • By
    byancey Dec 03, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Ugh! At least I am not the only one who has been frustrated with The Signal. I had my daughter's stolen phone replaced this summer only to have the replacement phone suddenly die on us. When I called to inquire about warranty repair, I was informed for the first time ever that it was a refurbished phone with only a 90-day warranty. The Signal made no attempt at all to work with me on this; however, when I called US Cellular to complain, I was transferred to a very kind customer service rep who made several offers to help me get a phone for my daughter. I will not purchase cell phone insurance again...what a gigantic waste of money!!

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  • Sl
    slbrotherson Dec 07, 2010

    Signal insurance is not insurance at all. First of all the $50 deductible pays for the phone you are paying the monthly premium so Signal is out nothing. I had hail damage on my home I paid Home Mutual a $1000 deductible and they paid for my $17000 roof and windows, I added up the annual premium for the 10 years I have own this home and I was ahead. My premium with 100% replacement was under $10000 for the length I have own this home. That is insurance!!! I pay almost the same in Signal Insurance as I do in home owners and my home owners covers a $250000 home Signal barely covers $1000 worth of phones. This isn't right. My husband drop a "die grinder" while working on a Semi and it hit his phone. I'm getting reading for tax season so we used one of our old phones for a loaner. I set it on my desk and it got buried for 3 weeks. For the first time I filed a claim on line. Unsure of the date I guessed I was wrong my 8 days. The idiot who set up the on line claim asked for the "serial number" from under the battery. Well S/N 123456789 looks like a serial number. It wasn't but I continued with the claim. Got a phone call from Signal needing the "serial number" idiot the number they needed was the 'MEID#" I had a tax client sitting with me and I have a sinus infection so needless to say I couldn't hear very well because I was busy and my ears were clogged. They denied my claim the phone I was claiming on was not active at that time of damage. After three people at Signal and them hanging up on me I called US Cellular. Was I impressed, NOT!!!. A customer for 9 years at least a 3 phone plan roughly $210 a month for US Cellular. Afternoon customer rep tried Signal and was shot down so she said "sorry". Evening customer supervisor was only helpful with the "buy out" cost of $240 for all phone contracts, my usage but he was awesome with the usage TY told me to tell my new carrier that I had a 1000 minutes mobile to mobile and to make sure I have it in my plan with a new company. Hey TY ever heard of "balls"? Apparently not or you would have stepped up for me. Needless to say they gave up a customer that had generated and paid over $18000 in revenue for a FREE REPLACEMENT PHONE. I would love to leave a cell number or email but I like my privacy and tax season is coming. Don't give up and if your mad use cuss words the customer reps aren't phased by them and it makes you feel better.

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  • Su
    Sue Munson May 02, 2015
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Attempted to get a pay as you go program. US Cellular had such and was sent a SIMS card to start their service (the SIMS card was FREE). The SIMS card did not work and called their customer service# to state the problem. Multiple calls and emails were sent by me, all within 2 days of receiving the SIMS card. 2 of the customer service reps were absolutely nasty. 2 tried to play "phone repair" expert. Because there was no solution to the problem I made multiple attempts again to cancel their pay as you go service. Good luck with that. Today I received a $127.76 bill from a company called Debt Recovery Solutions, LLC and called US Cellular to get them to notify their "collection goon squad" that there was a VERY BIG MISTAKE here, and it appears, deliberately so. Called US Cellular and was told several things, #1 - they have no knowledge of this (my) account and #2 - they do not recognize this debt collection company. This phony bill now on appears on my credit report as an unpaid debt. I never used US Cellular because of the faulty SIMS card. There is not even one minute of use, period. I cancelled via phone and email. Spoke with some smug SOB called Patrick who informed me, in so many words, that they have no record of the debt collection agency and I had to solve the problem myself. US Cellular is corrupt. Period. Funny, was asked what my cellular phone number was numerous times and couldn't supply it. I never had one. So it begs the question, if you do not have a working cell phone number how can you run up charges on a phone that doesn't have a working SIMS card?

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Resolved do not use

A couple of years ago we moved to an area that u s cellular did not service so we were unable to use our cell phones because we could not get a reliable signal. I called uscellular and their only response was to tell me how much longer I had on my contract. 6 months. We paid for the service for the next six months while not being able to use our phones, except for our daughter who was away at college. When the time was up I called and told them I wanted to cancel my plan. The csr was very nice and told me I only had to pay my current balance and my service would cancel at the end of the month. This we did. We chose another carrier and plan. Our daughter wanted to keep her number which we did. 2 months later I received a bill from uscellular for $150. Then a credit for $34. I called and asked why I was being charged for a service I no longer had and was told because we "ported" the phone number. I wrote and email in complaint that cell phone companies were not allowed to penalize customers in this manner. I received a reply that it was not because we kept the number but that we did not cancel the service since we kept the number and my daughter had 5 months left on her phone even though it was a family plan. I did not pay the account, I am now being hounded by collection slime, 2 years later. I again contacted uscellular and I am being charged $175. They said it was because they needed to recoup money from the "free" phones they give. If I had been told this originally I would have just returned the phone to them, because as we all know you can not use a phone from a different provider. They have given me 3 different answers to the same question. U s celluar is the worst cell phone provider. Do not use them no matter what. They charge for service they do not supply and then keep on charging.

Resolved cell phone won't notify of missed call

The two lowest-price phones offered by US Cellular, both LG models, do not allow the user to be notified if a voice call was missed.

LG says this change was made per US Cellular specifications. If you want this basic feature you have to pay US Cellular at least an additional $50.00 for a phone with this feature. The local sales staff were not aware that this feature was removed from the latest LG phones. Their customer service said this was a "free" feature, and because of that I was not due any compensation. At a minimum they should warn people that this feature was removed.

Resolved phone bill

Back last year in July 2008 I had gone into U.S. Cellular and paid my monthly bill of $82. My mistake was that for the first time I paid it in cash because I had not run by the bank to deposit the cash into my account. Two months go buy and I get my bill stating that I owe over double what I normally have to pay. Everyday I had collection agencies calling me saying I needed to pay this bill that I had already paid for in July. The person I paid the cash to had pocketed my money, and I didnt have the receipt to prove it. It taught me a huge lesson to never pay in cash and to really hold on to EVERY receipt.